Bovine Abduction… …with Summary and paraphrase

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Bovine Abduction with Summary and paraphrase. Reviewing Summary. A summary takes a text or passage and reduces it to its main points. In other words, summarizing trims the fat and gets to the meat of whats being said. A summary may use brief snippets of quotes from the text. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Reviewing SummaryA summary takes a text or passage and reduces it to its main points. In other words, summarizing trims the fat and gets to the meat of whats being said. A summary may use brief snippets of quotes from the text.Reviewing SummaryTo summarize, you want to be able to put things in your own words. This may be difficult at first. However, try to think of this in terms of explaining something to a person who does not understand who requires the same information in different and fewer words.Example of SummaryOriginal Passage:In the alien culture, certain traits are looked upon as quite attractive in the opposite sex. Among these are enjoying tufts of fresh grass, rattling ones neck-bell, and mooing very loudly. Thus, it is understandable how aliens might perceive cows as attractive.Summary:Cows are similar to alien women and thus, attractive to alien men.The SituationThere is a shortage of brides in space. Aliens have come to seek brides from among the inhabitants of earth. However, their preferences run not to humans, but...cows. Oh No!Reporting to the AliensThe first team sent to report on the bovine population came back with a rather long-winded report (at least, in the head aliens opinion).Your job is to break into groups of four and summarize the report in your own words, capturing the main points of the matter, so that the alien hierarchy will understand.Switching GearsAnother important concept well review here is paraphrasing.Paraphrasing, unlike summary, maintains the relative length of the text in question, but puts it into ones own words.This is NOT word for word replacement, however. Also, a paraphrase does not use quotes from the text.Finally, you should only use paraphrasing for two-to-three consecutive sentences or less. If you need to cover more use summary instead.Paraphrasing - ExampleOriginal:Farmers do not appreciate their cattle being abducted. Most are quite furious at the idea, but few know what to do. One farmer has suggested placing antlers upon the cows to make them look like very big deer. Not all are amiable to this plan, however.Paraphrase:Most farmers are upset over the aliens taking their cattle. Few of them have a plan of action, however. An exception to this rule, the suggestion of fitting cows with deer antlers to disguise their true nature, has been suggested but most do not approve.Thats oddhttp://www.cowabduction.comWarn the Farmers!Each of you is now a happy alien-abduction witness. You have seen the cows being taken by the little green men and think you ought to do something about it.Flip your papers over and read the paragraph warning the farmers of the alien threat and how to prevent it.Assume the farmers require you to put this into different words, but without missing any of the points hence, you must paraphrase.Your paraphrase should be about as long as the paragraph itself. Remember no quoting, no simple word replacement.RecapSummary Condensing what youve read into just the main points, none of the examples or extras. Cutting it down to the basic concepts. Brief quoting is allowed and the end result is generally much shorter than the original.Paraphrase Rewording what youve read into your own speech. You do not simply replace words and maintain the same sentence structures. You do not trim off any of the points made. The end result is typically of similar length to the original text. There is no quoting in paraphrase.The End*