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  • 1. BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA The heart-shaped land Made by Sanjin Hadiomerovi


  • The presentation consits of three parts, two short movies and one PowerPoint presentation
  • Short promotional movie: Enjoy Life - part I
  • PowerPoint presentation:Bosnia and Herzegovina The heart-shaped land
  • Short promotional movie: Enjoy Life - part II

Presentation structure : 3. General information:

  • Bosna i Hercegovina
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

4. General information:

  • Area :51.129 km 2
  • Location:Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country on the Balkan peninsula of South Eastern Europe
  • Neighbouring countries:Serbia and Montenegro in the east, Croatia in the north, west and south


  • Population : 4,613,414
  • Population structure :three ethnic groups, so-called constituent people s :
      • Serbs 37%
      • Bosniaks 48%
      • Croats 14%
  • Official languages :Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian
  • Official currency :Convertible mark (KM)
  • Climate :Inland Continental; Southerntip Mediterranean
  • Capital city:Sarajevo

General information: 6.

  • B osnia and Herzegovina (BH)is the crossroad of eastern and western civilizations
  • BH is influenced by three different cultures:
    • Slavic(because of the origin)
    • Turkish(Ottoman period)
    • Austro-Hungarian(western influence)

Historypreview 7.

  • BH has beeninhabited(at least)since the Neolithic age
  • Roman andByzantine Illyria(Slavic tribe)

History 8.

  • ban Bori(1154 - 1164.)- first Bosnian monarch
  • Kulin ban-The charter of banKulin to the Republic of Ragusa from 29 .August 1189 .is oldest preserved Bosnian monument (written inbosanica )

History 9.

  • Tvrtko I first Bosnian King (14th century)

History 10. History

  • Steakis an unique gravestone with inscriptions and drawings that are old witnesses of BH history and can be found all around the country.


  • The arrival ofOttoman Empire in 1463. brings a new culture
  • The Ottoman Empire dominated BH for more than 400 years (from 1463. until1878.)
  • Influence of Turkish tradition can be seen in the architecture, cuisine, literature and music
  • Old Bridge, Begs Mosque, The Bridge over the Drine etc.
  • Sebiljf ountain well known as a trade-mark of Sarajevo

History 12. Ottoman Architecture Bridge over the Drina river(1577) Emperorsmosque(1462) Old bridge in Mostar(1566) Sebilj f ountain (1753) 13.

  • 1878 1914. Dominationof theAustro-Hungarian Monarchyin BH
  • Western influence (litera ture , culture)
  • Architecture (City Hall 1896., Cathedral 1884., Art Academy 1898. etc.)
  • Railway
  • Electrification
  • Sarajevo hadthefirst tram in Europe (1884.), even before Berlin and Paris

History 14. Austro-Hungarian Architecture Tram (1884.) Cathedral of Jesus Heart(1884.) City Hall (1896.) Art Academy (1898.) 15. History

  • The assassination of Franz Ferdinandin Sarajevo was an event that caused the beginning of World War I 1914.
  • 1918. BH became a part ofKingdom of Yugoslavia
  • After World War II BH was one of the 6 republics ofSFYugoslavia
  • Withproclamation of autonomyof BH (1992.) began the war and it lasted 4 years
  • War was finished with the Dayton Peace Accord (1995.)

16. Modern architecture 17.

  • Rich history is reflected in the variety of religious
  • Great number of sacred memorials and monuments
  • Muslims,Orthodox ,Catholics and Jews live together
  • Four houses of prayer congregated within one city block

Religion 18. Religion 19. ReligionAjvatovica, Prusac Meugorje 20.

  • Endemic plants and animals
  • Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, forests
  • National parksSutjeska, Kozara and Una
  • Only Europeanrainforest-Peruica

Nature & wildlife Sutjeska 21. Nature & wildlife Kozara Una 22.

  • Nature parksHutovo blato and Blidinje

Nature & wildlife Hutovo blato Blindcave salamander White-bark pine Panisspruce Bosnian lilly 23. Nature & wildlife Unawaterfalls Kravice waterfalls Jajce waterfalls 24.

  • Traditional handwork, music and folklore
  • R ich multicultural heritage
  • Sevdalinka(sevdah=love , desire ) isafamoustraditional Bosnian urbanlove song which ha ssome elements of Oriental music

Art, culture and tradition 25. Art, culture and tradition VladimirPrelog Nobel Prizefor chemistry Ivo Andri Nobel Prizefor literature Danis Tanovi Oscar winner Jasmila bani Golden Bear winner 26.

  • SFF(Sarajevo film festival)

Art, culture and tradition MickeyRourke Kevin Spacey BonoVox JohnMalkovich 27. Art, culture and tradition

  • Ten more art festivals are being held every year only in Sarajevo

28. Traditional food

  • Turkish influence
  • Local dishes are : dolmas,sarma,Bosnian pie, soups
  • Great specialty - evapii
  • Traditional Bosnian coffee is similar to Turkish coffee
  • Long tradition of making winesand alcohol

29. Sports 30. Sports 31. Sports 32.

  • 1984. Winter Olympics were held in Sarajevo

Sports 33. Bosnian Pyramid or just a hill? 34.

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