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This is the deck from a class I taught on Product at the Boston Start-up School (aka The Start-up Institute) on November 27, 2012 in Boston's Innovation District. The class was 3 hrs, based around a lot of examples from talks I gave over the past year regarding the effect of "Tangible Design & Technologies" on products & services. Lot's of discussion and interactions around: "Fewer buttons than fingers" "Less screens is more" "Behavior over taxonomies" The class of around 40 students from the product and marketing classes spent the last hour in a lively exercise we called: "TANGIBLY DIFFERENT" Groups were tasked with applying tangible technology to products/services that already existed. Whats better? What goes away? Whats the challenge? What are the unintended consequences? These are the slides and notes from that night.


<ul><li> 1. Mobile, Tangible Design &amp; The Future of EverythingPRODUCT 301 farmbost onst ar tupscho olbost on11. 27.12Boston Start-up SchoolProduct 301Mobile, Tangible Design &amp; The Future of Everything</li></ul><p> 2. HI MICHAEL FROM FARMHi. My name is creative technology start-up...and im here to talk to you about everything... 3. :60 ME :60 60 minutes!so lets get moving! 4. fewer buttons than ngers less screens is more behavior over taxonomies 4farmtoday we are going to talk about:- fewer buttons than ngers- less screens is more- taxonomies are not behavior 5. User Interfaces Are By Nature Bad Proxies And Unfortunately the Base of User ExperienceFor Most Mobile Technology Companies 5farmthey are bad and basis of most mobile user experience -and this is very bad as smart phones (not mobile phones) outsold pcs in 2011- this is the internet now.and the physical world is not at the center of it. 6. Its An Exercise In Related World Mind Tricks and we suck at it 6farmwe stink at this... why?EVERYONE IS OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONEcomputer scientists are out of their element - physical form factors + choice of materials.product designers are out of their element - no inherent relationship to product form. 7. GETTING STARTED SOMETHING WE ALL UNDERSTANDlet get going - to kick off sometimes it helps to set up a little context when talking about something a bit outthere...So hope you dont mind if i anchor this discussion in a bit of talk about everyones fav, QR codes...LOOKING BACKWARD TO SEE FORWARD. 8. Title Line OneSecondary title line 8farmThat said... they seem to be @$#% everywhere... 9. Title Line OneSecondary title line 9farmI guess because theres lots of folks outside...and marketeers rightly think this is a huge opportunity!! 10. INTERESTING EXECUTIONS GETTING CONSUMERS ATTENTIONand theres some INTERESTING EXECUTIONS out there... 11. Title Line OneSecondary title line11farmEMBRACING QR CODES AS PART OF THE DESIGN...Can mean every postcard home is a tourism brochure waiting to happen... 12. Title Line OneSecondary title line tesco korean subway12 farmTesco/HomePlus attracted 10,000 new customers with this execution.UNLOCKING VALUE - UTILITY IS STILL AT THE CORE OF USAGE 13. MEANWHILE IN AMERICAMeanwhile, back at home... 14. Title Line OneSecondary title line14farmMOVING BEYOND UTILITY - EMBRACING QR CODES CREATIVELYWE REALLY LIKE OURSELVES A GOOD REVEAL 15. Title Line OneSecondary title line victoria secret15 farmKINDOF LIKE BLACK BARS WE COULD REMOVEOURSELVES... 16. INNOVATION REWRITING THE RULESU.S. was slower to adopt 2d/3d codes.....but has recently been innovating at an accelerated rate. 17. Title Line OneSecondary title line 17 farmMy friend Jose... has a restaurant in the North End of Boston...He started putting QR codes on the food and experimenting...Its been a great marketing success for him and very interesting consumer reaction... 