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The leading manufacturer and exporter to make thousands of pool products in China.


  • 1. PowerPoint Template NingBo Bonny E-Home Co.,LTD Add:No.32 Dongbei Road, Dongqiao Industrial Park, Yinzhou District, Ningbo,China. 24/7 Service:+86-15958299927 Tel:+86-574-8815 9779 Fax:+86-574-88159668 Email: Web: www.bestbonny.comIntroduction

2. About BonnyNingbo Bonny E-home Co., ltd is made up of a factory as well as trading business engaged inproduction, development and sales of swimming pool accessories, garden and householdproducts.Our facility covers 15,000 Square meters, and employs over 200 people, exports 700containers per year and reached a sales volume of 20 million US dollar in 2011.Our workshops specialize in plastic injection, blow molding, extrusion, sewing and are evenequipped with tufting machines.With more than 10 years experience in researching and producing plastic products, we exportthousands of OEM and ODM products throughout the world.Our company is certified ISO9001 authentication, and has passed the social compliance auditand factory capability &capacity audit required by many of our larger and more notable clients.It is our key belief that our workers and management staff complete all business with honesty,quality, and responsibility in mind. With these principles firmly in place, we welcome clientsfrom all over the world to establish a life time business relationship with us, as well as thepeople of insight to join our team for a bright future. 3. About Bonny 4. About Bonny General View of our factoryWe have 4 buildings which covers a total surface area of over 15,000 sq. meters 5. About Bonny Main Office-Our production team and business team are working in the same office for much more efficient communication.-Our management staffs in this office are in charge of 128 suppliers in different products lines.-We use ERP software and set up data manage center to ensure our efficient work. 6. About BonnyDesign Dept.-We have 8 engineers who cooperated with some universities such asNingBo engineering college and the biggest professional designcompany in NingBo named YiFaDe.-We have 2 invent patents,48 design patents. 7. About Bonny Show roomWe have some OEM products, so in order to respect and protect our customers privacy. We made two showrooms, one is public, all the products are opened to every customer, the other is private one. 8. About BonnyInjection workshop -We have 20 injection machines which can inject the plastic parts from 160g to 2000g. -We own molds: 867 sets OEM molds: 415 sets Molds value: over 4million USD 9. About BonnyHose Making Workshop -We have three hose extruding machines which can make 8000m/day, -Normally the hose Dia is 32mm or 38mm. 10. About BonnyBrush Making Workshop We have -12 Auto tufting machines -19 Semi-auto tufting machines. -10 Bristle cutting machines -Safety protection facilities invented by ourselves 11. About BonnyAssemble Workshop-We have 6 main assemble lines-We have different machines cater to different assemble and packaging. 12. About BonnyWarehouse 13. Products Show 14. Products ShowWe have 10 categories, more than 600 swimming pool accessories! 15. Products Show 16. Products Show 17. Products ShowHousehold Mop 18. Sales statistics252015 Million USD10 5 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 19. About BonnyTrainingWays of training: Purpose:-Outer: Cooperated with some professional training companies. -Operation training-Inner: Our management arrange trainings. -Safety training-Personal ability training 20. About BonnyStaff Activity Place 21. About BonnyEvery year, we arrange all of our staffs to travel in order to reinforce our team-building and family spirit. 22. About Bonny24/7 service line: +86-15958299927 Email: Welcome to visit us!