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Books for Struggling Readers Grades 5-12 IRC Conference 2012. Studies and Research Committee Thursday, March 15, 1:45-2:45, Center B 4W Chair: Elizabeth Goldsmith-Conley Boomer Crotty Pamela Godt Katie Ludes Karen Walker. Agenda. Introductions Handouts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Books for Struggling Readers IRC Conference 2012 Thursday , March 16 - 1:45-2:45 Center B 4W

Books for Struggling ReadersGrades 5-12IRC Conference 2012

Studies and Research CommitteeThursday, March 15, 1:45-2:45, Center B 4WChair: Elizabeth Goldsmith-ConleyBoomer CrottyPamela GodtKatie LudesKaren Walker

AgendaIntroductionsHandoutsPicking Appropriate Books2 Book Lists Book Rating FormConversion TableWiki DirectionsEvaluation FormAudience Book SuggestionsDefining struggling versus reluctant readersStrategies for picking appropriate booksWiki - sample pageBook presentationsFilling out Audience Suggestion Form/ Audience suggestionsEvaluation/ Book Rating Form

Finding Appropriate Books for the Struggling Reader

Choosing the right level

Independent LevelBooks students can read on their own with noadult help

Instructional Level Books students can read with a little adult help

3.Frustration LevelBooks that are too hard Independent Level The text is relatively easy for the reader. Student can read 99% of the words successfully.

No more than approximately 1 in 100 words are difficult for the reader .

Students can comprehend 80% of the content.Instructional Level

The text is challenging but manageable for the reader.

No more than approximately 1 in 20 words are difficult for the reader.

Students can read 95% of the words successfully.

Students can comprehend 75% of the content.Frustration Level

The text is too difficult for the reader.

At least 1 in 10 words are difficult for the reader.

Students can read less than 90% of the words successfully.

Students can comprehend less than 60% of the content.Richard AllingtonAt a 99% accuracy rate, students will still make errors on about 4 or more words per page. If there are 300 pages in the book, this means they will make 1200 errors during their reading of the bookthis will cause a loss of comprehension and confusion/dis-traction/poor understanding.Developmental CategoryGrade LevelText MeasureLexileATOSScaleDRAFontas & PinnellEmergentKEmergent/EarlyK/1200-400Early11.5-1.913-16C-IEarly/Fluent2300-6002.-3.417-28J-MFluent3500-8003.5 -4.529-38N-P4600-9004.8-5.240-44Q-T5700-10005.2-5.944-50U-W6700-1000800-10505.9-7.1+50-60X-YAdvanced Fluent7850-110060-70Z8900-115070-808+1000-1200Conversion Table for Reading LevelsLexile LevelHow is a text's Lexile measure determined?


Lexile measures are based on two well-established predictors of how difficult a text is to comprehend:

semantic difficulty (word frequency) syntactic complexity (sentence length).

Examples: Second GradeShorter Sentences and Frequently Repeated WordsLexile = 370LLexile = 380LLexile= 370L

Examples: Upper GradesLonger Sentences, More Complex Words880L-950L13001410

Lexiles do not give any information about age appropriateness680L

680LMany other factors affect the relationship between a reader and a book, including its content, the age and interests of the reader, and the design of the actual book.

The Lexile text measure is a good starting point in the book-selection process, with these other factors then being considered. ATOS LevelsATOS Factors = Average Sentence Length + Average Word Length + Vocabulary Grade Level + The Number of Words in a BookSource: Renaissance Learning

Suggested Lexile Matches(If you dont know your students exact level)

190 -700 for 6th grade struggling readers240-780 for 7th grade struggling readers295-830 for 8th grade struggling readers400-880 for 9th grade struggling readers435-930 for 10th grade struggling readers465-945 for 11th grade struggling readers465-945 for 12th grade struggling readers you do know your students lexileThe suggested range of texts you give them should be between 50L above their lexile measure and and 100L lower Five Finger RuleChoose a bookOpen it anywhereMake a fistStart to read a pagePut a finger up for each hard word1 finger = too easy, try another book2-3 fingers = just right, try another page to be sure4-5 fingers = too hard