18. N E V E R WA I T I N L I N E AG A I N18farmWe have also started using them at the core of some vanguard payment systems.Everyone is trying to crack pos and get around cc companies...but to me... not sure QR codes at the core of the idea is the way to go.. 19. 19farmSTARTING TO SEE TAGGING THE REAL WORLD...Real consumer trend or graffiti for nerds?Either way im in (and i think thats a matter of long term v short term). 20. US REALITY CHECKSO ITS AN EXCITING TIME FOR MARKETERS...BUT WHATS THE CONSUMER REALITY? 21. 78% 18-44 yrs. 60% 55% HHI 75K+ 21source: comScore MobiLens farm(these numbers are more than a year old - but they are still the most robust out there)FAIRLY YOUNG.. MOSTLY MALE.AND GOT SOME CASH TO SPEND...(looks a bit like the smartphone market of a couple of yrs ago from this angle...) 22. 58%50%22source: comScore MobiLens farmBUT ITS CURRENTLY DRIVEN BY PRINT...AND THEREFORE MOSTLY AT HOME 23. 14.4 Million = &gt;10%2x = &gt;20%23 source: comScore MobiLens farmBUT THERE ARE STILL NOT A LOT OF THESE PEOPLE.EVEN IF WE SAY IT GREW 100% IN 2012 AND DOUBLE IT... STILL NOT THERE FOR BRANDS.brands see opportunity as a % of total consumers - NOT TOTAL SMARTPHONE OWNERS.P&amp;G WANTS SCALABLE BEHAVIOR THEY CAN LEVERAGE (THAT MEANS 115M NOT 15M) 24. WHY SO SMALL?why? why? why?! 25. limited installed base of scan softwarescan software still not that good where are the directions!?!25farmREAL ISSUES STILL EXISTS TO FURTHER ADOPTION-No robust OS level frameworks-Apps arent great-Consumer learning curves 26. BUT THOSE ARENT THE ONLY REASONS ITS SO SMALL...Even if we x all the basic issues... theres more here... 27. Title Line OneSecondary title line 27 farmBADVERTISING!!WE (MARKETERS) REALLY WANT TO USE QR CODES... AND FEEL LIKE WE SHOULD...but the majority of brands are not using them in a rewarding way...(bad service design / UX is punishing early adopters and killing pass along)and thats a problem for the future or QR codes - but even this is not the largest problem... 28. THE REAL PROBLEM BRANDS ARE LIKE PEOPLE... RIGHT?Brands are like people...perceptions are based on experience and are constantly changing over time...and for the most part we perceive them both the same way... 29. 29farmWhat if i introduced myself today like this? 30. 30 farmor let me be twice as clear... like this? 31. A- Ho le! 31farmYOU WOULD THINK I WAS THIS.What i am doing is not convenient and...Making you do all this work for simple information i should already be giving you. 32. Title Line OneSecondary title linescanning codesis not a natural interaction32 farmSORRY, SCANNING CODES ARE NOT A NATURALINTERACTION. 33. SORRY THERE WILL NEVER BE MASS CONSUMER ADOPTIONSorry - nope... 34. Title Line OneSecondary title line what? 34farmWHAT!?!? (marketing gasp)I didnt say none... but not mass scalable marketing behavior. 35. TANGIBLE DESIGN INTANGIBLE DESIGNHERES WHY.... THE IS A LARGER ISSUE - DIGITAL OBLITERATES FORM.For the past 30 yrs we have been moving away from TANGIBLE DESIGN in the name of efficiency.....and thats THE ROOT OF A LOT OF CONSUMER TENSION. 36. Title Line OneSecondary title lineno directions needed36 farmTANGIBLE DESIGN - easily understood - purpose is implied.No need for a code to scan here...And this is pretty much the way everything was... 37. Title Line OneSecondary title line 37 farmThe desktop metaphor at the core of the digital revolution is NOT TANGIBLE.requires taxonomys on top of taxonomys be learned... 38. Title Line OneSecondary title lineghting our way back ever since38 farmHISTORY HAS SHOWN WHEN SOMEONE INJECTS A SMALL AMOUNT OF TANGIBLE TECHNOLOGY INTO LARGER,EXISTING TECHNOLOGY WE GET MASSIVE DISRUPTION!..the mouse/pc, the wii controller/consoles... 39. Title Line OneSecondary title line39 Source: farmMulti-touch - Jeff Han brought it to life and Mr Jobs brought it to us...Not only disrupting MSFTs booming 5yr tablet biz... but more importantly the laptop business.ITS ARGUABLY WHY APPLE HAS BEEN SO SUCCESSFUL - TANGIBLE DESIGN IS THEIR RED THREAD! (remember the ipodscroll wheel?) 