Blogging your way to kindle book success

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  • 1. Blogging Your Way toKindle Book Success

2. Blogging Your Kindle Book It is a great way to jumpstart yourpublishing Can help you out in highlighting as manythings about your book Can effectively serve as an extremelysoft-sell bridge towards the eventual sale 3. Blogging to Success: Tip #1 Linking themain/mostimportantkeywordsregarding yourKindle book intoand onto yourblog 4. Blog Content Incorporate your keywords into avariety of blog posts, depending onwhat the subject matter of your book is With non-fiction for example write FAQs for your niche, expand on the topics covered in your book cross-promote with related topics. 5. Blog Content If you are publishing fiction, review related books include prequels Updates or alternate endings The key is to be consistent and postnew content regularly. 6. Blogging to Success: Tip #2 Combine thewonders of blogmarketing andsocial mediamarketing for anextremelyeffective one-twopunch 7. Social Media Get people talk about whatever it isyoure trying to do or sell Think viral - get people abuzz andexcited about your Kindle book or blog Utilize social media plugins to spreadthe news 8. Blogging to Success: Tip #3 Always have alink to theAmazonMarketplacewebsite 9. While it may seem like extra work, its certainly extra work that is warranted by the results and boosts in your Kindle book sales that you can no doubt achieve 10. Discover how to quadruple a passive income stream with publishing. Learnhow to create and publish books fast andcreate passive income, buildcredibiity, and more.Visit: for your FREE report."