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  • Samurai Innovation 2013

    Black Belt

    Focus Kit

  • Samurai Innovation

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    First PDF Edition, March 2013Published by Samurai Innovation Limited (the Publisher). 2013 Samurai Innovation Limited

  • Whats in it for you?

    Welcome to Samurai Innovation where we blend the secrets of the Samurai with cutting-edge strategies to sharpen you and your business results! We only believe in sharing strategies that are battle tested in the real world. No fluff or half-brain theories here. In martial arts we have a saying: Theres truth on the mat. This means that every technique we learn needs to be able to defend us in a conflict. You either can do the technique or you cant. This causes us to train with precise focus. For you this means that we only bring you concepts and techniques that can add massive value to your life and business. Your focus will sharpen and after going through this Black Belt Focus Kit, you will have a few new ways to go after what you want with more confidence, less stress, while seeing faster results.

    Heres what you get:

    The Meaning of Samurai - You may be shocked to quickly learn what the true meaning of Samurai is. How do your core values compare to the Samurai? Top 10 Black Belt Focus Tips - Ready to try an experiment? Employ one new tip each week for the next 10 weeks. People will soon ask you what youre doing differently because you will be making big changes towards the success that you seek. Defeating the Enemy of Average - Better focus equals better and faster results until this Enemy of Average shows up in your life or the people in your life. This is a fast way to recognize and deal with this foe in order to move closer towards achieving the results you seek. Focus on Your Weekly Plan - Stronger weekly planning and execution will help you cut through all the chaos, diversions and clutter in your life. Check out our one page process that will craft a strong plan that will make hitting your targets twice as fast with half the effort. 5 Minute Clarity - 5 Minute Clarity worksheets are designed to help you focus on one specific focus point. This tool will help sharpen your focus. It will reach inside to find the answers that already exist within you. Samurai Resources - More areas we can help you increase your focus and get going in the right direction. The Ultimate Information Manager - Find out what Microsoft has that Apple doesnt! We will expose this best-kept secret and how you can take advantage of it to become the most productive person you know! 2013 Samurai Innovation Limited

  • Dear Reader: It is always interesting to ask people what Samurai means to them. What does Samurai mean to you? Often one person may associate Samurai with war and violence and another may think of strength, code of honour and valour. Did you know that Samurai is basically translated as meaning those who Serve or to Serve and Attend? Yes, the Samurai trained and dedicated their lives to serving the nobility or their master. David Lay wrote a great article titled, Origins of the Samurai ( in which he references a poem that was written by warriors about service as border guards: From today Without regard for myself I set out A shield strong but humble For our Sovereign Lord. The values of a Samurai include: Integrity, Courage, Benevolence, Politeness, Sincerity, Honour, Loyalty and Self-Control. No matter what business I have been involved in, all of these principles have served me well in creating innovative results and more profitable ventures. At Samurai Innovation, we want to help you employ these principles in an innovative way to assist you in creating new and powerful results in your business and life. Please contact us at to let us know how we may best serve you. Domo Arigato,

    Shane FielderThe Innovative Samurai

    What Exactly is a samurai? 2013 Samurai Innovation Limited

  • top 10 black belt focus tips:1. Work from a clean workspace

    Ensure that the 2-3 feet before your eyes is clear of clutter and things that will distract you from focusing your best. Turn off the gadgets, ignore the phone, clear the top of your desk. Only focus on what is now in this 2-3 feet of focus space.

    2. Never start with a blank sheet -> Always use a template

    Very rarely are you the first person to be doing something that someone else has not attempted or succeeded at. Find a template that can springboard your ideas and creativity. This is a world-class shortcut that can save you hours of painful and wasted time each week. Ask around. Look online. Search and you will find a template that can enhance your available time that can be spent creating value and solutions.

    3. All your stuff in one place

    Its really simple, but for a lot of people it might not be easy to do initially. You have to get all of your stuff in one place. Your stuff is the things that roll around in your head, the stack of paper, the 1,000 plus e-mails thats in your inbox, and everything thats falling out of your pockets. All that stuff is part of what I call 3D clutter. When you capture it into one place, you can capture, manage, and organize it without really worrying about it. If your stuff is in ten places, you worry about all those ten places. This dilutes your focus. One place equals strong focus. There are great tools out there like the Ultimate Information Manager that will help you achieve this goal.

    4. Find Your Sensei

    Everyone needs a Sensei. Sensei means teacher or mentor. Your Sensei is someone who has gone before you along the path that you want to follow. Your Sensei will be able to collaborate to help you determine your goals and how you can reach them faster together than you can on your own. Your Sensei will help strengthen your assets and help you minimize your weakness and train for both. Your Sensei can be found in someone you know or from a prominent author in your field of interest.

    5. Know your Fundamental Success Indicators

    At Samurai Innovation, we define Fundamental Success Indicators as a system that will help you reach your Essential Priorities twice as fast with half the effort. Essential Priorities are the top 3-5 goals, dreams or desires that will transform your life. By realizing these essential priorities you will make huge leaps towards what is truly most important in achieving in your life. We then add the key metrics that you will focus on move the needle forward. 2013 Samurai Innovation Limited

  • 6. Get to the next Practice

    All success comes from a result of showing up on a consistent basis. To earn your Black Belt takes approxi-mately 767 successive practices attended. You can substitute the word practice for whatever unit of measure-ment applies to your essential priorities. Some examples of a practice may be a workout, sales call, report completed, class attended, years of service, etc.

    7. Choose the Best Weapons (tools)

    Focus starts by choosing the best weapon for the task. Samurai carry 3 weapons that allows them to be prepared for long range (Katana/Sword), medium range (Wakizashi/ Short Sword) and close range (Tanto/Knife) battle. You need your tools to support you and be your slave versus being your master. Dont struggle with a slow lap-top, hard to use smart phone or an uncomfortable pen. Having great tools that work will allow you to focus on the result of completing the task versus struggling to complete the task.

    8. Be Successful Before the World Wakes Up

    Do something each day first thing that will contribute to realizing one of your essential priorities. Often, this can be done in the first hour or two after you have got out of bed. You will feel an immense sense of strength and confidence going into your day by having been successful in one key area of your life.

    9. Work When Everyone Else Isnt

    People often are rated amongst the biggest distractions and obstacles to getting the things that you want done accomplished. Work on important tasks and projects when everyone else is on a coffee break or eating lunch. Drive to work earlier or later than everyone else and use that same time period for higher productivity. You will find that the coffee shop, restaurant and highway will be less busy when you get there because everyone else is not there. Plus, you will have had uninterrupted focus time to move closer towards achieving your essential priorities One day, everyone else will wonder how you became successful faster than them!

    10. Celebrate, Dont Denigrate

    Often times, we are harder on ourselves than anyone else can be. You need a formal written place to capture and record your wins. Big wins, small wins, they all