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  • Blessing AdagbasaJuan ArizaCharles ObiakoNingning LiuBen Schoene Codou Samba Sangeetha Kamalakkamen

  • OmniTRACS

  • TrailerTRACSSituationSchneider needed to track trailers to control costs and improve customer service.SolutionT2 untethered TrailerTRACSTM asset management system by Qualcomm

  • FunctionsPre-Drive Route and Destination SelectionRoute GuidanceRoute Scheduling Computer-Aided Dispatch Message TransferRoadway Condition InformationManual Aid RequestVehicle Condition Monitoring Cargo and Vehicle MonitoringFleet Resource Management Records each event's location, data and timeSource:

  • ResultsImproved Trailer UtilizationConnect Trailer to assigned TruckImproved route visibility by Dispatcher Improved workload and time locating trailersImproved securityImproved customer service