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  1. 1. 07/03/2017 1 Blogging for small businesses A bit about me Writer / Author Book coach / Personal brand strategist Background in IT Sales and marketing Executive coaching / training Blogging forever Over 600 blogs on my site
  2. 2. 07/03/2017 2 Be clear about your why Enhances your visibility Positions you as an expert in your field Builds your brand sharing great content increases reputation and credibility Be clear about your why Improves writing skills Learn new planning tools and methods Helps other people to do things that you share Technology!
  3. 3. 07/03/2017 3 (FREE) Website and blog Buy a domain Install WordPress Themes (clothing for my site)
  4. 4. 07/03/2017 4 Plugins (added functionality) Have a plan Book | Courses |Program
  5. 5. 07/03/2017 5 What to blog about next? Blog plan How to turn your book into a course What shall I write today? Categories Writing a book Blogging a book Turning a book into a course Personal branding Musings Repeatable themes Be open to ideas Opportunities Explore Research Industry Niche Themes, talking points, questions, or arguments Concept
  6. 6. 07/03/2017 6 Gather information Gather information Expand your topics Connect ideas narrow down Keep going until your ideas bucket is full Park what doesnt work Explore what feels right Expand what answers the questions your ideal reader is asking Ideal reader Questions Fire them up Inspire Ask for more Share
  7. 7. 07/03/2017 7 Trending What is your reader is interested in? What else has been created in these industries/niches? What are your competitors doing? Whats trending in the general media? Stuff everywhere
  8. 8. 07/03/2017 8 Keep a Personal Swipe File Evernote Categories Topics Content creation How to How to x in y easy steps How I discovered How to find How to use x to How to x the right way The A to Z of How to How to x in y easy steps How I discovered How to find How to use x to How to x the right way
  9. 9. 07/03/2017 9 SEO Yoast SEO Plugin SEO -
  10. 10. 07/03/2017 10 Subject Books Courses Nutrition Share your videos Other peoples videos
  11. 11. 07/03/2017 11 Quotes & Images
  12. 12. 07/03/2017 12 Images (Pixabay | UnSplash | Depositphotos)
  13. 13. 07/03/2017 13 Co-Schedule calendar LinkedIn What will I do with this presentation? Blog / Repurpose the blog for LinkedIn YouTube video Slides LinkedIn and SlideShare
  14. 14. 07/03/2017 14 Blogging challenge Write 54 blog titles How about you blog a book? Join a blogging challenge Website - Facebook Writing for the soul - Twitter - Connect with me I dont bite