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  1. 1. BonitaIndia Building Global Brand with With Effective Public Relations
  2. 2. Contents Introduction to the Brand Situation Analysis Objectives Target/ Audience Analysis Budgets Strategy Creativity & Originality Execution & Tactics Evaluation of Success/ Measurement
  3. 3. Bonita India Bonita India is a pioneer in providing modern and innovative home utility products. A pioneer in Laundry, Organizing & Storage Category. The brand helps Indian consumers experience convenience and comfort in their household work. Most of the sleek, elegant and unsurpassable quality products are designed in Europe & USA. Bonita products are available through selected dealer network all over India and are also available online. Bonita comes from the house of Casa Brands India Pvt. Ltd. The company has recently entered the e-commerce space with deals with a number of platforms like Snapdeal, PepperFry, Indiatimes, Mynesthome, Purehomedecor, Goodlife, Groupon and Tradus, along with their own e- commerce website
  4. 4. Products Description Laundry Care Ironing Boards Drying Stand Accessories Organizing Garment Organizer Accessory Organizer Furniture Storage Garments Storage Shoe Storage Flexible Storage Kitchen Stainless Steel
  5. 5. Situation Analysis Casa Brands India Pvt. Ltd., a leading sourcing company for various global retail brands from India, was launching brand Bonita, as a pioneer in providing modern and innovative home utility products. The product range of Bonita was highly innovative in design and concept and was made as per the global standards. However, India did not have a formal organized category for home utility products such as iron boards, mats, cloth dryers etc. The challenge for the consultancy was to first create a category of home utility segment and simultaneously, position the brand as a pioneer in Laundry, Organizing & Storage Category. The brand, which caters to the home utility products segment, was not taken seriously as a segment in media. To a large extent, the segment was flooded with small and local brands in the unorganized market.
  6. 6. Objectives To create a category of home utility segment amongst the target audience. To position Bonita India as a leading and trusted brand in Laundry, Organising & Storage Category. To carry out extensive promotion campaign for all the existing and new home utility products segment from Bonita India Spread awareness around the benefits of the products that will make the household work much easier and convenient for the Indian homemakers and highlight consumers experience. Showcase the myriad offerings from Bonita India that add magnificence to lifestyle and offers sleek, elegant and unsurpassable quality products matching to international standards.
  7. 7. Target/Audience Analysis
  8. 8. Strategy Adopted
  9. 9. Build Brand Affinity Leveraged the brand lineage History/Legacy of Brand Bonita India (Casa Brands India) Credentials Mission & Vision Product Range Highlighted brand salience A pioneer in Laundry, Organising & Storage Category World-class quality products that add magnificence to lifestyle Innovative products to fulfill existing demand vaccums Benefits of the products making household work easier and convenient Success Stories
  10. 10. Product Profiling Bonita Indias product range in high-end home interiors and lifestyle magazines/ columns which featured premium accessories and luxury products/ brands. Bonita Indias new product launches in key dailies: Lifestyle supplements and product reviews of the collection Targeted Lifestyle, Features & Home Interiors magazines and publications for Bonita India to multiply the brand visibility Activities- Product Launch Columns Photo Spreads Feature Stories Special Shoots
  11. 11. Corporate Profiling One to One Personal Interviews of the Key spokesperson/s of Bonita India with target magazines and dailies. Corporate profiling of the brand and profiling of key spokesperson/s in the relevant media. Press Releases on new product launches, marketing initiatives, tie-ups and other key announcement of the brand, etc. Activities- New Product Launches Brand tie-ups with E-commerce websites Idea behind the Brand Expansion plans for India Awards & Accolades received Innovative Marketing initiatives taken Placement amongst Industry related stories
  12. 12. Execution & Tactics
  13. 13. Wedding Mantra Feature Stories
  14. 14. Product Profiling Better Homes & Gardens
  15. 15. Thought Leadership Plan Your Wedding The Delhi City
  16. 16. Property Expert Feature Stories
  17. 17. Grehlakshmi Grehshobha Feature Stories
  18. 18. Small Enterprise Magazine Thought Leadership
  19. 19. SME World Thought Leadership
  20. 20. Business For All Thought Leadership
  21. 21. Corporate News The Economic Times
  22. 22. Property Observer
  23. 23. Amar Ujala (Rupayan) Feature Stories
  24. 24. The Times of India The Hindu Business Line (Catalyst)
  25. 25. Forbes India Good Housekeeping
  26. 26. Product Profiling New Woman The Idea Home & Garden
  27. 27. Product Profiling Financial Chronicle The Hindu Business Line
  28. 28. Deccan Herald- Homes & Interiors Product Profiling
  29. 29. Mother and Baby Good Housekeeping Product Profiling
  30. 30. The Ideal Home and Garden Product Profiling
  31. 31. Product Profiling Better Interiors New Woman
  32. 32. The Hindu (Metro Plus) Hindu Business Line Health & Nutrition Product Profiling
  33. 33. Deccan Herald Living Product Profiling
  34. 34. Hindu Business Line (Catalyst) Financial Chronicle Product Profiling
  35. 35. New Woman Product Profiling
  36. 36. Financial Chronicle Deccan Herald Product Profiling
  37. 37. HOP Luxury Product Profiling
  38. 38. DNA (Property) The Hindu- Metro Plus Ravishing Product Profiling
  39. 39. Thought Leadership The TribuneHT City
  40. 40. Zee 24 Taas Ghar Swapanache Thought Leadership