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Intro to Blackboard Collaborate for moderators

Intro to Blackboard Collaborate for moderatorsGranville county schoolsHow to Create a SessionLog in to your Blackboard Collaborate account at https://sas.elluminate.comClick Schedule a MeetingGive your session a name, date, and starting/ending time. (You will be able to log in 30 minutes prior to the start time.)You will then receive a confirmation email with the moderator link to join as well as a guest link to send out to your participants.Vocabulary

Audio/Video PanelCollaborate BarMenu BarChat PanelContent AreaParticipants PanelSide BarOptions MenuFeedback IconsAudio Setup WizardConfigure your audio wizard by clicking the following icon:Update your profile. Right click on your name and click Edit ProfileChat areaClick on the entry box in the chat, type a message, then hit enter/return on your keyboard.

Keys to SpeakingClick and Release the Talk button to activate the microphone.Click and Release again when you are done.

Keys to Live VideoClick the preview button BEFORE transmittingVideo TipsSolid backgroundMake sure items you do not want to be seen are not in the camera viewThe following icon indicates the user is transmitting video.

Preview buttonAudio icons/symbolsOrange: slight delay (3-8 seconds)Red: longer delay (8+ seconds)

Recording the sessionTo Activate: Click the Record button.To Pause: Click the Recording button.To Resume: Click the Record button.

Emoticons and Away StatusBy clicking on the smiley face button, you can select a variety of emoticons such as thumbs up or applauding.By clicking on the second icon, you can indicate that you need to temporarily step away from your computer.

Global PermissionsThe default setting is for all participants to be able to use audio, video, chat, and the whiteboard while moderators can also do application sharing and web tour. You can alter any of these global permissions by clicking the Options Menu and the choosing the permissions you want enabled.

Look here for a quick glance of what permissions you have enabled.Chatting with an Individual participantTo send a chat message to an individual participant, right click on their name and select Send a Private Chat.

Multiple ModeratorsModerator privileges may be given to a participant if they are co-teaching the webinar.To do so, right click on the participants name and select Give Moderator Privileges

Private chat with moderatorsIf there is more than one moderator, you can have a private conversation. A separate tab will automatically appear in the chat panel.You know you have a message when a speech bubble icon appears next to the word Moderators.

As a moderator, What do you want to do with your content?

Whiteboard ToolsYour whiteboard tools allow you and your participants to have a cursor, pointer, write with a pen/marker, create a text box, make shapes and outlines, etc.Explore these tools to get the hang of them.

Try Out your Whiteboard Tools HereWrite your name in your favorite color.Loading contentClose your PowerPoint application.Click the Load Content button.Select a PowerPoint file and click Open. (It cannot be any other file type)

Loading Content

Your computer will pop up the following windows but do not touch any keys.When it is finished, you will see a Page Explorer box like this:321Navigating contentNavigate the slides using left/right arrows.Click on drop down menu to see list of slide titles.

Navigating content

If you click the Follow button, participants will see the same slide you do.If you uncheck the Follow button, you can look ahead or behind to different slides without your participants being able to see what you are doing. A red box will remain around the last slide that participants are viewing.

File Transfer (Slide 1 of 2)Click File, Open, and then File for TransferSelect the file you want to share with your participants and then click OpenA status bar shows you the progress of the file uploading for transfer.


File transfer (slide 2 of 2)Participants will be sent an announcement box that says a file has been sent to them. Encourage them to click Yes.Participants will be prompted to designate a place on their computer where they want to save the file.

54Application shareTo share an application with your participants, make sure you have the application already open on your computer.Click the Application Share icon on the Collaborate Bar.A list of applications you have open will appear. Select the one you want to share.Click Share.

Application share

Once you have shared a specific application with the participants, they will only see the application you shared with them.If a gray box appears on their screen, you have opened up a second application that you did not agree to share with them. You can only share one application at a time.

Disappearing whiteboardAfter doing an application share, it is likely that your whiteboard will disappear. You can retrieve the whiteboard by pulling out from the side bar. *View screencast for demonstration*

123Pull to the rightHow to Stop an Application shareOnce you are finished sharing an application with participants, you need to go back to Blackboard Collaborate and stop sharing.Above the content area in Blackboard, you will see a button that says Stop Sharing.Then click on the Whiteboard icon on the Collaborate Bar to go back to the Whiteboard or PowerPoint presentation you were showing.

Web tourA web tour allows you to take participants to a webpage while still staying in Blackboard Collaborate.Click the Web Tour iconPaste in the URL of the website you would like to take participants toHit enter/returnAll participants will be able to view (within Blackboard) the website you sent them and will be able to browse the page independentlyIf you click the Follow Me button, participants will follow your every click on the website (even if they are trying to browse independently)

Polling (Slide 1 of 3)Besides the default Yes/No on the Feedback Toolbar, you can also poll participants with multiple choice answers.Click the Options MenuSelect Polling Type and then select the type of response you want the participants to be able to choose from.

Polling (Slide 2 of 3)Once participants complete the poll, their answer will appear next to their name.You can publish the results of the poll to the whiteboard in order to display the data in a bar graph. Click the Options Menu and then select Publish Responses to Whiteboard.Click the Clear button to clear their answers.

Polling (Slide 3 of 3)In the Options MenuSelect Lock Responses if you do not want participants to be able to change their answer once one is selected.Select Make Responses Visible if you want their answers displayed for others to see (this is the default).

Lowering all handsIf you many of your participants have their hand raised and you want to lower them all at once.Click the Options MenuThen select Lower All Hands

Saving the whiteboardTo save the whiteboard, click File, Save and Whiteboard. Select what page(s) of the whiteboard you want to save and where you want it saved. It will be a wbd file.

123Retrieving recorded sessionsA recording of the sessions you moderate will be emailed to you upon completion of the webinar.You can also access the recordings by logging into Blackboards website:

Creating A Collaborate Session in haiku (Slide 1 of 5)Steps:Add Content BlockChoose the Connect & Assess TabClick on Activity

Creating A Collaborate Session in haiku (Slide 2 of 5)Give your content block a titleie: Webinar 1Click +Create Session

Creating A Collaborate Session in haiku (Slide 3 of 5)Complete all fields Click Create SessionOnce you create your session, you will see this screenNote the guest link provided for outside participantsYou may also edit your session from this screen

Creating A Collaborate Session in haiku (Slide 4 of 5)Click Publish Complete the Publish Activity OptionsMake sure to choose Embedded on page rather than As a link to embed your collaborate session within haiku Click Finish

Creating A Collaborate Session in haiku (Slide 5 of 5) Your content block will publish like thisBe sure to choose All Sessions in the Filter to see all available sessions To find your Collaborate recording, choose the Recordings tab and filter by All Recordings