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LSESU HKPASS 2012-2013





  • CONTENTS4 welcome

    5 upcoming events

    6 courses

    7 places to go

    8 bargains

    9 advice from the committee

    10 the committee

  • welcome.

    Dear members,

    It is a great honour and privilege for me to introduce to you all my committee as well as to serve as the President of HKPASS for this forthcoming year.

    I cannot believe that one year has passed since I joined the LSE. Last year, I played a major role in a big drama show (something that I never thought I could do), attempted to read the palms of everyone walking on the street and tell them about their future mamarriages, and talked with the founder of G.O.D. (). Most importantly, I made many new friends through social events with students from dierent universities around the United Kingdom. Among all these, HKPASS has played an integral part. It was fun and rewarding; as President, I wish to provide a platform for you to create your own unique experience this year.

    This year, I plan to expand on our previous successes. I can assure you that HKPASS will continue to provide plenty of opportunities for each and every one of you in understanding understanding various public issues, involving yourselves in social services, as well as participating in social gatherings - HKPASS has so much to oer in enriching your university life.

    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome all the Freshers whowill be joining the LSE this coming year. LSE is an outstanding university; however, participation in HKPASS would undoubtedly ameliorate your university experience and create valuable memories that are sure to last in the years to come.

    Donald Poon President 2012-2013


  • 05

    AO ReceptionHong Kong PavilionPublic Affairs ForumCambridge Quiz

    Christmas Conference

    China WeekPublic APublic Affairs Trip

    LSE Debate Forum 2013

    Cultural Trip

    Bake Sale at Houghton StreetJoint-university charity eventRegular CMN Teaching

    Annual subcommittee fundraising event


  • 06 COURSES

    LLBYour life in the coming twelvemonths as a LLB student at the LSEwill be something you have neverexperienced before. The LLB curriculum is demanding and it is a big sa big step up from high school in terms of the materials covered. With four hours of classes andeight hours of lectures each week, and twenty weeks of teaching, studying on your own would make the bulk of your time at the LSE. YYour time here will begin with four compulsory courses that are taken during your rst year: Criminal Law, Public Law, Law of Obligations (made up of Contract Law and Tort Law), as well as two half modules -Property I and Introduction to LLegal Systems.

    AC100An all-time favourite, AC100 proves its popularity among students through its practicality - but with most cases of practicality come banality. Try not to fall asleep duasleep during the lectures, try to bear with the lecturers foreign accents, and keep in mind that themidterm test, Christmas essay, orall of your homework do not count towards your nal grade, asmuch as your lecturers and classtteachers emphasise on theirimportance. Nonetheless, its really quite enjoyable and not as miserable as it sounds, and you cant go wrong with choosing AC100: its relatively easy to scorea high grade, it provides a good iintroduction to the nancial worldto all you prospective investmentbankers, and its a prerequisite to abroad range of courses for you to choose in your next two years here.

    IR100An introductory course to International Relations, you will explore the relations and interplay between nations and you will nd relevance in many of the pof the pressing current aairs of the day. Is the decline of the USA as the worlds superpower inevitable, and will the rise of China eventually eclipse it? If it does happen, is it evdience that in an international system of nnation-states, no single country can be a superpower forever, and with its rise it must also fall? These are all questions you will tackle and explore, and if you found them interesting, then you should really give this ccourse a chance.

    EC102This will undoubtedly be the hardest course of your rst year- for those who have the choicebetween EC100 and EC102, denitely pick Economics A.AAlwyn Young, as brilliant as hemay be as a lecturer, is also justas brilliant at designing examquestions that seem to test more on your sanity and endurance levels during yourthree-hour examination as opposed opposed to your knowledge oneconomics. To top things o,lectures are not recorded so domake sure to attend every lecture (and better still, to recordthem), and do make sure to attend on time - the lecture thetheatre is guaranteed to be packed to the extent where students have to sit on stairs.EC102 will be challenging, butit will be immensely rewardingto learn about the dynamics and mechanisms of the eeconomy, and you WILL feel ontop of the world if youre one ofthe few who manage to come out top of the exam.

