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  • Boom Chicka Boom

    Mickey Charleston Hoffman California Fabrics

    Sugar & Spice Collection.

    Wallhanging or Receiving Blanket

    By for

    Yardage Requirements

    1 panel from the We used F4029 12F -Pink/Flannel1 yard F4034 12F-Pink/Flannel-1/8 yard F4030 77F-Sage/Flannel-1/8 yard F4001 12F-Pink/Flannel-1/8 yard paperbacked fusible web


    With the template provided, cut and fuse BABY letters. Remember to trace the letters backwards, onto the paper side of fu sible web.

    Stitch around the raw edges of lettersonto the top (panel) only.

    Baby chick pockets

    Trace and cut 2 chicks for outer pocket and 2 (mirror image) chicks for lining. ..add seam allowance.

    Sew right sides together. Cut 1 slit in back and turn right side out. Press. Topstitch 1/4 all the way around. Add eye and wing detail stitching.

    To help guide you in the placement of the beaks and feet, pin the chick pockets onto the panelor follow guidelines. Hand or machine stitch beaks and fe et onto the panel.

    Beginning at the tip of the tail, sew (again) 1/4 from outer edge, following previous stitch line down around bottom of chick ending at the top of the head. Repeat for second chick.

    FinishingSew backing to panel, right sides toget her, around the outer edgeleaving an opening to turn right side out. Close opening, press and wah -lah, youre done!

    for backing. for block lettersfor baby chicks


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