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Blade runner. Do androids dream of electric sheep ? Mareike Heiss , Katarina Stefanakos, Charleen Meiner. Structure. Do androids dream of electric sheep? Philip K. Dick Historical background 2 nd scene Relation between characters Plot Voigt - Kampff test 5 th scene - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Blade runner

Blade runnerDo androids dream of electric sheep?

Mareike Heiss, Katarina Stefanakos, Charleen MeinerStructureDo androids dream of electric sheep?Philip K. DickHistorical background2nd sceneRelation between charactersPlot Voigt - Kampff test5th sceneBlade RunnerRidley ScottComparison: film and bookScene Tears in rainanalysisConclusion

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Philip K. Dick

* 16th of December 1928 in Chicagodifficult childhood14-years old: wrote his first novelinterested in Philosophy, Physics & Religion1951: sold first novel 1952-1955: 70 short storiesdepressions & drug habit 2nd of March 1982 in Santa AnaDo androids dream of electric sheep? Chapter 2Setting of the story: -San Francisco 1992/2021 -after Nuclear War -emigration to Mars (New America) -dark, frightening atmosphere

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Rick DeckardHuman (?)bounty hunter or blade runnerHas a romantic affair with Rachel

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Rachel

android or replicantHas a romantic affair with DeckardPossession of Rosen/ Tyrell6Do androids dream of electric sheep? Eldon Rosen/TyrellHumanOwner of Rosen concern and Rachel

Do androids dream of electric sheep? androids or replicants'

Generation Nexus 5Look exactly like humansLive only 4 yearsAre made to guide people on Mars & to work for themAre forbidden to travel on earth

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Pris and RoyPris looks like Rachel (in book)Roy is the leader of the androidsBoth live with JR Isidore or JF Sebastian

Do androids dream of electric sheep? JR Isodore/JF Sebastian

second class humanWorks for Rosen concernLive with Pris and Roy

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Plot

After atomic war earth is destroyedLots of animals die outHealthy humans emigrate with androids the marsAndroids are forbidden to live on earthbounty hunter hunt androidsSix androids came to earth to find their inventorDeckard have to find and eliminate them

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Voight-Kampff testTest to identify androidsThe machine notices emotional reactions

Do androids dream of electric sheep?Chapter 5Rachael is tested with Voight-Kampff-TestMachine seems to failEldon Rosen tries to blackmail Rick Deckard

Final question:My briefcase is made out of one hundred percent genuine human baby hide

Blade Runner Ridley Scott

30th of November 1937 in EnglandSubjects of study: - graphic design - paintingfamous director: - Gladiator - Blade Runner

Comparison: book and filmBookAndroidsanimals importantBounty Hunterquestion of humanity in Deckards thoughtsDeckard is marriedJ.R. Isidoreatmosphere: sacasticFilmReplicantsanimals not relevantBlade Runnerquestion of humanity in the storyDeckards family status not clearJ.F. Sebastianatmosphere: melancholicalScene: tears in rain AnalysisWhat did you see in the scene?What kind of atmosphere is created?What does the pigeon symbolise?

Scene: tears in rainAnalysisatmosphere: dark, rainy, coldRoy is stronger than Deckardpigeon = freedom can androids be human? Roy has emotions, memories & saves Ricks lifepigeon flies away Ricks soul is free

Conclusion- book & film recommendable- book & film should be seen independent

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesnt go away.Philip K. DickSources