Blue whale By Faith. Blue whale lives in the ocean Biome.

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  • Blue whale By Faith
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  • Blue whale lives in the ocean Biome
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  • The blue whale is blue or gray color
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  • The blue whale weights105 tons {136 metric tons} Weight/size
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  • The blue whale's diet There diet insist of krill Diet
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  • The females gives birth every 2/3 years Young offspring
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  • Its praetor is only humans The blue whale
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  • There is about 15,000 left world wide How mane are left
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  • People kill them four only meat, oils fat and others Reason endangered
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  • They are protected by the Marine mammal protection act of 1972 and the everglades species act of 1973 conservation
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  • A calf will drink 160 gallons of milk Its speed is 23 miles It can reach up to 20 ft. in the air There fat on their body is enough to see to see them through the winter Females are slightly bigger than males Life span 30 to 40 years Other interesting facts
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