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<ul><li><p>A Sur v i val Gu i de f o r B o omer s</p><p>WWW.BOOMFESTIVAL .ORG | FB ! BOOMFESTIVALOFF IC IALPAGE | YO UTUBE ! BOOMW EBTV</p></li><li><p>Welcome to Boom, where art, music, new and old friends, hot weather, dust, random encounters, discovering cosmic awareness, loosing your tent, changing your name, falling in love with a Portuguese, deciding to go to India or not to go to India anymore </p><p>can all contribute to an awesome yet unpredictable adventure!This is why we have compiled this guide. It covers the most common scenarios and aims to help you make the most of your Boom. In Joy!</p><p>ON E N e S S | M u S I C | A RTS | eNV I RO n M E n T | C U LT U r E | LOV E</p><p>HOW </p><p>TO GET</p><p> TO BOO</p><p>M | BOOM BUS | LEARN SOME BASIC PORTUGUESE</p><p>GETTING</p><p> READY FO</p><p>R B</p><p>OOM! | C</p><p>AMPING AT BOOM | CARS AND CARAVANS: PARKING AT BOOM</p><p>TAKE C</p><p>ARE O</p><p>F YOUR</p><p>SELF | HEALTH </p><p>AND SAFETY | KOSMICARE | OTHER SERVICES</p><p>BOOM</p><p>S EN</p><p>VIRON</p><p>MENTAL P</p><p>ROGRAM | BOOM LANDING | AFTER THE BOOM</p><p>W W W . B O O M F E S T I V A L . O R G | F B ! B O O M F E S T I V A L O F F I C I A L P A G E | Y O U T U B E ! B O O M W E B T V</p></li><li><p>T H E A R T O F L I V I N G A T B O O M A S U R V I V A L G U I D E F O R B O O M E R S</p><p>HOW TO GET TODIRECTIONS:PUBL IC TRANSPORTFROM LISBON AIRPORTBy Train: Take the Metro to Gare do Oriente station and catch a train to Castelo Branco. By Bus: Take the Metro to Sete Rios bus station and catch a bus directly to Castelo Branco. </p><p>From the train and bus station in Castelo Branco hop on the shuttle bus service straight to the festival (on the 1st and 2nd days). Or get a local bus to Idanha-a-Nova. Or share a taxi to the festival. (Approx Price?)</p><p>Note: There are shuttle buses from Boom to Castelo Branco on the last day of the festival.</p><p>Please refer to the bus station website ( and train station website ( for departure times, costs and further information. </p><p>DRIVINGFROM LISBONTake the A1 motorway, exit to A23, direction Torres Novas. Continue direction Castelo Branco along the A23. Exit at Lardosa / Idanha-a-Nova. Follow the signs to Espanha and Idanha-a-Nova. In Idanha-a-Nova you will reach a roundabout displaying signs to the Boom Festival.</p><p>FROM MADRIDTake the A5 motorway, direction Placencia and Portugal. Take the A1, direction Placencia and follow the signs for the Ex-108 to Coria/Portugal. Continue following signs to Portugal. As you enter the country you will see signs to Idanha-a-Nova. In Idanha-a-Nova you will reach a roundabout displaying signs to the Boom Festival.</p><p>FROM OPORTOTake the A1 motorway, direction Lisboa until you reach signs for the A25, direction Viseu. Drive to A23, direction Covilh and Castelo Branco. Follow the signs to Idanha-a-Nova. In Idanha-a-Nova you will reach a roundabout displaying signs to the Boom Festival.</p><p>CAR POOLINGWeve created a simple and effective way to connect people heading to Boom by car. If you would like to give or take a lift, then please find details right here:</p><p>I f you come by car/caravan: The possibility of queues is high, even if the Boom Logistics Team work hard at reducing them. Please make sure you have plenty of food and drinks (especially water) with you. And If you come by caravan, make sure you empty your waste water tank before arriving at the festival! And remember: getting in is part of the adventure!