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  • 1. DIGITAL STRATEGY Colin Weinstein ADV 420
  • 2. BOSE CELEBRITY ENDORSERS McIlroy joins Bose in a multi-year agreement as he begins 2013 as the number one golfer in the world.
  • 4. PURPOSE This digital strategy will enforce what is already known about Bose speakers. It is critical to communicate the quality and durability our products are known for.
  • 6. FACEBOOK Boses Facebook will include: Offers and discounts for becoming involved with the company. Pictures of Celebrities wearing our products. A large amount of pictures and videos that emphasize how important high quality sound is to the Bose company. Analytics: Analyze demographics and target audience Track comments and shares Keep constant rate for our reach
  • 7. TWITTER Boses Twitter will include: Constant updates surrounding the company Run retweet contests and sweepstakes Create an easy way for customers to contact Bose Analytics: Analyze number of responses and retweets Search keywords and record how many tweets surrounding Bose there are
  • 8. BLOG Boses Social Blog will include: Critical evaluation of competitors and other electronic markets Distribute Press Releases Keep people well informed of product changes and development Analytics Record the number of hits Record interactions and inbound/outbound links
  • 9. INSTAGRAM Boses Instagram will include: Pictures of new products and styles Pictures of Bose products in public and being use around the globe The Usage will be recorded by: Followers of the account Likes/Comments on the pictures
  • 10. PINTEREST Boses Pinterest will include: All products available so people can pin them A how to section that includes tips and tricks Links to Bose products and retailers Contest and sweepstakes for a chance to win speakers/and or headphones Usage will be recorded by: Record the number of repins Analyze the amount of followers for our company board
  • 11. INTERNET MARKETING Our primary goal is to keep Bose in everyones minds, in hopes of leading to future sales. SEO will assure us that we are always on of the top search engine results It all plays a role in successful targeting potential consumers
  • 12. MOBILE STRATEGY Creating a mobile app that links to music networks such as iTunes and Amazon, could potentially dependency upon our application Bose needs to utilize advertisements around highly populated areas Especially if Bose has a store nearby Each ad will promote our social media outlets and encourage the use of these systems to learn more about sale prices.
  • 13. TARGET AUDIENCE Men and women ranging from ages 12-45 A younger age will be easier to target because of their social media habit Bose needs to create an emotional attachment at younger age, so we create a lifelong relationship with those people
  • 14. BUDGET In about 12 months time, it is necessary to use roughly $400,000 to make this campaign successful This budget will be run advertisements on social media sites, Google Ad words, etc.