boeckman middle school 2012-13 tuesday, august 28, 2012

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Boeckman Middle School 2012-13 Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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  • Boeckman Middle School 2012-13 Tuesday, August 28, 2012
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  • Welcome Back!
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  • Nuts and Bolts Rosie Pfarr-Baker (St. Olaf) Thank yous Custodial Staff Jim, Dennis, Al, Howard, & Greg Tammy, Linda and Becky Schedule/Picture day volunteers Chad and Nicole - WEB New ISD 192 Staff: Emily Fischer (6 th LA), Rob Jacobs (Tech Ed), Tech Ed New/Returning to BMS: Jennie Asleson (DCD), Kendra Caduff (EBD), Mauri Deer (French), Rita Fleming (ESL), Jessica Lee (Spanish), Lori Moen (Computer)
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  • Introduction Educator 7 th Grade Science Lakeville 7-9 Technology Coordinator Lakeville Assistant Principal FMSW Assistant Principal DMS Family Sara Senior Analytical Chemist 3M Children Hannah (16) & Seth (11) Community Farmington resident 15 yrs Youth coach hockey, basketball, baseball
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  • Introduction Free Time (yeah right ) Kids activities Dog Bike road riding and motorcycle Outdoors Cabin Hunting Fishing ATVs, Snowmobiles, etc. Construction projects Cabin Home remodeling projects Cooking
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  • Introduction Middle School Special time Special people Special place What fuels my spark Helping others learn Learning new things myself People Kids Trying to create an environment where kids and staff feel energized and excited to be everyday The belief that we can create a school, a learning environment, where every student is truly engaged in becoming the lifelong learner they are passionate about.
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  • ISD 192 Movin & Shakin Grounding our beliefs/values, mission/vision, and our strategies/path to get there Strategic planning Customized learning
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  • Strategic Planning Strategic plan - ISD 192 HomepageISD 192 Homepage Who we are and what we WANT TO BE rather than a checklist of things to cross off Provides the ability for all staff to connect Next steps will involve building teams teacher leaders, parents, etc. Redefine the look and feel of School Improvement Planning and PDP development Special thanks to Lynda Ihlan
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  • Customized Learning- document document iPads teacher & student Teachers do some sharing later about what you learned this summer Early Adopters Process applications, multi-pair review, allocation numbers, district parameters, back to building principal Bellmont, Buelo, Fleenor, Ihlan, Meinke, Palodichuk, Ryba, Winkworth Student iPads 1730 arrived in mid-July (cases followed shortly after) Lots of process pieces being worked out FHS devices will be delivered first with rest to follow beginning second week of school 1:1 timeline will be dependent Apps Work in progress, synching process, 1:1, free vs paid, etc.
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  • Customized Learning Schoology Learning Management System Tool to enhance communication, collaboration, instruction, resource management, and data acquisition in an online environment Focus group came together last year to define features and identify a product. Repository for your resources Share with other teachers Share with students Interaction Groups teacher groups, student groups, parents, etc Posts, discussions, polls, quizzes, tests, etc. Migrate away from rSchools over the course of the year
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  • Customized Learning Google Accounts for students On the horizon? Student email? Google docs Excellent compatibility with Schoology Document creation Document collaboration Video & You Tube For staff Google docs, forms, webpages, etc. You Tube
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  • Reorganizing to make it happen Teaching and Learning Department Barb Duffrin Director of Educational Programs Caleb Drexler Booth Director of Teaching and Learning Charles Duarte Head of Instructional Technology Sharon Davenport Data and Assessment Coordinator Dan Pickens Digital Learning Specialist Brianna Buck Digital Learning Specialist Technology Department Nate Simon Director
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  • How are we doing? Data District MCA documentdocument Highlights Reading Significant and systemic growth (past 6 years) Outperformed state average in ALL grades Math MCA-III (2 nd year of test) Growth in almost all grade levels Outperformed state in almost all grade levels Middle Schools READING MCA 2012 Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8 BMS85.678.577.6 State76.371.472.4 MATH MCA 2012 Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8 BMS72.159.866.9 State59.958.662.0
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  • Calendar Items NWEA Testing Math and Reading for grades 6 & 7 Explore Testing Grade 8 Homecoming FHS students coming during Tiger Times Sept. 19 & 21 Float building/Pep fest? Magazine Fundraiser kick off Sept. 20 th FHS marching band concert November 2 nd Conferences Oct. 11 & 16
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  • Building Meetings Dates for Calendar handouthandout Team Leaders need rep from each team (explore/elective ?) Team Planning switch Tuesdays
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  • Back to School Night Structure 5:45-6:15PM House meetings Large group Odyssey move to Auditorium Titan move to Little Theater Focus items Family Web Access (Campus) & paperless report cards 6:15 7:30PM - Open meet and greet Those staff shared between buildings signage with contact information
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  • Miscellaneous Computers Re-imaged to Windows 7 Set up printers Teachers with a primary location other than BMS (or two rooms) may have one computer that is older Very short machines in the building (Meinke) Schoology intro Building or district session possible See Tammy (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) Planners, supply requests, papers, information update, etc. Hall supervision & bus supervision schedules Observation schedules Class sizes
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  • PLCs Richard Dewey Initiatives of the past 7-8 years UBD, curriculum mapping, unpacking standards, rSchools website, strategic planning, Infinite Campus adoption, building improvement planning, common summative/formative assessments, new math series, readers/writers workshop, Lucy Calkins, Optimal Learning Model/Gradual release, Flipped classroom, etc. Fair amount of staff change in that time, building transitions, various levels of individual success, various degrees of implementation, shaped our values/beliefs, etc. Building Capacity in the system Regardless of building, department, team, etc. with everything that has happened, it would seem difficult to have remained unchanged over the past 7-8 years Individually we have all grown and learned new ways to do things and impact student achievement. Each of us is highly unlikely to have mastered everything. Collectively we have tremendous knowledge, skills, and the power to visualize a new tomorrow and the capacity to bring it into being. Rethinking Education -