</p><p>W W W . B O O M F E S T I V A L . O R G | F B ! B O O M F E S T I V A L O F F I C I A L P A G E | Y O U T U B E ! B O O M W E B T V</p><p>I danha-a-Nova</p></li><li><p>T H E A R T O F L I V I N G A T B O O M A S U R V I V A L G U I D E F O R B O O M E R S</p><p>BUS Info LEarning some basic PortugueseAround 220 million people in the world speak Portuguese. Going to Boom is a good opportunity to improve the seventh most spoken language in the world.</p><p>The majority of young people in Portugal speak fluent English or Spanish. While older people in small villages do not speak English, though they sometimes speak French or Spanish.</p><p>GoodbyeaDeuS</p><p>Where is Idanha-a-Nova?oNdE iDaNha-A-nOVa?</p><p>(You read edaa-a-nohvah)</p><p>Hello oL</p><p>Thank you! oBrIgaDo!</p><p>WaTER PLEAsEuMA guA pOr faVOR</p><p>It would be a good idea to </p><p>learn a few words in Portuguese in case you need to ask for directions </p><p>or advice.</p><p>W W W . B O O M F E S T I V A L . O R G | F B ! B O O M F E S T I V A L O F F I C I A L P A G E | Y O U T U B E ! B O O M W E B T V</p><p>The Boom Bus is a charter bus service for a safer, more comfortable and sustainable Boom experience. It is part of our environmental program as a public transport project, aiming to decrease CO2 emissions.</p><p>This service provides transport from Lisbon and Madrid directly to the festival and possible connection with the After Boom. In 2012 we transported more than 5.000 boomers and everybody had a great experience.</p><p>There are also connections from France, Switzerland and Belgium offered from our official partner. You can get more info regarding departure cities, timetables and prices and get your trip tickets for these countries HERE.</p><p>Similarly to the last edition, the Boom Bus will get into the Boom venue one day before the official gates opening: youll be able to choose the best place to camp and have some relaxing moments around the lake, enjoying the sculptural and unspoilt landscape of inland Portugal.</p><p>Good news? Besides all the comfort of travelling with our psy buses, our Bus tickets prices will remain the same during all sales phases. Check out our prices for round trips, departure places and timetables.</p><p>Boom Bus tickets can be bought online or in some of our ambassadors. Sales finish on 26th June 2014, so from that date onwards you cant buy more bus trips, just on festival ground for return tickets.</p><p>one way TicketsOnline and at your local ambassador you can only purchase return tickets (both ways). At the festival you will be able to purchase one way tickets to Lisbon Airport, Madrid Airport, as well as Utopia Boom Landing connections.</p><p>Ch i ldrenChildren older than 3 must purchase a bus ticket, as they will use a seat. We will provide proper seats for all children that are traveling with our psy buses.In case of doubt contact us to our infoline +351 277 201 052 or send us an email to or</p><p> 3rd August From 9:00 until 23:30 * 4 hours</p><p> 4th August From 9:00 until 17:00 * 4 hours</p><p> 3rd August From 10:00 until 16:00 * 5 hours</p><p> 4th August From 10:00 until 17:00 * 5 hours</p><p>Boom Festival - Lisbon Airport 11th