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The Day Dreamers Edition


  • The Day Dreamers Edition

  • contents 4. Fashion Fix

    6. Wish Lists galor!

    15. Styel Love

    16. We love customising

    20. Hattery Squash

    26. Illustrations by Rachel Claire Price

    32. Secluded Beauty

    40. Summer Night

    42. Style Love Part Deux

    44. Illustartions by Michaela Ireson

    48. Photographs by Chris Harris

    56. Photographs by Phil Winterbourne

    58. The Hidden Countryside of the Southern Suburbs

    66. D.R.E.A.M.S

    74. Secret Tales

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  • wishing you beautiful wonderful day dreams ...

    Illustration byRachel Clare Price

    Page 26

  • Spring is in full bloom at present and those summer months are currently budding, on the verge of abruptly appearing, sun blazing, scorching temperatures and all. And with these seasons appear a completely different kind of season; that of fashion, new trends, new collections and, of course, new designers. With every coming month, every stylish female in the know, will be completely aware that they have to keep one eye pointed directly onto the fashion radar. Thus, here I have compiled a list of three up and coming fashion designers; those who are fresh to the catwalk scene, bringing with them original, innovative and creative new collections that are most certainly going to stamp their mark on the world of fashion.

    We were all aware of X Factor this year...and whether you absolutely adore the show or, quite frankly, despise it, I bet most people were still watching intrigued. Contestants aside, I definitely focused on the outfits that a certain Ms Cheryl Cole was donning each week. Remember the daring and controversial black body con dress she wore, embellished with metal tubes around the chest..? Welcome to the fashion scene, David Koma. He won the Vauxhall Fashion Scouts Merit Award for Spring/Summer 10, thus seizing a much coveted place on the catwalk at London Fashion Week.

    Fashion FixWe explored the UKs fashion world to bring you a selection of highly recommended up and coming fashion designers.

    His S/S 10 collection still reflects the style of the dress described above, that both Cheryl and Beyonc have worn, but with a slightly exotic feel and a more playful attitude. His pieces are dramatic and exciting, using interesting cutaways and lines; ranging from white fabrics with blocks of bold colour, to black dresses still using the tubing, but in a range of bright colours, giving a vigorous nod to the tribal trend spied at other catwalk shows.

    4. Bows

  • Hermione De Paula obtains her ideas for her designs from what seems like anything and everything, ranging from the unusual to the downright bizarre. Her first ever collection was titled I Heart Elizabeth Berkley, after the main character in the 1995 notorious film, Showgirls. Her S/S 10 Las Venus collection is romantic, (naturally taking inspiration from the Greek goddess of love) but with a dark twist, almost taking on the characteristics of a fairytale. Sheer and silky fabrics are used, oozing femininity, yet the

    Never have we been more politically and socially aware of the environment, placing considerable efforts on, going green. So it makes perfect sense that fashion designers would deftly follow suit. Christopher Raeburn uses military fabrics, such as parachutes interestingly enough, to create his designs for both men and women. Raeburn is a graduate from the prestigious London College of Art and all of his designs proudly boast that they have all been produced and made in England. His collection features macs, hooded jackets, capes and jellyfish bags, all of which are structured

    - Emma Huckerby

    darker twists of black and frequent use of purple give a delightfully wicked edge to the pieces, ensuring that they stand out on the wearer. An emphasis on intricate patterns displays the pieces as being stunningly beautiful. Hermione is another winner of the Merit Award, due to her quirky design, effortlessly accentuating the female form. Her pieces possess a delicate feel, yet nevertheless have a harder tone to them that makes them notably striking.

    and tailored; yet cater for modern lifestyles and potentially extreme weather conditions, perhaps indeed the unexpected English weather, when the rain splashes down from out of nowhere. Fabrics are translucent, featuring bold black outlines of seams and splashes of vivid colour to emphasise different aspects of the item of clothing. His collection is simple, yet a key focus on detail still remains and the result is one that is stylish and of high quality, yet practical for an everyday lifestyle.

  • If all you want is flattery, you need something from the Hattery!The Hattery Squash sells amazing decorated hats for a very reasonable price.