    MA107 / ST107The more manageable Math and Stats courses, MA107 and ST107 are less challenging than MA100 and ST102. These two half units combine to form a whole course - this means ththis means that should you struggle with one of them, you stillhave a second chance to redeem yourself in the second half of the course. However, youll be studying an additional subject and taking ve papers come exams, and and given the typically rigid exam timetable for rst year students, opting for MA107/ST107 for the sake of easier courses may in fact end up just the opposite of a blessing in disguise.

    This course illustrates the complexpower web of managers and employees, which many nd

    passable without doing all the course essential



    MA100MA100 is a compulsory module for many courses as it lays themathematical foundation for modules in the next two years. Ifyou have studied FP2/FP3, they mmay be helpful but basic calculusknowledge would be enough.

    ST102Same as MA100, ST102 is essentialin subjects that involve data collection. You will nd it pretty easy if you have studied GCE S2 toS4 as it mainly consists of pprobability theory, hypothesis testing and regression. Lecturesmay initially appear confusing butthe content becomes clearer asyou start doing past papers.

  • 07PLACES to go

    El Cantara45 Frith Street, W1D 4SD

    Fabric77A Charterhouse Street,EC1M 3HN

    Jalouse17 Han17 Hanover Square, W1S 1HU

    Kopapa32-34 Monmouth Street,WC2H 9HA

    LAB Bar - Academy12 Old Compton Street,W1D 4TQ

    MMinistry of Sound103 Gaunt Street, SE1 6DP


    Bankside - 30 minute walk from the LSE (or a bus ride on the RV1) - Nearby sights: Borough Market, Globe Theatre, Tate

    Northumberland - 15 minute walk from the LSE (or bus rides at Strand) - Nearby sights: Horse Guards Parade, Trafalgar Square

    PPasseld - 30 minute walk from the LSE - Nearby sights: British Library, Regents Park

    High Holborn - 5 minute walk from the LSE - Closest sights: Chinatown, Covent Garden, LSE, everything

    Library - - Second home for most students at the LSE - Open 24/7 during Lent and Summer Term - gets packed by 10am during Summer Term and exam periods


  • 08



    Cheap extensivemonthly phone plans for all phonemodels


    Chinese fooddeliveries to the Library for 20% o


    Half-price oers onvarious Sundaysand promotionalperiods

    My Old Dutch

    Massive head-sizedpancakes for 5every Monday

    Oyster Cards

    Those aged 18, apply for a 16+ Oyster for half-price tube and free bus rides.

    Shanghai Blues

    Half price on alldimsum dishes onweekends

  • 09

    advicefrom the com m ittee

    Donald PoonPresident

    Be open-minded, getinvolved and follow your


    Jacky SzetoVice President

    Grasp every chance becausethe only way to know is to

    try for yourself.

    Tony KwokTreasurer

    Enjoy every momentwhile you can.

    Adrian LamExternal Secretary

    Embrace every moment being a fresher! Study hard so you can play hard.

    Clayton TsePublic Aairs Ocer

    There is no free lunch! What you give is what you


    Rachel WongSocial Services Ocer

    Be true to yourself.

    Thebes LawInternal Secretary

    Dont listen to our mottosand go make your own.

    Nicole HoSocial Events Ocer

    Luck is what happens whenpreparation meets opportunity.

    Joyce WongPublications Ocer

    Clubbing is cheaper onweekdays than on weekends.Its just your rst year of university anyway.

  • THE COMMITTEE2012 - 2013

    Left to Right:

    Nicole Ho, Clayton Tse, Jacky Szeto, Adrian Lam,Donald Poon, Thebes Law, Tony Kwok, Rachel Wong,Joyce Wong


  • Donald Poon

    Jacky Szeto

    Tony Kwok

    Adrian Lam

    Clayton Tse

    Rachel Wong

    Thebes LThebes Law

    Nicole Ho

    Joyce Wong



    Public Affairs

    Social Services


    Social Events



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