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  • Blackout Blinds and Curtains

  • Nowadays, blackout blinds are considered a gift from the gods to people like many daytime sleepers, individuals who work the graveyard shift, and many parents who are only able to get some extra shut eye while the kids are in school. Not to mention the fabulous cinema-esque ambiance that blackout blinds provide for a humble home film viewing. But are you aware that blackout blinds and curtains were first used during World War II?

  • When the threat of nighttime raids loomed the above many major cities within regions of Western Europe, the government instated are-wide blackouts. The blackouts were implemented by the Allied leaders because they believed that bomber planes will have trouble navigating by sight without man-made light from the cities, and will have trouble reaching their intended bombing targets.

  • Blackout regulations began in Britain and were enforced in 1939. Regulations states that every home is required have to have all doors and windows covered at night. This is to ensure not even a glimmer or spark of light could escape and be spotted by enemy pilots. The British government made sure that the material used for blacking out all households were affordable so that everyone can get their homes blacked out. Black cotton fabric was frequently used, and in most documented cases, about two to three layers of blackout material made from black cotton fabrics were used to completely snuff out any light emanating from each home.

  • Though the implementation of blackouts was to keep nighttime bombings at bay, it was hazardous and stress inducing to many people. It was also a tedious chore to cover and uncover each and every window and door within a household. Those who have window frames made from wood could easily tack up and install the blackout material, but others whose window frames were made using metal or stone had a truly challenging task. Car headlights and even stop and traffic lights were covered, only allowing small slits for navigation on the road at night possible. Because of this many people were injured and involved in various vehicular accidents and the cases of petty crime escalated dramatically.

  • Although the mandated blackout caused many inconveniences and dangers, many became aware of the capabilities and privileges of having blackout blinds and curtains could provide. Windows with blackout blinds and curtains offer complete privacy by keeping light from entering or escaping the room. With this kind of blockage, not even silhouettes can be seen by people passing a persons home at night. And from there the rest is history.

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