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<p>Blood Pressure</p> <p>Exercise 1: AuscultationAuscultation Volunteer's Name mahjabeen alvina Systolic pressure (mmHg) Diastolic pressure (mmHg) 100 60</p> <p>Study QuestionWhat are some possible sources of error or variation in this technique of blood pressure measurement?</p> <p>Exercise 2: Cardio Microphone</p> <p>Cardiomicrophone Volunteer's Name mahro yusra termezi maaz rehan jawad wardah maheen Abeer Systolic pressure (mmHg) 122 101 110 101 80 100 95 112 Diastolic pressure (mmHg) 79 43 68 64 78 73 81 83</p> <p>Study Questions1. Explain the underlying cause of the Kortokoff Sounds that you detected with the Cardio Microphone as the cuff pressure was decreased.</p> <p>Exercise 3: Blood pressure and pulse</p> <p>Systolic Blood Pressure Volunteer's Name mahro yusra tirmizi MARIAMD-31 HASAN wardah abeer Systolic pressure (mmHg) 109 101 101 110 109 111</p> <p>Study Questions1. Comment on how the systolic pressure determined by auscultation and by pulse detection compare for each of the subjects in your group.</p> <p>2. From your results, do you think that pulse measurement can replace the stethoscope in determining diastolic pressure?</p> <p>Exercise 4: Hydrostatic effects</p> <p>Hydrostatic Effects on Blood Pressure Conditions arm flexed to 90 degrees arm fully extended arm held above head Systolic pressure (mmHg) 84 103 61</p> <p>Study Questions1. Explain the differences in pressure with the arm in different positions. Hint: the pressure in a column of fluid depends on height. In a column of blood, a difference in height of one meter corresponds to a pressure difference of 10.3 kPa or 77 mmHg.</p> <p>2. Given the variation in pressure with height, in clinical medicine human blood pressure is normally referenced to heart level. Does this usually affect the pressure recorded from the upper arm?</p> <p>2005-2007 ADInstruments</p>


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