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This document wil;share how to select the best iPod Docking Station


<ul><li> 1. Reviews by Bishop </li> <li> 2. Product Features and Technical Details Product Features Proprietary Bose technology livens up your kitchen, bedroom or living room with quality sound. Updated with new, sleeker styling. Works with iPhone, iPod touch and any iPod featuring a click wheel. Remote operates SoundDock system functions and iPod playlist navigation. Auxiliary input lets you play an additional sound source, such as a portable DVD, CD or other MP3 player. </li> <li> 3. Product Features and Technical Details Technical Details Brand Name: Bose Model: 310583-1100 Width: 6.5 inches Height: 0.63 inches Weight: 4.66 pounds Remote Control Description: Remote control Color Name: Black </li> <li> 4. Bose SoundDock II VS Apple DockIn the same price, the SoundDock Series IIsystem gives you a peak listening experience andsound was excellent. Its perfectly blendingcompact design and exceptional performance,that only Bose technology can provide but Applerecommends for anyone serious about music,enjoys room-filling sound anywhere in your homefrom a stylish with a compact design however thebattery not quite good. </li> <li> 5. Whats our Customers saying?From Vancouver, BCI almost didnt buy this because of the price tag. I am soglad I did. The sound is so rich. It feels like theperformers are in the room with you, every note, everynuance, there to enjoy. A transforming experience inhome sound. I am very very happy with this Bose. </li> <li> 6. From NY,I received this item as a birthday present from my wife I wassurprised then I ran upstairs and got my iPod touch, andwas amazed. This tiny little set of speakers sounded muchbetter than my more expensive home entertainment systemand was much easier to use. The sound is AMAZING!From Hong Kong,The sound was rich! The design is excellent. Im absolutelyrecommend it. </li> <li> 7. From UK,Well Im not the most knowledgeable when it comes tosound quality, but I do know what I hear and whetheror not I love it. Ive always enjoyed what I thought wassuperior sound. If youre looking for a simple speakersetup for your iPhone with good sound quality andvisual design, I highly recommend this.From White Rose,I love this thing!!! I love to turn the music up and workaround the house. The sound of the music with this isAwesome!!! </li> <li> 8. ConclusionBose sound quality is for your iPod or iPhoneListen ability to other audio devices through theaux inputCharging your iPod or iPhone while you listenRemote for basic iPod or iPhone functions andplaylist navigation </li> <li> 9. For more informationPlease visit </li> </ul>


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