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Tel: 0484- 2316285 Fax:++91-48 - 2315745 MarchZ0T2 VoIume:6 No:6A Book Written With An Eyelid For Jean-Dominique Bauby, December o''of 1 D, was a bl ack day e He had a stroke that put him into a coma. When he woke up, after twenty days, on Iy some movement in his head and eyes remained. But, Bauby would not give up. He started writing a book. An assistant would read out letters from the al phabet and Bauby would blink his left eyelid to show his choice. Every word took about Z, blinks. The book, 'The Diving Bel l and the Butterfly' became an instant hit. Throughout the course of history, books have been torch bearers and great motivators. Some books make such an impact that they change the way the world thinks about things. This issue of Tel l Me Why showcases some among such books. Of course, reading is subjective, and individual tastes may differ. Any such shortlists run the risk of being cal led subjective. Please feel free to suggest other titles you feel worthy, wh ich ca n be included in a l ater volume. Also, pl ease note that we have not included religious texts. Indian books that influenced the worl d wil l be published as a separate issue, in future. The Epic ofGilgamesh Gi l gamesh's Epi c i s not only great, but it's so stong! One of its pages i njured me. Why is 'The epic of Gilgamesh' considered one of the world's oldest books? 'The Epi c of Gi lgamesh' i s one of the ol dest recorded stories i n the worl d. I t's about an anci ent ki ng of Babyl oni a, Gi l gamesh, who l ived around 2700 Be. Accordi ng to the story, Gi l gamesh was part god and part human, and had many speci al powers. Thi s epi c is not a si ngl e story written by one author. It has many stories and myths woven together. These stories were fi rst narrated oral l y by different people. Later, they were combi ned with tal es from other l anguages and written down on cl ay tabl ets i n what is now cal led the cuneiform scri pt. The written texts were created over a thousand year peri od, and remai ned unknown to the modern worl d unti l 1 872, when stone tablets written in the Babyl oni an l anguage were discovered, creati ng a great deal of ex-citement. -Book of the Dead 'The Book of the Dead' is a collection of different magical spells writtendown invarious ways bytheancient Egyptians. Tel l Me Why Why do 'The Iliad' and 'The Odyssey,' have a special place in world literaure? The I l iad and Odyssey are perhaps the most i nfluential works i n the hi story of world literature. These two epic poems were written nearl ythreethousand years agoby The Book of the Dead the Greek poet Homer. The I l iad begi ns i n the middl e of the Trojan War, and commemorates the heroic deeds of the brave warri ors of the ti me. The story is conti nued in the Odyssey, whi ch narrates the epi c journey home of the heroes after the war is over. Together, these epic poems formed the basi s of Greek cl assi cal educati on. For the Anci ent Greeks, the I l iad and the Odyssey tol d them how Greece had come to be the domi nant power i n the western Mediterranean, and al so showed them what sort of peopl e thei r gods were, and how those gods behaved. They establ i shed l i terary standards and conventi ons that writers have i mitated over the centuries. Homer We are super st ars from Aesop's fables! The First Crossword Puzzle Book Why are Aesop's fables so popular? Aesop's fabl es have been popul ar for thousands of years. They are si mple stories, mostly about ani mal s, that were told by a Greek slave cal l ed Aesop around 620 Be. Aesop's tal ent for story tel l i ng won hi m hi s freedom, and he travell ed widely, narrati ng these tal es, each of whi ch taught an i mportant l esson. The stories were passed down by word of mouth for centuries, and were fi rst written down in 300 Be. They were l ater translated i nto Latin, and taught to Roman schol ars. The si mpl e storyl i nes have a universal appeal , and the fabl es are i mportant be-Do you enjoy doing crosswords? The first crossword puzzle book was published in 1924, in the USA. It was a compilation of crossword puzzles from the newspaper 'The New York World', and was cause they teach chi l dren the correct val ues i n l ife, and hel p i n devel opi ng a chi l d' s character. These stories are not only our oldest, but are sti l l among the most wi del y read on our pl anet. , an instant success. Why is 'The History of Herodotus' significant? Herodotus is sometimes cal l ed 'the father of history'. He lived in Turkeyduri ngthefifth century BC, and wrote about the Greek and Persian Wars. Herodotus wanted to record what actual l y happened, rather than tal k about gods and goddesses. Hi s purpose was to describe the war between the Persi ans and the Greeks - the struggl e for supremacy between Europe and Asia, between civil ization and barbari sm, between freedom and despoti sm. Herodotus' work i s signifi cant because he had travel l ed widely, and hi s ' Hi story' is one ofthe pri mary sources for i nformation on anci ent l ands and peoples. There are extensive detai l s relati ng to the spi ri tual practices and bel i efs of the Greeks and other peoples. He described and analyzed warfare and pol itics, and his wri ti ngs strongly infl uenced future hi stori ans. Herodotus Why are 'The Analects of Confucius,' a great work? 'The Anal ects of Confuci us', is a col l ection of moral and ethical pri nci pl es taught by the Chi nese thi nker Confuci us, in conversations with his di sci ples. There are al so poems, stories, and legends i n this col l ection. Confuci us believed that Man shoul d lead an upright life, educate hi mself, and contri bute to the betterment of society. Afer Confuci us died i n 479 BC, hi s fol l owers compi l ed hi s teachi ngs in the form of dialogues between hi m and hi s students. The Analects of Confucius have highly i nfluenced educational , social, and cultural thought i n Chi na and elsewhere. __}\_{1!^; Q" _1 T__ ! j]/+`O.W1!1111T44YT tJJ U STO. -Q A.tDMUNOUS UI\SSEY, T.w c,. +71 ^ P.-: Tll' ;'', &M' n.-,.", i . .1 CANTABRIGI". Y 11 A41!v1 1v