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Boston Celtics. By: Drew Stagnaro. C hampionships. The Celtics have won 17 championships! S o here's a few. Season 1973-74 Season 1975-76 Season 1980-81 Season 1983-84 Season 1985-86 Season 2007-08 . Today’s Team. Ray Allen Brandon Bass Chris Wilcox Paul Pierce Avery Bradley - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Boston Celtics

Boston CelticsBy: Drew Stagnaro

ChampionshipsThe Celtics have won 17 championships! So here's a few. Season 1973-74Season 1975-76Season 1980-81Season 1983-84Season 1985-86Season 2007-08

Todays TeamRay AllenBrandon BassChris Wilcox Paul PierceAvery BradleyRajon RondoKevin Garnett

Fascinating factsPlay at TD Bank Center Mascot is a leprechaunShare stadium with BruinsCeltic broke first back board in NBAMain rival is Los Angeles Lakers

HistoryThe Celtics were formed as a team in 1946 in part of the BAA, or Basketball Association of America. The Celtics struggled in their first year. But hiring coach Red Auerbach would change their futures.1970 season was a rebuilding year as the Celtics had their first losing record since the 1949-50 season. The first team the Celtics ever played was the NEW YORK Knicks.

Why Celtics???Part of it is Boston's large Irish population. Since a leprechaun is Irish its the teams mascot. Its name is lucky the leprechaun.

Trivia timeWhat year did the Celtics win their 17 championship?What team did the Celtics play first?What was the main reason the Celtics are named the Celtics?Who is the Celtics rival?

Answers2007-08The New York KnicksBoston's large Irish populationLos Angeles Lakers

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