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Create successful online interaction with a blog! Learn tips to leverage your business with a blog that can turn website visits into engaging experiences.


  • 1. Blogging for Business Angela LaRocca, Brand Manager Jennifer Espelien, Marketing Manager

2. To Blog or Not to Blog, that is the question. Here is your answer Blog frequency impacts customer acquisition. 92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog. Source: HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing, 2012 B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that do not. Source: InsideView 90% of consumers find custom content useful, 78% believe that companies behind content are interested in building good relationships. Source: TMG Custom Media 3. Objectives of a Business Blog: position yourself as an expert Brand engagement rises by 28% when consumers are exposed to both professional content and user- generated product video. (Source: comScore) market your product and services 78% of chief marketing officers think custom content is the future of marketing. (Source: Hanley-Wood Business Media) attract new visitors to your website. Establish a relationship. Keep them wanting more content. 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog. (Source: HubSpot) TO GENERATE REVENUE! 4. Pre-blogging tips: Timing is everything. Help me help you. Anticipate your readers needs. 5. Checklist for a rockstar blog: Unique Voice Distinct Images Enticing Content Engagement 6. Unique Voice 7. Unique Voice You know your business best. Show off! Be yourself. Everyone else is taken. ~Oscar Wilde 8. How to: Capture the Elements of the Story Beginning, Middle & End The Hook Why are you writing it? 9. How to: Capture the Elements of the Story What do you want readers to DO? Calls to Action Get your readers to be proactive while reading your blog. 10. Be a Story Teller "Upon arrival to the beginning of the conference, I learned about an opportunity that immediately sparked my interest. The word on the street (in the expo hall) was that one could earn a certificate of completion for attending back to back seminars on a particular search marketing track on the first day, also known as SMX Bootcamp." ~from Angelas latest blog, The Adventures of Paid Search Fundamentals 11. Distinctive Images 12. How to: Create Distinctive Images How do I catch the readers eye? 13. How to: Create Distinctive Images When and how do I use captions? Justin McVay, UNLV Business Startup Center Director, works with a student to offer free business counsel advice. Unidev supports the Startup Center by offering complimentary tech development 14. How to: Create Distinctive Images When do I use text? 15. How to: Create Distinctive Images What do I do if I dont have an image? 16. Image Tools Editing Tools: Pic Monkey Pic Stitch Gathering Images: Flickr Creative Commons Stock photo Use your own images! 17. Inviting Content 18. When writing your content Be your own audience. Proofread, then have a trusted set of eyes review. Earn your authorship. Write what you know. Search for your content online and strengthen your message. 19. How to: Create Content Like a Pro Benefits of Inserting Links into Content: - Good, content-relevant links improve credibility of your website - Analytics lists sites that link to the site as referrers - Potential to have sites link back to your site - Gives your readers more Use Tags in Content: - Page title - Meta description - Keywords or labels becoming outdated - Authorship 20. How to: Create Content Like a Pro Image Titles: keyword-descriptive-concise Blog Length: 500 words Consistency: 1-4 blog posts per week 21. Be an approachable, friendly expert Dont take yourself too seriously! Be accurate and informative while making it fun for your readers. Be the person people look to for something new. Share something others will want to pass along. Ask for feedback. Give your readers a purpose by posing content-relevant questions. 22. Engagement 23. If you engage them, they will act. Use coupon or discount to incentivize readers to do something. Why wont people comment? CASE STUDY: 8 Tips for Digital Networking, TNI Blog 11/27/13 Create a community to encourage interaction. ~ Founder of, Stefani Pollack 24. Platform is Queen. Content is king, but Platform is queen. Creating a platform is about building a social media presence, a stage for yourself to be seen above the crowd. Social media can be great tools to drive traffic (to a website), but it is the blog that will do the most to build a platform. Source: 25. How to: Use the social media channels Support your clients, friends, partners, prospects, family and anyone you want to know in 10 years on their business networks. 26. Help people find your blog Write comments on other blogs. Email contacts directly and ask for their input or comment. Use a rating widget to get precise feedback on your blog. Write a guest post on a more successful blog. Source: , Ramit Sethi 27. Benefits of a Blog: 1. Establish authority and position your brand or company as an expert! 2. Create a two-way conversation to connect with potential, current and past clients! 3. Better search engine result rankingsnow and in the future! 4. Generate more leads with opportunities for conversion! 28. Thank you & stay in touch Angela LaRocca @AngelaLaRocca @TheNetImpact page.aspx Angela.LaRocca@TheNetImpact.c om 636-532-4424 Jennifer Espelien @JenniferEspe @TurnkeyTec 636-237-2283