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Post on 12-Aug-2015


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  1. 1. #BizBlog101 October 7, 2014 presented by Karen Wilson @Karen_C_Wilson Blogging for Business
  2. 2. #BizBlog101 Overview Common concerns Benefits of blogging Should you blog? Take a strategic approach Types of blog posts Search engine optimization Planning What to do when you get stuck
  3. 3. #BizBlog101 Blogging concerns I dont know how to write. I dont know what to write about. No one wants to read what I write. Blogging seems like a lot of work.
  4. 4. #BizBlog101 Benefits of blogging Proof of expertise Build credibility Use content for marketing Higher search rank Updates to website Build and engage your community
  5. 5. #BizBlog101 Should you blog?
  6. 6. #BizBlog101 Take a strategic approach IDEAS!!! Content Content Content Goals Audience Key Messages
  7. 7. #BizBlog101 Anatomy of a blog post 1. Keyword rich headline 2. Introduce topic, capture attention 3. Image that fits topic 4. Make points that convey significance of topic 5. Link to supporting content 6. Closing 7. Call to action
  8. 8. #BizBlog101
  9. 9. #BizBlog101 Types of blog posts How to Lists Conceptual Story What to do What not to do
  10. 10. #BizBlog101 Search engine optimization Headlines Headings (h1, h2, h3) Bullets Images Videos Tags
  11. 11. #BizBlog101 Planning List 20 blog post ideas Add new ideas to the list Establish manageable schedule Break down into themes Schedule time to write Use an editorial calendar
  12. 12. #BizBlog101 What to do when you get stuck
  13. 13. #BizBlog101 Read a book
  14. 14. #BizBlog101 Find a new angle
  15. 15. #BizBlog101 Be controversial
  16. 16. #BizBlog101 Get offline go old school
  17. 17. #BizBlog101 Be creative in a different way
  18. 18. #BizBlog101 Read some more (Feedly)
  19. 19. #BizBlog101 Eliminate distractions
  20. 20. #BizBlog101 Just walk away
  21. 21. #BizBlog101 Take time to recharge Go for a walk Take your favourite break Yoga Video games Go for coffee Stop for the day Plan your vacation
  22. 22. #BizBlog101 Questions?
  23. 23. #BizBlog101 Thank you! Karen Wilson @Karen_C_Wilson