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  • 1. Boom, Boom Earthquakes By Danny and Moises

2. How earthquakes happen

  • Sometimes it happens when a transform boundary occurs
  • That is when two plates slide past each other

3. Earths plates

  • Earth has 12 tectonic plates
  • They have lots of force
  • Forces are examples for stress
  • The Earths plates are like a candy bar

4. Types of stress

  • There is a stress called tension
  • Tension stretches rock

5. Stress

  • There is one called compression
  • Compression pushes rocks together

6. More stress

  • Shearing is also a type of stress
  • Shearing has the power to cause masses of rock to slip

7. Types of Faults

  • One type of fault is a normal fault

8. Reverse fault

  • There is one type of force it is a reverse fault
  • It makes the hanging wall move up relative to the footwall

9. Strike-slip fault

  • There is a fault called strike-slip fault
  • Strike slip fault go past each other

10. Anticline, Syncline, and Plateau

  • A anticline is an upward fold formed by compression
  • Syncline is a downward fold in a rock
  • Plateau is a large area of flat land high above above sea level


  • Natural Earthquakes happen by surprise
  • They can be really dangerous

The Natural Earthquake 12. Web sites



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