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The benefits of blogging for your business.


  • 1. Blogging, What is all the fuss? Aanu Ojo & Mary-Ann Mosaad

2. THE BLOGGING BASICS Abbreviated version of Weblog whichare websites that are essentially onlinejournals that are updated frequently withcommentary on one or many topics. A blog is the fastest and easiest way toprovide regularly updated information toyour audiences, because blog creationprocess is simpler than website creation orprint design and production. 3. Micro Blogging Blogging VS. 4. So what isMicroBlogging? Micro blogging is a combination of blogging and instant messaging thatallows users to create a short message that is posted on their profile.Websites such as twitter also allow these messages to be delivered on cellphones, which allow micro-blogging to provide a quick way tocommunicate with a group of people. Essentially micro-small blogs.. limited to 140 characters such as twitter. 5. Blog Elements Brief entries running one-three paragraphs in length. One or more columns on the page, with new content added to the largestcolumn. Sidebars linking to other blogs, previous posts or other comments. Updates added at the top of the blog, so that entries read in reversechronological order. This approach makes it easy for readers to find themost recent content. Lots of links within blog entries (to other blogs, websites, and articles inyour e-newsletter, as well as audio and video files). Some blog entries alsofeature photos. Regular updates Current contact information A URL and name thats easy to remember. 6. Is it more beneficial forB2B or B2C? Blogging is beneficial for both B2B AND B2C 7. B2B Benefits See what your competition is doing You can communicate with employees within the company easily andeffectively Consistently updated blog content can keep customers returning to thewebsite. 8. B2C Benefits Increase engagement Be seen as an expert Develop a relationship with customers through casual dialogue 9. How Could Blogging Help a Business Develop a casual dialog with your customers. Fast communication of current information. Increase your visibility in search engine results Share multimedia content. You are in control (mostly) Be seen as an expert 10. How often should one blogI once surveyed readers here on ProBlogger about the reasons theyunsubscribed from RSS feeds, and the number one answer wasposting too much. Respondents expressed that they developedburnout and would unsubscribe if a blog became too noisy.Darren RowseQuality vs. Quantity2 to 3 beneficial and informative posts a week go further than posting forthe fun of it every day. Consumers and businesses dont want to be burnt-out from informationthey may not find useful. The Answer to how often one should blog lies within how much relevant,informative and interesting information you have to share, in essence, dontjust post to post. 11. Blogroll A blogroll is typically found in the sidebar of ablog and it includes links to other blogs that theblogger recommends. A blogroll can be dividedinto categories if there are a number of blogsincluded that all discuss different topics. 12. Benefits: Allows you and your blog pack to promote and send blog trafficto each other Gives your readers more of what theyre interested in: good blogson a topic they care about Having a blogroll is another way to provide value to your readers,turning your blog into a relationship hub of activity around itstopic Linking to other bloggers lets them know you exist 13. Main URL Vs. Permalink An example of a blogs main URL (which shows all the posts for a givenperiod of time: An example of a permalink: A permalink is the link to an individual blog post. These are importantbecause if you ever need to link to an exact blog entry, you use thepermalink as your link. Its poor blog etiquette not to use the permalinkmaking it more difficult for blog readers to get to the information theywant. 14. Benefits for Non-Profit & For Profit Blogging Increases Trust And Credibility Helps to increase traffic to business website Lengthen The Lifetime Value of a Customer Positions You As the Expert in your industry 15. Examples of Companies who useblogging to leverage their business. 16. 3 Popular Blog Publishers. 17. TumblrA micro-blogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotesand audio through an easy-to-update dashboard.100% FreeYou dont have to pay monthly expenses to own/maintain an accountNot Fully FeaturedYou dont have much control over the Themes/template and added pluginsLimited customization, integrated capabilities such as plugins/flashAdd widgets side bars.SimpleOne of the easiest blogging platforms to use. Its not rocket science. You dont have to be acoding guru or geek to figure it out or navigate through it. The how tos are pretty muchlaid out for users on the dashboard. 18. Visually appealing ContentTumblr is know exclusively for its visuals. It has a visually oriented audience and a stronguser community.Best platform for fashion brands, musicians, artist, etc..Their job consists of showcasing their products and talents, and telling a story throughpictorial representations.How reblogging worksAn original post by one Tumblr user is reblogged by another user by embedding a quote ofthe original post, link and publishing username in the repost, with the option of making acomment in reply to the previous post.You can reblog a post that has been re-blogged by another user that way the original contentsgets more exposure and traffic to the source as its passed down the chain within the Tumblrnetwork. 19. WordPress ServerSelf HostedLimited Theme Support Full Theme SupportNo plugins allowedAll plugins allowedFreeMonthly ExpenseNo Ads allowedMonetization FreedomNo MaintenanceSite MaintenanceNo controlFull ControlNo domain Own domain 20. .com A free blog Hosted by wordPress server. WordPress will host your blog atno cost. All you have to do is provide content and Start blogging instantly.No technical skills required.Limited to theme functions (cant add widgets, side bars)Lack of control over your content.If wordPress server is down, there will beno way for you to access your content.WordPress holds the right to terminate your account if you break any onetheir rules in their terms of service. One of their rules being that you are notallowed to drive traffic to your main website for monetary purposes orboost search engine ranking of your business website. If you do so, you getthe boot!Visit the terms of service here 21. .org Self-hosted Download the software from for free and upload it to yourown web server (go daddy, blue host). Takes 5 mins to download. The content belongs to you. You can transform your page to anything youcan possibly imagine Need a domain name as well as a hosting a account. You can make money through Ads because you control the contents. You have all the freedom. 22. 100% FreeYou dont have to pay monthly expenses to own/maintain an accountUnique FeaturesBlogger lets you to change your subdomain name as often as you like.Fully FeaturedBlogger allows customization of it templates.HostingYou can host through blogger or own serverBlogger AdsBlogger provides a simple way for you to make money with your blog. AdSense is Googles content-targetedadvertising program. If you use AdSense, you dont have to select keywords or categories for your ads. Instead,Googles servers determine what your posts are about and display the most relevant ads to your readers.AnalyticsBuilt-in visitor stats.Simple Easy to use 23. What is an RSS Feed? 24. RSS Subscription &Management Tools. 25. RecommendedBlogging Resources. 26. Work Cited