    The designer, Leila Whitehead buys second hand hats and adds all sorts of funky stuff to them to give them a new lease of life.

    The Hattery Squash also specialises in Flowers and headbands. The 100% handmade flowers have safety pin attachments so can be worn on the clothes or in the hair. They all come with a matching headband.

    They are the perfect summer accessory and can jazz up any outfit.Perfect for the beach, perfect for festivals, great for posh do's... literally any outfit will look wonderful with this amazing accessory.

    Flowers range from 4 - 10 and the Hats range from 10 - 25 so are very affordable. Since everything is handmade, everything is a total one off. So if you see one you like...grab it before its gone! You can buy these online at To keep up to date with new products and where I will have stalls, become a fan of my facebook page - The Hattery Squash

    The Hattery Squashwe love

  • we adore florals...

    pretty in florals

    7. a love affair

    Wish List








    1. ASOS Branded Australian Collection 2.ASOS 3.Watercolour Asymmetric Top 18 4.Floral Print Blazer 55 5.Republic 6.Rare 7.Floral print jersey skirt 21.99 New Look 8. Mid 25 Dress 45 warehouse


  • A Few Of Our Favourite Things...

    1. Floral Culottes, 20, Dorothy Perkins 2. Elements Ring Embellished Maxi Dress, Miss Selfridge 4. Feather Vest Crop Top, Rare 5. Crop Frill Hem Top, 18, asos 6. Pink Skirt, 26, A|wear 7. Retro Sweetheart Dress, 8. Top 16, Trousers 40, Bag 75, Bracelet 18, Shoes 48, asos 9. Collybrooke Dress, 299, Hobbs







    8. Bows

  • A Few Of Our Favourite Things...7.



    9. a love affair

  • Wish ListA delightful collection of our favorite things...

    1. www.ilovecutiepie.com2. Coin Bib Necklace with Jewels, 50, Freedom 3. Bow Stud earrings, 8, Freedom 4. Large Vintage Hair Comb, 34, www.glitzysecrets.com5. Oversized Flower Ring Pink Jem Encrusted Ring, 18, Freedom 6. Aloha Straw Trilby, 17, Accessorize7. Haberdashery Embellished Corsage Headband, 16, Freedom8. Bead Embellished Bangle Set, 14, Freedom9. Large Gold Stone Ring, 9, Louche @ Joy10. Multi Aloha Navaho Tassel Bag, 25, Accessorize

    10. Bows

  • flowers and bows and pretty hair decor and straw hats and patterned bags and cunkey necklaces...

    Trend Fantasy Island - Fringed earrings, 22, Yellow Flower Ring, 14, Opaque Stone Collar Necklace, 35, Fringed Drape Necklace, 40

    Trend Taboo Earrings, 12, Short Profile Jewelled Necklace, 30, Longer Charm Necklace, 12, Giant Multi-Strand Black Coloured Necklace, 60

  • Fashuon and romance, such a wonderful conbination of beauty and elegance. Bows would love to see your take on fashion romance. Whether it be a fashion photograph, illustration or poem! Our favourite images could be seen in the next issue! please send entries to [email protected]

    Competition the timeless romantic...

  • Unfortunately the weather was not on my side, however it provided an excuse to dig out my favourite dome umbrella! I love the fact its see through aside from the white and black leopard print strip. I was very excited about the new Alice in Wonderland film coming out and was inspired by the white and blue colour palette. My jacket is actually a vintage blouse which I tailored with a belt as its a little too big and I carried the spotted theme through in my tights. As they are Primarni you cant really see the detail from afar but they provide an alternative colour and look to flesh coloured or black legwear.

    This semester Wednesday is my all-day lecture so comfort is essential. These are some of my favourite boots and they have a great worn effect ruched front - I got them at a 30% off promotion at Dune! I embraced the supposed change of season and brought out the pastel blue jersey blazer adding a feminine bow belt for detail and shape.

    work/trip to the BalticIm having a bit of a love affair with peg leg trousers at the moment; it took a while to find the perfect pair as I have such short legs! I teamed them with this cropped lace blouse, (a bargain