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Sarah Eyad Kayyem @27358

Brief Recap

A flower shop BoutiqueDubai MallMarketObjectiveContact us: for more information, please visit our website:

Executive Summary

Welcome to a small project that aims at greatly twisting all of your five senses towards it! captured audienceWelcome to a blossoming atmosphere that would provide you, our dear customers, with the request you crave for.


Imagine a world with a breath-taking aroma, an eye-striking view, and one that intimately brings people closer to each other.


Boutique aims to stand out in front of its competitors; in which it promises to provide flower-lovers with the highest quality material theyll need.

Situation Analysis

Strategic Place: Dubai MallIt relates every flower to a particular occasion.


BeautifulSymbolizes love and fragranceyou still have the chance to fix the arguments youre facing with your female partner get her a rose and resolve the problem once and for all. Valentines Day OR Anniversaries


Sweet Fragrance



Attracts Attention


Rich in proteinsBrightSunflower Oil


Evokes sense of refinement & innocence.Usually orchids ensembles occasions which carry meanings like: Thank you! OR Congratulations!

Wedding Flowers

There are no specific flowers that are required for weddings; however Boutique tends to combine flowers that are bright, natural, symbolizing, and tremendous by all means.

Target Group

Mass Customization15-60Educated upper scaleRomantic menThankful studentsLoving children

Competitive Research

Neighboring flower booths that might as well be located in Dubai Mall; this would, indeed, be considered as Boutiques primary competitor. Retail flower shops, which might just offer flowers in half of the price Boutique offers. Garden Centers. Super Markets, which sells flowers in general.

S.W.O.T Analysis





People, in general, especially those living in the UAE highly purchase flowers on a daily basisIf Boutique stands out in front of other flower shops, it might just have the chance to built long-lasting customer relationshipBoutique ensures best quality in its material; wherein each particular flower carries its own meaning.

The hired florists should professionally deal with customers to avoid the absence of important skills in persuasion.Boutique must exceed customers expectations to built retention; otherwise itll be losing a great deal of customers.

The biggest opportunity Boutique has that it is located in one of the largest most visited malls in the world; providing it with a wider reach.Also Boutiques website might just offer hits and buzzes that would aim for persuading peoples minds of what Boutique has to offer them with.

The main threat Boutique might just be facing is to stand in front of its many competitors.

Why go online?

Create awarenessHigher reachCost and time efficientInteractivityopportunities

How will the website be financed?

People; in return gift itemsFlower necklacesFlower tattoosOccasionscards