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A presentation on Blake Shelton and how he uses social media.


  • 1. Blake Shelton came onto the Country music scene in 2001 with hissingle, Austin, which was Number One on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list forfive weeks straight. He has put out six albums since then, including some re-releases and extended versions.

2. Blake Shelton so far has accomplished: 17 singles on the country charts 11 number one hits 3 singles in the top ten Recording a cover of Footlooseused in the films remake Won 10 awards 3 CMT Music Awards 2 Academy of Country MusicAwards 1 CMT Teddy Award 1 American Music Award 3 Country Music Association Awards A spot as a judge on NBCs TheVoice Won runner-up judge in Season 1 Won first place judge in Season 2 3. Blake Shetlon is active on Facebook as one form of social media. He uses it topromote his music, connect with fans and beg for award nominations/votes. 4. The Country singer is also present on Twitter. Shelton is very active on Twitter incomparison to Facebook. 5. Blake Sheltons Twitter seems to beFacebook contains Blake Sheltonsmostly promotionalchoice of socialmaterial for newmedia.songs, videos and It includes somealbums. promotional It focuses on material, but mostlypromoting Blake is many randomShelton as a rising thoughts, commentsCountry music star. and jokes posted byBlake himself. 6. Twitter, and social media in general, can have negative side effects even when used bya celebrity figure. Blake Shelton is currently feeling pressure based on some of his jokesand personal comments he has made recently on his Twitter account. 7. While celebrities hope to use their social media outlets for promoting their brand, itcan turn negative quickly; especially when other celebrities choose to getinvolved.Blake Shelton attempted to stay in good spirits about all of the turtle joke dramaand eventually issued an apology to his social media audience via Twitter. 8. Blake Shelton not only uses the two more popular forms of social media, but keepshis Myspace page updated with all of his music and videos. However, instead ofmanaging this page constantly he syncs posts with his tweets from his Twitter page. 9. Blake Shelton has had a He promotes hissuccessful career sincecareer, and2001 and it is onlypersonality, throughgetting started. His TVseveral social mediashow is a success, heoutlets. These includerecently married country Facebook, Twitter, Myspstar Miranda ace and YouTube. All ofLambert, he has hitwhich include his musicsingles coming out off his videos and photos.latest album and manyFacebook contains mostmore achievements in of his promotionalthe works. material whereas Twitter (and subsequently Myspace) feature his personal messages to the public. 10.