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    Economysimplicityexperiencedemand it all

  • SINCE 2010,EPA rEgulAtiONs rEquirE AN 83% rEDuCtiON iN NOx EMissiONs frOM EPA 2007 EMissiONs lEvEls. truCkiNg busiNEssEs ArE wONDEriNg whAt iMPACt thEsE striNgENt NEw stANDArDs will hAvE ON thEir OPErAtiONs AND EArNiNgs.

    ePa emissions Standards 1994 to 2010. Weve come a long way toward truly clean diesel. EPA 2010 standards require engine emissions to meet a NOx level of 0.2g/bhp-hr.


    PM [ g/bhp-hr ]


    X [ g/bhp-hr ]





    0.10 0.01





    EPA 2010


    X [ g/bhp-hr ]

    the only way to meet EPA 2010 emissions standards

    at the tailpipe is by running an engine with selective

    catalytic reduction (sCr) technology. You can feel

    good about your impact on the environment and

    your bottom line using sCr.

    Detroit has a reliable, proven solution. its called

    bluetec emissions technology. for the first time,

    not only can you meet emissions standards, but

    you can do so more simply and economically.

    bluetec is the experienced solution, already used in

    hundreds of thousands of Daimler trucks worldwide.

    bluetec allows you to Demand it All.

    65 to 1 the pollutants emitted by 65 ePa 2010 trucks is equivalent to the pollutants emitted by just one truck in 1988.

  • ECONOMYbluEtEC EMissiONs tEChNOlOgY is thE first EMissiONs ADvANCEMENt tO OffEr YOu COst bENEfits. from the beginning, Detroit designed the DD13, DD15, DD15

    tC and DD16 engines from the ground up to work seamlessly with bluetec. this allows Detroit to offer you optimized performance under the hood and in your wallet in the form of fuel

    savings and improved cost of ownership.

    bluEtEC CAN ExtEND thE lifE Of AN ENgiNE. theres no doubt youre wondering how bluetec emissions technology will affect the life of your engine. bluetec is designed to decrease the overall cost of ownership of your engine and your truck. it actually helps Detroit engines achieve more efficient combustion by using fewer exhaust gas recirculations (Egr). this efficiency minimizes heat rejection reducing the stress put on many of the cooling system and internal engine components,

    extending their useful life and improving reliability.

    bluetec emissions technology also was designed to allow the engine to perform at its peak. by treating exhaust gases outside the engine and using fewer Egrs, Detroit can provide up to 5% better fuel economy* compared to our impressive EPA 2007 engines. One of the major factors contributing to this improvement is that bluetec emissions technology allows the engines diesel particulate filter (DPf) to extend its regeneration intervals. this means using less fuel to burn off the soot the filter collects, saving you money.

    * Comparing a DD15 EPA 2010 engine with BlueTec emissions technology to a similarly speced DD15 EPA 2007 with comparable engine ratings and load weights.

  • 1-Box emissions Package:

    Combines DOC, DPF, SCR catalyst, DEF doser metering unit in the same package

    Enables lower exhaust back pressure for better fuel economy

    Enables optimal packaging solutions for truck configurations

    23-Gallon deF tank (also available in 6- and 13-Gallon Sizes)

    aftertreatment Control module (aCm)

    truck chassis with detroit Bluetec components.

    SIMPLICITYits NOt just sCr, its bluEtEC EMissiONs tEChNOlOgY AND it MAkEs A DiffErENCE.


    NH3 and NOx react in thecatalyst to form nitrogen and water

    Nitrogen and waterenter the environment

    DEF injectedinto the

    exhaust stream

    Decreasedlevels of EGR

    Enginewith EGR


    DEF Solution


    DEF mixes with NOx

    PM trapped in aftertreatment device. NOx continues to

    flow down stream H2O













    BlueTec Air/Exhaust Flow Exhaust leaves the engine then flows through the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) and then it is mixed with DEF before it passes through the SCR catalyst. Finally, it exits the tailpipe as nitrogen and water.

