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<ol><li> 1. Who Am I ? He is a Entrepreneur, Blogger and internet addict. After a long stint in IT Industry spanning 12 years and 3 continents, He came back to India to start on his own. 2 startups that he co-founded have had mixed success. He is founder of Armoks Interactive Labs and founder- editor at, one of the most popular Indian Technology News and Views Destination where he and his team of passionate writers present Insightful and Analytical stories on Technology, Telecom and Startup world. </li><li> 2. So, You want to make money through blogging? </li><li> 3. But, why do most find it so difficult? </li><li> 4. If you want to make money through blogging, you should look at it as a Business, and not a hobby </li><li> 5. Most people who blog, look at it as a hobby or a do it for their passion of writing. While passion for writing is needed, lot more goes into achieving monetary blog success! </li><li> 6. So, What is that lot more ? </li><li> 7. Lets First Classify Types of Blogs Personal Blogs Ongoing Diary, Commentary No Cant Make Money.. </li><li> 8. Lets First Classify Types of Blogs Group Blogs Multi-Author Blogs, started by group of individuals around a theme or Genre without the purpose of making money. Can Make Money, but rare.. </li><li> 9. Lets First Classify Types of Blogs Corporate / Organization Blogs A company mouthpiece or announcements platform. Money Making is Not a purpose </li><li> 10. Lets First Classify Types of Blogs Micro-Blogging Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine etc Yes, You Can Make Money, but difficult </li><li> 11. Lets First Classify Types of Blogs Individual (or Group) Professional Blogs - The Blogs written with purpose of making money ( directly or indirectly) YES Can make good money. We will talk on this </li><li> 12. Get These Myths Out of Your Head First Blogging is easy Blogging is Make-Quick-Money Method Passive Income is possible with blogging You Have to be a expert writer You cant make money through blogging You need loads of traffic to make money </li><li> 13. 5 Key Pillars Of Profitable Blogging Vertical Granular Content Focus Creating Regular Useful Content What Readers Want, Not What You Want Reader Engagement Effective Monetization Strategy </li><li> 14. And spend time on Business Model (Competition, Market size, Your differentiation) A Great Domain Name Professional Design Reliable Host / Blog speed / Optimizations SEO Best Practices Social Media Strategy Blog Marketing </li><li> 15. Vertical Granular Content Focus You cant be generic and still be successful Find the niche you are passionate about Niches like Photography, parenting, beauty, travel etc are good. But even better would be Macro Photography, Positive Parenting, Women Makeup or Adventure Travel Better &amp; Easier Monetization opportunities Better &amp; Easier Search Rankings </li><li> 16. Creating Regular Useful Content Being regular does not mean write daily. Define your publishing calendar and stick to it. Regular writing in long term will have a snowball effect Write Resource Guides rather than News Bits Research, Research and Research before you start writing </li><li> 17. What Readers Want, Not What You Want Look at Google Trends, do some research, find what people are searching or are looking for and select topic on that. Quora is a great starting point. Use Google Alerts. </li><li> 18. Reader Engagement Engage your new visitors in a way that they become regulars Always reply to comments Offer them helpful freebies (e-books, free downloads etc) Ask Questions (one of the most effectives way to engage) Build presence on various forums and communities related to your niche Email Newsletter Social Media presence </li><li> 19. Effective Monetization Strategy Every Blog demands a different Monetization strategy. It depends on your niche. Never Monetize unless you have reached a certain stage. Remember, AdSense is lowest hanging fruit and in many cases very ineffective Let us look at a few different Strategies: </li><li> 20. Freemium Model You provide a lot of quality content for free to your audience, and you provide a premium-level program to those willing to pay for it. Works For: Research Blogs, White papers, Rare Content blogs </li><li> 21. Affiliate Programs Affiliate Incomes can be HUGE! This is one of the most widely used monetization strategies by bloggers. Offer Affiliate products that will appeal to your readers in your niche Works For: Make Money Blogs, Tech blogs, Gadget blogs and many more </li><li> 22. Direct Ads This can be lucrative, but needs some work! Get in touch with brands that have products in your niche. Create a deck on how the brand will benefit from advertising with your blog Works For: Travel, Business, Photography and most other verticals Note: This should always be on your radar </li><li> 23. Ad Network The easiest way to monetize your blog is to signup with a Ad network. The revenue may vary from very low to very high. Works For: Most Blogs but may not be effective in some cases Note: You should never rely on single ad network, try various options. </li><li> 24. Sponsored / Paid Posts Another lucrative monetization strategy, but works only for a few blogs. Works For: Review blogs, product blogs and many more Note: When doing paid post, ALWAYS disclose a paid post to your readers </li><li> 25. Speaking Gigs If you are known expert in any niche, this could be a great way to monetize. Talk about your previous speaking engagements. Have a separate section on your blog Works For: Expert blogs, know personality blogs </li><li> 26. Consulting / Coaching Assignments This is an indirect monetization strategy, where your blog is a marketing channel for you. Build your reputation, and showcase your expertise through the blog to land consulting &amp; coaching assignments Works For: Niche skills, developer blogs etc </li><li> 27. And a few more </li><li> 28. Blogging can be a great way to make real good money. But, you need to be patient and persevere </li><li> 29. Floor is open for Questions Get in touch: / FB:arun.p / Twitter: @8ap @Trakin # 91.9822575676 </li></ol>