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<ul><li> 1. Pop an ollie and Innovate!</li></ul> <p> 2. How Skate Boarding and itsenvironments drive creativityand ingenuity. 3. Commandment 3Throughout his speech. Rodney Mullenwas full of energy and you could see thepassion radiating from him. He would gofrom energetic talking about a trick, tovery calm and serious when explaining themechanics behind it. 4. Dynamism = 5 Rodney Was full of energy through his presentation. He mixed spikes of enthusiasm with the mellow mood of explaining a trick in fine detail. Overall he was comedic while still stressing the point of being creative and using that to give back to the community. 5. Tips were used from Reynoldsand Duarte. Rodney combined the usage of pictures, videos, and personal stories both informational and comedic during his speech. One in particular was when he was escorted off the USC campus which he was in the auditorium for during his speech. 6. I have learned that delivery is unique to the person and the topic ofpresentation. Like Rodney mentioned, everyone has their ownsilhouette. This is true when delivering a speech. 7. Rodney Mullen in comparison to Sir Ken Robinson was more comedic while SirRobinson was more serious during his presentation. Overall the way theypresent and present themselves is different as Sir Robinson is highlyeducated, while Mullen has been an athlete. Overall they are both veryinfluential and great speakers on their expertise. Lastly Mullen is the livingessence of the fix Sir Robinson sees fit to bring back creativity into the world. 8. Tips: Be well thought out and organized, dont jump around or change directionstoo quickly in your speech. Show enthusiasm and energy when you speak.The audience will be bored or uninterested proportionally to you beingmonotone and not wanting to be there if thats the case. Otherwise enjoysharing and be yourself. Because awkward or sophisticated, there is anaudience right for you. 9.</p>


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