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Presentation To Bolton Secondary Headteachers


  • 1. Bolton Association of Secondary Head Teachers Are We Brave Enough? 26th June 2014

2. Hows Your Reservoir of Hope & Joy? Photo Credit: Eustaquio Santimano ( via 3. How Will You Refill Your Reservoir? Photo Credit: incurable_hippie ( via 4. Cooperation and coordination a plenty but was there ever any collaboration? We want to support school improvement and quality assurance across each others schools. We want to develop joint service provision and joint professional development. We are excited by the potential opportunities developing together the next generations of teachers and through research and development sharpen and enrich practice for all. We also want to look after each other! 5. 6. What Does the Brave New World Look Like? What Would Help You Get There? 7. Imagine Theres No Ofsted Its Easy If You Try The Changing Face of Accountability 8. Accountability What Who When How 9. Narrow Accountability Tail Wagging the Dog Keep Ofsted Happy 10. Rich, Diverse Accountability Distinct and discrete personal or institutional accountability aligned to vision and values. Genuine accountability to students and their parents. Peer accountability between schools and their leaders within the locality. 11. Rich, Diverse Accountability 12. Carpe Diem I believe that up until now we have been dabbling in system leadership. It is now time for the profession to take charge as we move into the next phase Educational leadership includes but should not be limited by locality or groups of schools. The next phase in system leadership is leadership of the education system itself. 13. Imagine All the Leaders, Living Life in Peace The Brave New World 14. How Will You Support Each Other? 15. Competition Drivers Collaborations Drivers 16. Noise or Necessity What is noise what is necessary? What noise could you ignore? What would is your overriding priority for the next twelve months? 17. Imagine All the Children, Challenged & Fulfilled Accountability Measures Restrict or Define You? 18. General Pathway 19. Specialised Pathway Vocational Option x 2 GCSE Choice Impact on Progress 8 20. Year 8 Into 9 Options 30% of Curriculum Time Year 9 also have 13.3% English, 13.3% Maths 13.3% Science, 10% MFL, 10% RE (& PSHE/PE) 21. Imagine All the Teachers, Working Successfully What Can You Do More Powerfully Together? Building Professional Capital 22. From On Distributed Communications by Paul Baran, 1964 The Changing Face of Professional Development From Known Nodes to Wild Networks 23. Moving to Disciplined Innovation Create Opportunities for People to Grow Give Time, Allow Time Enhance Teachers Research Skills Increase Stickability in Knowledge Transfer Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate 24. Create Opportunities for People to Grow Go outside of the schools structure Build a little Babylon Innovation Fellows System Redesign TLRs (use TLR 3) R&D Communities Voluntary INSET #OutstandingIn10Plus10 Leadership Development Programme Getting Better Project 25. Give Time Innovation Fellows One day per week/fortnight additional non- contact time for two years R&D Community Leaders One period per fortnight additional non-contact time Cover Vouchers for staff in the community All staff Two hours weekly CPD/Meeting time 26. Allow Time Most innovations are abandoned before they ever reach maturity Too many innovations/changes at the same time lead to a lack of improvement People get on board at different stages Our nature, our interest? 27. Enhance Teachers Research Skills Soft skills needed for Hard Edged Outcomes Currently the Most Skilled Researchers arent in the class room Give Structure to the Process Connect with Universities Role of Teaching Schools 28. Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate The professions Achilles Heel To often Good or Best Practice is because I say it is Evaluation may take different forms Different types of evaluation: quantitative & qualitative are valuable and valid No evaluation is not a valid form of evaluation! Lesson Study provides as excellent model 29. Increase Stickability in Knowledge Transfer Knowledge Transfer Involves a sender and a receiver No shortage of sending! Are people increasingly deaf to the node? More Babylon is Appearing From Sharing Good Practice to Joint Practice Development NMP Joint Primary/Secondary Mathematics Project 30. BEB CMAT Executive Headteacher Chief Builder of Professional Capital Assistant Headteacher Maths & Numeracy AHT Literacy & English to Follow Professional Development Department In-house CPD Programmes Leadership Programme #OutstandingIn10Plus10 Maths KS 1-3 Group 31. Imagine Theres No Chaos, Coherence is the Key Clockwork & Ecosystems. Complicated or Complex? 32. Is Your School Like This? Should It Be? Photo Credit: Sergei Golyshev ( via 33. Photo Credit: Douglas Brown ( via Is Your School Like This? Should It Be? 34. Acknowledgement: 35. Acknowledgement:


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