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Blogging Your Way to the Top. By Kennedy Kachwanya. From the Beginning. Lip. There is only one word to consider when choosing a topic or an area to blog about.. LIP Yeah Lip. Not Really. Ok, not one word after all but three: Love ..InterestPassion. Half the Journey. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>From the Beginning</p> <p>By Kennedy KachwanyaBlogging Your Way to the Top From the Beginning</p> <p>There is only one word to consider when choosing a topic or an area to blog about.. LIPYeah Lip</p> <p>LipOk, not one word after all but three: Love ..InterestPassion ..</p> <p>Not ReallyIf you are blogging on the topic that you love and are passionate about , then you are probably a half way through. It is very important to select a topic that you love to explore, read and talk about. I always think there is a connection somewhere between blogging and your knowledge.Half the JourneyThere other factors like : Is the topic sustainable? </p> <p>But that is not all..</p> <p>If the topic was a river, will it dry at one point, in other words is it possible keep new contents flowing down on the topic like forever?</p> <p>Will it dry or Flow forever?How deep is the topic- I love blogging about tech, why? Every single day there are many developments happening in Kenya and other parts of the world which at the end of the day affect Kenyans in one way or another. Even on Sunday when things are so quiet, churches are now more tech savvy than ever. You know ,they are in Mbanking space , Money Transfer, Social media Send the sadaka through Mpesa to the number below your screen0721415335</p> <p>How deep is deep?Success is neither here or there until you realize it..How to make it to the Blogging Hall of Fame. Easy ..not easyBlogging your Way to the Top</p> <p>The trick is to start by long term plan of growing loyal readers. You never get these people if what you think about is numbers and ranks. Blogs written with passion and love are much more powerful, resourceful, and interesting. Sometime you need to really get mad at something before you start writing. The politically correct term here is probably motivation or fired up. </p> <p>Think Lip not ranks or numbers </p> <p>But I am just a blogger? are not just a blogger you are a business. Ok, in terms of business the terrain in Kenya is still steep, corporate took long to realize that blogging exist leave alone the bloggers but that is changing. With the coming of social media bloggers are now stand out influencers. That explains why social media marketing has its own rules completely different from what the traditional marketing.</p> <p>Blogging is a business and better still a way of life</p> <p>Listen to what others are saying, read what you readers are saying, formulate your thoughts from there, reply to the comments on the blog, comment on other blogs. Join the popular social media networks, not just as a spectator or lurker but a major contributor. .Note: Be a good listener and a good contributor.. </p> <p>Be there and join the conversation</p> <p>As a blogger this should be the top most priority. You have to provide some value to your readers for them to want to read your blog and come back for more. You can do it in terms of the content you create or service you provide.</p> <p>Create Value</p> <p>When you start off, nobody knows about your blog apart from yourself and may be your family. You cant sit down hoping that people will find your blog. Start by creating great content and tell people about the content. How do you do this. Start by being active member of online community. Join the popular social network sites, not just as a spectator or lurker but a major contributor.</p> <p>Market your blog </p> <p>Venture out in the blogosphere, meet new people, and build friendships. That is why we now have Bake in Kenya</p> <p>Network with the other BloggersA community for online publishers, bloggers and social media addicts. Bake aim is to promote the creative local contents and to connect the great brands with great publisherswww.bake.or.keBake-Bloggers Association of KenyaKachwanya0721415335Kachwanya@gmail.comTwitter: Kachwanyawww.Kachwanya.comwww.finwebkenya.comwww.maduqa.comwww.bake.or.keEnd </p>