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Slide 2 Body Composition Slide 3 Here Today Gone Tomorrow As seen on TV Shake it or Shock it Boot Camp Bottom Line- Calories OUT Slide 4 Does it Matter? Increase Strength Manage Weight Stronger Heart Improve Cholesterol Improve Arthritis Symptoms Decrease risk of Blood Clots Improve Immune System Slide 5 And Improve Weight Lowers Risk for: Heart Disease Diabetes Sleep Apnea Cancer And Many Other Diseases And reverse some of these diseases Slide 6 Use It or Lose It? Gods most complicated creation Imagine your favorite car You Must Maintain It. Slide 7 Reduces the risk of: Heart Disease- Coronary Bypass $20,673 Cancer- Chemotherapy $17,617 High Blood Pressure- Angioplasty $12,500 Diabetes- Foot Amputation- $65,000 Sleep Apnea- 4 hours of Sleep/Night 9% of national medical bill, or $93 billion/year Slide 8 Its All About Calories New England Journal of Medicine 2 years- 811 overweight people in Baton Rouge and Boston Low carb, high carb, low protein, high protein- eat whatever 750 calorie deficit, 90 minutes of exercise/week Sustained loss of 9 lbs, 2 inches over two years! Eat Foods - High in fiber, low in calories and saturated fat Slide 9 Your Body is a Bank Calories in- Calories out= Weight Loss 3500 calories deficit = 1lb Weight Loss Its THAT SIMPLE! BMR X 1.5= Caloric intake to maintain weight Reduce by 250-500 calories Slide 10 Your Body is a Bank Calories in- Calories out= Weight Loss Exercise to make deductions 100 calories burned/ 2,000 steps 100 calories per day/ 1 lbs of muscle Increasing muscle mass and activity is the best way to keep those calories flowin Slide 11 To Sum Up Calories in- 500- 750 below 1.5 BMR Cut a few of those calorie dense foods!!! Bury Diets with forever!!! Calories out Increase steps Increase resistance training 3500 calories/lb. Slide 12 Resistance Training Slow, step by step process that builds muscles Muscles breakdown then rebuild More neural muscular connections are made Slide 13 Women, Trust Me Resistance training will not make you look manly! Will give you a more feminine shape Helps with posture Healthy is attractive! Slide 14 Slide 15 Workout Terms to Know Reps and Sets Slow Burn Fast Pace Burnouts Plateau Effect Slide 16 You Should Always Stand up Straight BREATHE!!! COUNT EVERY REPETITION MOVE SLOW---Hence, SLOW Burn Drink Water STOP if you feel dizzy Your last one should be tough Switch up your workouts Failure principle If you miss one dose Slide 17 How to Advance Increase resistance Curl the band method Should be able to do 10 in the first set Should NOT be able to do more than 10 in second set Advance to dumbbells if necessary Slide 18 Noticing Improvement Do not be discouraged! How do your clothes fit? Any comments on your weight? Every extra movement, exercise, step is making you a healthier person! Muscles make neural connections before they increase in mass Weigh yourself everyday if possible!!! Scales are not perfect Slide 19 Make sure you eat Brain and body need fuel before workout (within 10 minutes if possible) Sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, fruits/vegetables No need for extra protein 1 hour before 50% of blood to digestion 70-90% to muscles Slide 20 Exercise Injuries Overuse injuries are the most common! 3 Degrees of Pain Increase workouts gradually New shoes every 500 miles or 3 months Run on grass or soft surface See doctor for chronic injuries, could be sign of something else Slide 21 Stretching American College of Sports Medicine says it doesnt matter! If you like to stretch Then stretch. If not, okay! The most important means of reducing pulled muscles is by strengthening them! Slide 22 Joint Pain Sore Knee- Strengthen quadriceps! Sore Shoulder- Shoulder Shrugs Sore hamstrings- Glute raises! Strained Achilles- Calf Raises Exercise lightly the area thats giving you trouble!!! Slide 23 2nd Degree Burns Soreness makes people quit! This is a good thing! Always occurs during initiation, or improvement NATURAL PROCESS P.R.I.C.E Prevention, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation Slide 24