40. Title Line OneSecondary title line40 farmTHIS DISRUPTION - CAUSED BY OUR NEED FOR NATURAL INTERACTIONS.THIS IS ABOUT MOVING AWAY FROM BAD PROXIES! 41. THE RETURN OF TANGIBLE DESIGNmy point is... QR CODES WILL FAIL BECAUSE THEY ARE INTANGIBLE DESIGN...New tangible design technology will wipe out hope for mass consumer adoption of QR codes w/in the next 24months...and it will disrupt a lot of things on scale we cannot even imagine yet. 42. Title Line Onecomputer / machineSecondary title linevision near eld communication2 tangible design technologies42 farmIMO - a combination of two separate technologies will surpass 2d/3d codes before consumers have a chance to takethem mass.AND THESE TECHNOLOGIES WILL UNLOCK A LOT OPPORTUNITIES FOR US AS MARKETEERS AND CONSUMERS! 43. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET WHAT YOU TOUCH IS WHAT YOU GETor as think of them as...WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GETandWHAT YOU TOUCH IS WHAT YOU GET 44. COMPUTER / MACHINE VISION WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GETComputer or Machine Vision - what you see is what you get 45. Title Line OneSecondary title line45Source: farmWithout going too far into it, you have probably seen it in GOOGLE GOGGLES.IT ENABLES A MACHINE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT (EVEN IF YOU DONT)(and companies like Autonomys Aurasma might be even more powerful than google) 46. 46 Source: farmNOW MACHINES THAT CAN UNDERSTAND CONTEXT... not just read markers.ITS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RECOGNIZING A FRIEND &amp; READING A NAME TAG.(BOTH ARE A WAY OF IDENTIFYING PEOPLE BUT ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT) 47. 47Source: farmCOMPUTER VISIONS CREATES A MORE TANGIBLE USER EXPERIENCE &amp; NATURAL INTERACTIONWHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GETcomputer vision weather - just point at the sky - it recognizes context and gives you what you want... 48. 48 Source: farmcomputer vision maps - just point at the ground...THIS DESTROYS A LOT OF OUR CLEVER WORK IN UI THAT IS NO LONGER NEEDED.... 49. Title Line OneSecondary title line creating machines that understands products &amp; brands 49Source: farmBUT IT LETS CREATE MACHINES THAT CAN UNDERSTAND BRANDS AND PRODUCTS!we have been working on this a lot at Isobar for a variety of projects.a retail example - it know by seeing and recognizing the tread (also leverages it for navigation!)computer vision is more effective &amp; versatile than any code and cheaper than any radio tag. 50. NFC NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION WHAT YOU TOUCH IS WHAT YOU GETNEAR FIELD COMMUNICATIONSi like to think of it as WHAT YOU TOUCH IS WHAT YOU GETbut what is NFC? 51. 51 Source: farmin truth - NFC has a very technical explanation - what it is and is not. how it relates to rd, etc... BUT WHO CARESABOUT THAT?FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS DISCUSSION ITS SHORT RANGE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY, BASED AROUND A COMBINATIONOF RADIOS AND RADIO TAGS, THAT CAN READ AND OR EXCHANGE DATA AT ABOUT 4 INCHES. 52. Title Line OneSecondary title line its not a wallet or a nancial transaction default thinking andlegacy vision does anyone have a huge problem with credit-cards!?!52 farmWHAT ITS NOT. PAYMENTS AND OR WALLETS!! (LIKE SAYING BT IS A WIRELESS HEADSETS)Default Thinking &amp;Legacy Vision keep us from seeing whats possible.Im not convinced transactions and local wallets are whats going to drive this.Is anyone sitting here thinking gee, i have a real credit card problem 53. 