August From 08:00 until 18:00 * 4 hours</p><p>Boom Festival - Madrid Barajas Airport 11th August From 08:00 until 18:00 * 5 hours</p><p>Boom Festival - Utopia 11th August 17:00 2 hours</p><p>Utopia - Lisbon Airport 14th August 11:00 4 hours</p><p>Utopia - Madrid Airport 14th August 11:00 4 hours</p><p>Route Date 2014 DEPARTURE Time Travel Duration</p><p>Lisbon Airport - Boom Festival</p><p>Madrid Barajas Airport - Boom Festival</p><p>Its by far the best way to travel to Boom! </p><p>Faster, safer, straight into the festival, no </p><p>queues, fun all the way! </p><p>B U S S C H E D U L E</p><p>* A l l b u s e s w i l l d e p a r t u r e b e t w e e n t h e s e h o u r s , o n a f i r s t i n f i r s t o u t b a s i s .</p></li><li><p>PACK LIGHT: LESS </p><p>IS MORE! </p><p>We live in a materia</p><p>l world, </p><p>which often tricks </p><p>us into </p><p>thinking we need m</p><p>ore </p><p>when, in fact, we n</p><p>eed less!</p><p>!Wa rdrO b E :NO NEED TO PACK YOUR ENTIRE WARDROBE. </p><p>Consider the bare minimum:'MFFDFPSKVNQFSMPOHQBOUTBOETPDLT</p><p>(it can get cold at night!)4XJNXFBSBMUIPVHIZPVDBOBMTPHPXJUIPVU</p><p>4PNFMJHIUDMPUIJOHGPSIPUXFBUIFS$PTUVNFTUPSFWFBMZPVSUSVFJEFOUJUZ</p><p>#PPUTPSUSBJOFSTUPQSPUFDUGFFUGSPNESZIBSTIUFSSBJO'MJQPQT4VOHMBTTFT)BU</p><p>1PSUBCMFBTIUSBZ8BUFSSFMMDPOUBJOFS</p><p>"DMPUIXIJDIZPVDBOXFUBOEXSBQaround your head/body to cool down.4FOTFPGIVNPVSBOEBEWFOUVSF</p><p>and a big smile!</p><p>MANDATORY:#PPN'FTUJWBMUJDLFU1BTTQPSUPS*EFOUJUZ$BSEIf you buy an e-ticket it is mandatory to show your identification together with your ticket at the gate) and a waist-bag where to keep them, together with your cash.5FOUTMFFQJOHCBHQJMMPXNBUUSFTT'MBTIMJHIUPSIFBEMBNQXJUITQBSFCBUUFSJFT4VOTDSFFOMPUJPONPJTUVSJ[FSMJQCBMN8FUXJQFTCBCZXJQFTBSFBMXBZTVTFGVM5PPUIQBTUFBOECJPEFHSBEBCMFTPBQTIBNQPP$POEPNT3VCCJTICBHT&amp;BSQMVHT</p><p>OPTIONAL :*OTFDUSFQFMMFOU(even if there are not a lot of mosquitos).1BSUJDMFEVTUNBTL"CJDZDMFXJUIMJHIU4PMBSTIPXFSDBOCFVTFGVM4IBEFTUSVDUVSFTVNCSFMMBTQBSBTPMTUPQSPUFDUyour camp from heat.#PXMDVUMFSJFTBOEDPPLJOHQBOJGZPVXJTIto cook your own food using the community kitchen and food from the Boom grocery store. </p><p>NOTE: CAMP FIRES AND CAMPING STOVES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED DUE TO VERY HIGH RISK OF FIRE </p><p>IN THE BOOM LAND!!! </p><p>Getting ready for</p><p>W W W . B O O M F E S T I V A L . O R G | F B ! B O O M F E S T I V A L O F F I C I A L P A G E | Y O U T U B E ! B O O M W E B T V</p><p>We all love sun, however those of us with fair skin and tattoos need to be </p><p>extra careful. Take care, use an eco-friendly sun cream and take care of </p><p>yourself</p><p>ECO TIP</p></li><li><p>W W W . B O O M F E S T I V A L . O R G | F B ! B O O M F E S T I V A L O F F I C I A L P A G E | Y O U T U B E ! B O O M W E B T V</p><p>ECO TIPMake a habit of disposing cigarrets butts in portable </p><p>ashtray by carrying one with you at all times!