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CBSE board exams are really important in a student's life. The only thing which can help them is practice. Here are a few tips about how to handle stress during these exams. all the best.


<ul><li> 1. Board ExamsHOW TO HANDLE STRESS! !BY- ANILA GARGPRINCIPALSARASWATI VIDYA MANDIR</li></ul> <p> 2. Tips Keep Calm Know your Syllabus Discuss with you Friends Reduce time on social networking Meditate Eat Well Sleep Well Sleep Well 3. Keep Calm 4. Know your Syllabus 5. Discuss with you Friends 6. Reduce time on social networking 7. Meditate 8. Eat Well 9. Sleep Well 10. Practice 11. Last tip is most Important 12. Dont miss out on Practice. If you want live exam like environment for practice youcan contact some Test consultants. The one we used was an organisation calledBoardBusters . They provided more than 50 exam like Board exams withevaluation and feedback. The frequent tests by BoardBusters actually busted thefear out of the kids minds. There was a marked improvement in performancecompared to last year. 13. Importance of Practice. Boards are the most important things in your lives right now. Invest wisely in practice. I have given the details of the organisation in the last slide ifyou want to contact as school principals. There was a 10% overall improvement in the marks whencompared to last year. This is why I have become a big fan of their product. Being a mother myself I know there is no way we can makeour kids sit and practice question papers. These people make the kids do so and also give feedback andranking. Encourages healthy competition. 14. My contact Ofcourse first I will give my contact You can drop an email If you liked it or any other queries do comment. Or mail me. All the best to our kids Make them practice. 15. Contact of BoardBusters Email id: Write your query. They will reply. Do mention my name. Also inform me of your schools result next year aftertaking the course. </p>