53Source: farmISOBAR CREATE48 NFC HACKATHON IN BOSTON DURING FUTUREM WITH GOOGLE &amp; NOKIA.isobar create32 nfc hackathon in san francisco at appnation w/ google, paypal, nokia &amp; samsung 54. Title Line OneSecondary title line 54farmNFC IS NOT JUST ABOUT COMMERCE... ITS READY FOR MARKETING.and it took 45 kids in a room to tell how stupid we were thinking (or not) about this...Made very excited and made us RETHINK A LOT OF THINGS... like.... 55. RETHINK NOWThere is a lot of talk about how the tech is not ready...consumers arent ready...cant happen now... NOT TRUE. 56. 56 farmThese stickers are currently less than a 40 cents... and dropping.A lot of the prototypes at IsobarCreate used stickers from a brand/establishment that worked with their mobile appthrough the cloud and push alerts...and it works right now - today.And if you want even more NFC functionality from your current (non-NFC) get an iphone case with nfc or an sd card w/ NFC for your adndroid... 57. RETHINK SHARING 58. Title Line OneSecondary title line 58Source: farmTHE EASIER IT IS TO SHARE, THE MORE THINGS WE MAKE TO SHARE.this guys knows that lowering the barrier of sharing movies just got him more movies... 59. RETHINK ENTERTAINMENT 60. Title Line OneSecondary title line60 Source: farmWHAT YOU TOUCH IS WHAT YOU GET...touch something with music, get music - N9 NFC touch pairing to headset.THIS COULD BE HUGE FOR MOBILE RICH MEDIA DIRECTLY SERVED FROM AN PHYSICAL INTERACTION IN OUT OFHOME, TRANSIT, ETC...COULD BE HUGE FOR GAMING, MUSIC, MOVIE STUDIOS, MUSIC, ETC! 61. RETHINK GAMING 62. Title Line OneSecondary title line 62Source: farmPEOPLE WOULD RATHER SHARE ACHIEVEMENT THAT LEVEL UP THEMSELVESAngry Birds &amp; Fruit Ninja from Rovio have NFC level up now.unlock it through NFC tags in outdoor posters...or pay levels forward with consumers.We can imagine a lot of rich media marketing exchanges through this type of interaction. 63. RETHINK DISTRIBUTION 64. Title Line OneSecondary title line64 Source:;feature=plcp farmmakes the mbta more like and ad network you happen to ride on than a than a transit system with some ads. 65. RETHINK BRAND BENEFIT &amp; LOYALTY 66. Title Line OneSecondary title line66Source: farmBMW NFC key.BENEFIT OF BMW OWNERSHIP OUTSIDE THE CAR - MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS PRIVILEGESTAP YOUR BMW KEY AT HOTELS, CLUBS, RESTAURANTS, EVENTS, ETC 67. RETHINK RETAIL 68. 68Source: farmEveryone understands cutting out Credit Card Companies for price advantage, etc etc... but lets not talk about that...Lets talk about LINES! WHO NEEDS EM?EVERYONE HATES LINES - THEY HAVE EXACTLY NO CONSUMER BENEFIT.(but all our stores are design around them) 69. Title Line OneSecondary title line 69farm...but theres more here than waiting around...If we can all check ourselves out... We will need less screens, not more..BRING YOUR OWN SCREEN... OR DONT EVEN USE ONE... 70. RETHINK CUT &amp; PASTE 71. Title Line OneSecondary title line71Source: farmOnObject, from MIT MediaLab tangible media group makes anything a Wii controller (just tag and program from yourhandset)......BUT THE COOLEST PART IS CUT &amp; PASTE!!SAMPLING YOUR PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT TO LEVEL-UP IS A HUGE IDEA THAT HAS RAMIFICATIONS BEYOND GAMING! 72. RETHINK TRAVEL 73. nfc + = total footprint 73farmboarding passes, transit cards, taxi payment, fuel paymentcombined with your adidas micoach / nike+ / pedometerPROVIDE A VERY BROAD AND DEEP PICTURE OF YOUR LIFE. 74. FUTURE OF EVERYTHING 75. Title Line OneSecondary title line 75Source: farmMAXIMIZE RETURN ON EXPERIENCE BY INJECTING TECHNOLOGICAL BENEFITS INTO EVERYDAY OBJECTS...THESE INTERACTIONS ARE TANGIBLE AND NATURAL.(This means packages can tell the microwave how long to cook - what will we do with all the space where thedirections used to be?) 76. 76 Source: farmApply tangible design to something as commoditized as pizza and you turn red ocean into blue.A fridge magnet that you sync and set-up once with your s...</p>