    Detroit engines use a completely integrated emissions system that combines exhaust gas recirculation (Egr), diesel particulate filter (DPf), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (sCr) to efficiently meet current emissions standards. Exhaust gases are treated downstream of the engine instead of

    requiring complex changes to the engine. it does this by injecting a small amount of diesel exhaust fluid (DEf) into the exhaust stream which reacts with the NOx in the sCr catalyst, forming nitrogen and water. the nitrogen and water, safe elements in the air we breathe, are released into the environment.

    siMPlE, EffiCiENt PACkAgiNg sOlutiONs

    the components required for bluetec emissions technology include DEf tank, DEf doser, sCr catalyst, aftertreatment control module (ACM) and DEf gauge. Detroit and Daimler engineers have developed several ways to package these components on the truck. Your dealer sales consultant will work with you to determine the optimal packaging solution to fit your needs. the optimal packaging solution depends on the specific truck application, but bluetec offers a packaging advantage with its proprietary 1-box emissions package.

    the 1-box emissions package combines the DOC, DPf and sCr catalyst in one simple component. this configuration enables lower exhaust back pressure, which contributes to the fuel economy benefit provided by bluetec technology. this proprietary system also enables these components to be positioned on the vehicle to provide optimal packaging solutions for a wide range of truck configurations.

    Only available with detroit Bluetec emissions technology

  • DEf is a simple, non-toxic and inexpensive pre-mixed fluid composed of two-thirds pure water and one-third automotive-grade urea. As with other

    standardized fluids, the American Petroleum institute controls DEf quality through a rigorous testing system.

    deF inFraStruCturethe distribution infrastructure for DEf is in place, and it is available in ample supply at cost-effective prices. it comes in various size containers including bulk fill, 275-gallon totes and 2.5-gallon jugs. DEf also is available for purchase at many convenient locations.

    900mi3 Gal. 6 Gal. 9 Gal. 12 Gal.

    1,800mi 2,700mi 3,600mi

    With one 23 gallon tank of DEF, a BlueTec-equipped truck could travel from California to Maine and back without refilling the DEF tank. During this trip the truck (with 250 gallon fuel capacity) would need at least four fuel fill-ups.

    OPErAtiNg A bluEtEC-EquiPPED truCk is siMPlE

    there is one basic thing to keep in mind when operating a bluetec-equipped truck: watch the DEf gauge to see when its time for a refill.

    The gauge indicates the level of DEF in the tank and has a series of alerts when the tank is running low. A driver who ignores a DEF low level warnings will see de-rates and restrictions on the vehicle, but will never be stranded. Just watch the gauge. its that simple!

    the deF Gauge is integrated into the diesel Fuel Gauge


    Truck stops

    Engine distributors

    Truck dealers

    HOme Fill rOad FillDEf is stored on the truck in its own tank located next to the fuel tank on the drivers side. the tanks range in size from six to 23 gallons depending on the trucks applications, which means you can go up to 7,000 miles between fill-ups.*

    dieSel eXHauSt Fluid

    Visit DEmAnDDETROiT.COm to find the location nearest you selling DEF, including Pilot Travel Centers with DEF at the pump.*DEF consumption rate will vary based on operating conditions.

    the on-board diagnostic (ObD) system is designed to keep the engines control module informed of the performance of bluetec. ObD monitors the DEf level in the tank, emissions levels going out the tailpipe, and all of the components of the bluetec emissions system. the DEf tank fill opening is designed to accommodate only a DEf fill nozzle to ensure only DEf is put in this tank. so fill it up when needed. Its that simple.

    deF ranGeS in GallOnS


    AftEr MilliONs AND MilliONs Of MilEs, As wEll As YEArs Of OPErAtiON, bluEtEC EMissiONs tEChNOlOgY is rEADY fOr YOu.Nearly all of the worlds leading engine manufacturing companies use sCr to meet various emissions

    standards because it is recognized as the most effective emissions control technology. bluetec emissions

    technology has millions of miles and years of experience delivering clean diesel power to the world. Daimler

    has built hundreds of thousands of bluetec-equipped vehicles since 2005. Detroit was able to take advantage

    of this experience when it introduced bluetec to the North American truck market.

    This technology works. David Miller, VP of Global Policy and Economic Sustainability, Con-way Freight

    Daimler has done a good job reassuring me that SCR is the solution and that they have the answers. Steve Williams, Chairman and CEO, Maverick Transportation; ATA Chairman 2004-2005

    BlueteC iS eXPerienCed wOrldwide and wOrkS in every envirOnment


  • FAQwhy is Bluetec emissions technology the best ePa 2010 emissions solution? bluetec emissions technology is the right solution for your business because it is the only technology that meets the standards at the tailpip


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