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Bottlenose Dolphins. By: Paige Gambell. The Reason I chose them. > The reason I chose bottlenose dolphins is because dolphins are my favorite animal and I want to learn more about a specific kind of dolphin so I chose the bottlenose dolphin. Facts. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Bottlenose Dolphins

By:Paige GambellBottlenose Dolphins The Reason I chose them> The reason I chose bottlenose dolphins is because dolphins are my favorite animal and I want to learn more about a specific kind of dolphin so I chose the bottlenose dolphin.

Facts>Their moans, groans, squeaks, whistles, and grunts can sound as if theyre a heavy metal band. > Bottlenose dolphins make their own kind of music. Many of the sounds they make could be imitated by holding a balloon tightly by the neck, then letting the air out faster and slower.>Bottlenose Dolphins can swim up to 260 miles below the surface of the ocean.

More Facts> The name bottlenose comes from this dolphins elongated upper and lower jaws that form what is called the rostrum.> Class: Mammalia> Order: Cetacea> Family: Delphinidae> Genus and Species: Tursiops truncates> Size: 613 ft> Weight: 330650 lbs> Diet: Fish, squid, and crustaceans

VideosBottlenose Dolphins Swimming: With Humans:

Descriptive ParagraphThe picture I am describing has 2 dolphins in it. One of the dolphins are albino pink. The background is dark blue. The 2 dolphins are swimming to the left.Can you guess what picture it is?

Picture A. Picture B.

6The Story of Winter Winter is a dolphin that got saved by a boy named Sawyer on his way to school. A man found her and yelled for Sawyers help so when Sawyer went down there the man didnt really do anything to help the dolphin. When someone came to get the dolphin Sawyer followed the ambulance until it stopped. Then he got in a little trouble by the people because he was not supposed to be at the Clear Water Marine Hospital, but he was just concerned about the dolphin. Then he remembered that he was supposed to be at school so he got on his bike and rode to school really fast. He got The Story of Winter in trouble with his teacher because he was late for school. Then after school when he got home he got in trouble with his mom because his mom did not know he was late for school and then he explained about the dolphin. Then his mom calmed down a little. The next day he wasnt even at school then his mom got really mad and made him start going to school so he went to see the dolphin after school. One day they finally decided to call the dolphin Winter because they have had dolphins hurt in the The Story of Winter past named a season so they thought that Winter would be a lucky name. Then when they found out what was wrong with Winter they had to find someone that would make a prosthetic tail for Winter. After they found someone that would they got to work. They tried so many different tails and none of them worked then finally they got the right one that she did not destroy. Once they got it on her they realized that they had spent a lot of money on all the tails that they made so they decided to have a day of fun and The Story of Winter invite a bunch of people from around the world to come see Winter. They also did the math to see how much money they needed needed to be able to pay for all of Winters tails that she destroyed. Then the day of the festival came and by the end of the day they had enough money to pay for Winters tails.The End!!!!!!!Some of the People that helped Winter

The End!!!!!!!!!


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