Professional Books That Can Help You Make a Difference

100 Cupboards by N.D, WilsonInterest Level: Grades 6 8 Reading Level: Grade 3.7 Lexile 650 L

Blood on the River: James Town 1607 by Elisa Carbone

Interest Level: Gr 6 8

Reading Level: Gr 4.8 Lexile 820LGenre: Adventure, Science Fiction and Fantasy

Breathing Underwater by Alex FinnInterest Level: Grs 9 - 12Reading Level:Gr 7.1, Lexile 510, Guided Reading NR

Chicken Boy by Frances ORoark Dowell

Interest Level: Grade 6 8

Reading Level: Grade 5.1Lexile 860L

Crank by Ellen Hopkins Interest Level: Gr 9 - 12Reading Level: 6.8Genre: Realistic fiction, drugs, teenage pregnancy,

Crossing the Wire by Gary HobbsInterest Level: Gr 6 - 8Reading Level: Grade 4.4 Lexile: 670L

Deadly Stranger by Peg KehretInterest Level: Gr 3 7

Reading Level: Gr 3-4Lexile 730L

The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler

Interest Level: Gr 9 -12

Reading Level: Gr 4.5 Lexile 790LFever of 1673 by Laurie Halse Anderson

Interest Level Grades 7-9

Reading LevelGrade 7.6Lexile 580L

Gym Candy and Night Hoopsby Carl Deuker

Grade 3.7710LGrade 6.2 630 LInterestLevelGrades 9-1229Guys Read: Thrilleredited by Jon ScieszkaInterest Level:Gr 4-7Reading Level:Gr 3+

Haunting of Hawthorn by Anne SchraffInterest Level: Gr 9-12Reading Level: Gr 3.5, Lexile 510, GR NR

Inside Out by Terry TruemanInterest Level: Gr 9-12

Reading Level: Gr 5.6Lexile 710LGuided Reading NR

Invisible by Pete Hautman

Interest LevelGrades 9-12

Reading LevelLexile 730L Grade 4.1 DRA Mockingbird by Katherine Erskine Interest Level: Gr 6 - 8Reading Level: 3.5, Lexile 630L

Hank Zipzer #1 Niagara Falls, or Does It? by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

Interest Level: Grades: 3-5

Reading Level: Lexile 610L Guided Reading Level R Grade 4.1

Notes From a Midnight Driver

Interest Level: Grade 7 - Grade 12Reading Level: 5.5-6.0, Lexile 930L

On the Run: Chasing the Falconers

Interest Level: Grade 4-8 (might be 6-8 depend-ing on parental views)

Reading Level: Grade 3.7Lexile 680LGuided Reading RWhite Fox ChroniclesInterest Level:

Grades 4-7

Reading Level:

Lexile 600LGrade 4.8

Repeat RecommendationsG 6-8670LG 6-8810LG 3-5950L

G 8-12850L

G 9-12590L

Repeat RecommendationsBluford High Series of 18 Books

Interest Level Grades 9-12Reading Level Grade 5Lexile Range 700 - 750

Repeat Recommendations - Movies

810L820LSupplemental BibliographyBook Lists and Sites Found in Course of Doing Research for this Workshop

Principle of SelectionUpper Grades Interest LevelLow Lexile RatingTo see summariesGo to Google and type in struggling readers wiki or go to

To be able to add your own suggestions and/or comments join our wiki. If you do not already have a wiki account, you will need to create an account with a user name and password that remains private and is never used for spam. You will then be able to join our wiki and add to our pages.

Book Suggestions FormsWhat books have you used that work with struggling readers?We will add it to our inventory and place results on the Wiki.Thanks for your help!Sharing Your Suggestions What books have you used?- Title - Author - Audience the book is recommended for.- Why do you recommend the book?We will add it to our inventory and place results on the Wiki.Thanks for your help!Audience SuggestionsWorkshop EvaluationWhat was the most useful part of todays session?

What would have made it more useful?What is one idea or book you think you will definitely be using in the future?


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