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<ul><li> 1. HELLO Welcome to the last ever issue of the fabulous Best &amp; Most Loveliest Free Typefaces!This episode showcases some of the nicest decorative fonts available for no cost, picked out for you, by us. Its not only the typefaces that we are highlighting, its the designers too.We are sad that this is the last issue, we hope that you enjoyed the series as much as we enjoyed making it. </li></ul> <p> 2. Neo RetroHEINRICH LISCHKA Heinrich Lischka was born in Strzelce Opolskie, Poland, 1968 and currently resides in Germany.Lischka is a talented graphic and type designer; individually he goes by the name of Typografski but also founded type foundry Font Boutique in 2002.The featured typeface, Neo Retro, comes in two styles; Neo Retro Draw is a lovely, sketchy San Serif and its partner font, Neo Retro Fill has great uneven edges and a wobbly feel that accentuates the hand drawn aspect of the design 3. sistemasmanuel lage Manuel Lage was born in November, 1970 in La Corua, Spain. Aside this information about the typographic designer he is a very elusive character. Despite not having an active portfolio site it is still well worth looking into some of Lages other typographic production which range from hand drawn script to symbol fonts.Sistemas is a fantastic and interesting stencil typeface. The vertical and 45 angles give the overall font a very clean style whilst also setting it aside from its stencilled rivals. 4. adam gorry James ArboghastJames Arboghast is a freelance advertising creative specialising in visual identity and typography. Born in Melbourne in 1963, Arboghast spent part of his childhood in England. He has worked as a photographer, art director, graphic designer, audio engineer, publicist, copy writer and creative consultant.The fact of the matter is, type design is an art not a science, and is not subject to any tangible law. Setting out to do what ultimately cannot be perfected leads to creative work.Adam Gorrey In-Line and Adam Gorrey Lights are a lovely pair of typefaces. The style of the font itself is very soft and curvy yet strong with a lot of impact. The addition of the lights and lines add an element of fun and creativity to the font which compliments the shape of the glyphs 5. BEST &amp; MOST LOVELIEST FREE FONTS BROUGHT TO YOU WITH LOTS OF LOVE BYFONTFACECOME ALONG AND VISIT US AT FONTFACE.COM </p>