</p></li><li><p>cArS a</p><p>Nd c</p><p>aRaVan</p><p>S: Par</p><p>king </p><p>at</p><p>TH</p><p>E </p><p>AR</p><p>T </p><p>OF</p><p> L</p><p>IV</p><p>IN</p><p>G </p><p>AT</p><p> B</p><p>OO</p><p>M </p><p>A </p><p>SU</p><p>RV</p><p>IV</p><p>AL</p><p> G</p><p>UID</p><p>E </p><p>FO</p><p>R </p><p>BO</p><p>OM</p><p>ER</p><p>S</p><p>GUID</p><p>ELIN</p><p>ES F</p><p>OR </p><p>CARA</p><p>VAN </p><p>PARK</p><p> BY</p><p>ou</p><p> can</p><p> mo</p><p>ve y</p><p>ou</p><p>r ca</p><p>rava</p><p>n d</p><p>uri</p><p>ng </p><p>the </p><p>fest</p><p>ival</p><p>Yo</p><p>u a</p><p>re a</p><p>llow</p><p>ed t</p><p>o h</p><p>ave </p><p>you</p><p>r d</p><p>og </p><p>if y</p><p>ou</p><p> hav</p><p>e th</p><p>e co</p><p>nd</p><p>itio</p><p>ns </p><p>for </p><p>it in</p><p> yo</p><p>ur </p><p>cara</p><p>van</p><p>. Th</p><p>e d</p><p>og </p><p>mu</p><p>st s</p><p>tay </p><p>in t</p><p>he </p><p>cara</p><p>van</p><p> or </p><p>on</p><p> a le</p><p>ash</p><p> to</p><p> avo</p><p>id d</p><p>og </p><p>figh</p><p>ts. </p><p>Rem</p><p>emb</p><p>er p</p><p>ets </p><p>are </p><p>no</p><p>t al</p><p>low</p><p>ed t</p><p>o e</p><p>nte</p><p>r th</p><p>e B</p><p>oo</p><p>m </p><p>Lan</p><p>d. </p><p>A</p><p>ny </p><p>veh</p><p>icle</p><p> par</p><p>ked</p><p> ou</p><p>tsid</p><p>e th</p><p>e d</p><p>esig</p><p>nat</p><p>ed a</p><p>reas</p><p> w</p><p>ill b</p><p>e re</p><p>mo</p><p>ved</p><p> an</p><p>d t</p><p>urn</p><p>ed in</p><p>to a</p><p> rec</p><p>ycle</p><p>d a</p><p>rt </p><p>inst</p><p>alla</p><p>tio</p><p>n!</p><p>Was</p><p>te W</p><p>ater</p><p>: ALL</p><p> WA</p><p>STEW</p><p>ATER</p><p> MU</p><p>ST B</p><p>E C</p><p>OLL</p><p>ECT</p><p>ED I</p><p>N T</p><p>HE </p><p>CO</p><p>NTA</p><p>INER</p><p>S P</p><p>RO</p><p>VID</p><p>ED N</p><p>EAR</p><p> T</p><p>HE </p><p>TO</p><p>ILET</p><p>S! P</p><p>LEA</p><p>SE d</p><p>o n</p><p>ot </p><p>po</p><p>ur </p><p>was</p><p>te-w</p><p>ater</p><p> into</p><p> co</p><p>mp</p><p>ost</p><p> to</p><p>ilets</p><p> (it</p><p> will</p><p> kill</p><p> th</p><p>e b</p><p>iolo</p><p>gic </p><p>com</p><p>po</p><p>stin</p><p>g p</p><p>roce</p><p>ss t</p><p>her</p><p>e!) </p><p>or </p><p>into</p><p> th</p><p>e la</p><p>ke, s</p><p>trea</p><p>m o</p><p>r o</p><p>n t</p><p>he </p><p>gro</p><p>un</p><p>d.</p><p>D</p><p>O N</p><p>OT</p><p> PU</p><p>T A</p><p>NY</p><p>TH</p><p>ING</p><p> BU</p><p>T H</p><p>UM</p><p>AN</p><p> WA</p><p>STE </p><p>INSI</p><p>DE </p><p>TH</p><p>E C</p><p>OM</p><p>PO</p><p>ST T</p><p>OIL</p><p>ETS.</p><p> T</p><p>his</p><p> incl</p><p>ud</p><p>es w</p><p>et w</p><p>ipes</p><p>, bab</p><p>y d</p><p>iap</p><p>ers </p><p>(n</p><p>app</p><p>ies</p><p>), fe</p><p>min</p><p>ine </p><p>hyg</p><p>ien</p><p>e p</p><p>rod</p><p>uct</p><p>s, c</p><p>igar</p><p>ette</p><p>s an</p><p>d t</p><p>he </p><p>like.</p><p>No</p><p> fire</p><p>s.T</p><p>he </p><p>cara</p><p>van</p><p> par</p><p>k is</p><p> a c</p><p>om</p><p>mu</p><p>nit</p><p>y sp</p><p>ace.</p><p> Mee</p><p>t yo</p><p>ur </p><p>nei</p><p>ghbo</p><p>urs</p><p>, lo</p><p>ok </p><p>afte</p><p>r ea</p><p>ch o</p><p>ther</p><p>, be </p><p>min</p><p>dfu</p><p>l of </p><p>each</p><p> oth</p><p>ers</p><p> po</p><p>sses</p><p>sio</p><p>ns,</p><p> kee</p><p>p yo</p><p>ur </p><p>spac</p><p>e cl</p><p>ean</p><p>. It </p><p>is </p><p>reco</p><p>mm</p><p>ende</p><p>d yo</p><p>u a</p><p>lway</p><p>s ke</p><p>ep y</p><p>ou</p><p>r ca</p><p>rava</p><p>n lo</p><p>cked</p><p>. N</p><p>o s</p><p>ou</p><p>nd</p><p> sys</p><p>tem</p><p>s ar</p><p>e al</p><p>low</p><p>ed.</p><p>GUID</p><p>ELIN</p><p>ES </p><p>FOR </p><p>THE </p><p>CAR </p><p>PARK</p><p>3FTQFDUUIF#PPNWPMVOUFFSTBOEUIFJSEJSFDUJPOT</p><p>%POPUQVUZPVSUFOUJOUIFDBSQBSL5IFSFJTB</p><p>cam</p><p>pin</p><p>g ar</p><p>ea in</p><p>side</p><p> the </p><p>fest</p><p>ival</p><p>. 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