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1. Bottlenose DolphinRaquel Gonzalez Soto 2. DescriptionThe Bottlenose dolphin is an aquatic mammal. It weights more than 200 kg but they can weight 650kg. The longer is about 2 or 3 metres. They have got a dorsal fin, a tail with a form of a half moon...They have an only hole to respire. 3. Location and habitatThe Bottlenose dolphins are all over the wordl. You can found in the sea, in lagoons, in coasts...They can live in the equatorial zone and even in the polos. 4. FoodThey eat diferent fishes, squids, octopus, krill... depending of the zone.They eat about 15 kg in one day. 5. Are they on a red list? Or, are they protected? They arent on a red listbut there are threatsfor the dolphins forexample the polution,the construction, thehunt with the fishingnets... 6. Interesting FactsThe Bottlenose dolphins the live only 30 years old and they start to breed at the age of 10.They hear and see very good and they comunicate by moves or sounds.


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