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<ul><li> 1. By: Fourth Grade Students</li></ul> <p> 2. BornBessie Coleman was born on January 26, 1892 inAtlanta, Texas.Life and FamilyBessie Coleman had three sisters and 2 brothers.Bessies dad left when she was 9 years old. She died in1926 on April 30th in Jackson , Florida preparing a show.Famous AccomplishmentsBessie Coleman was famous for being the first AfricanAmerican to get her pilots license. She received herlicense in 1921. Bessie Coleman performed aerialacrobatics.Why was Bessie Coleman Successful?Bessie Coleman was successful in life because shebelieved that African Americans could be pilots too.Bessie Coleman faced many challenges as both as awoman and also as an African American. She wasinterested in learning and worked hard at that as well.By: Koda 3. BornLouis was born in 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana.Life and FamilyMayan and Willie were Louis mother and father. Louis waspoor and neglected and he stole to survive. Louis lived inthe Waifs house for 18 months or so.Famous AccomplishmentLouis was famous for playing the trumpet. He alsointroduced jazz music. He influenced nearly all jazz hornplayers who came after him.Why Louis Armstrong Successful?He was successful because he found a hobby he was goodat. He was also a pop singer. He helped jazz rise to the finearts. By: Samuel 4. BornJackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo,Georgia. He grew up in Pasadena California.Life and FamilyJackie Robinson had 3 brothers and 1 sister. Hisbrothers names were Edger, Frank, and Mack and hersisters name was Willa Mae. His dad left him when hewas six months old. His mom worked as a maid to feedher children.Famous AccomplishmentsJackie Robinson was the first African American to playin the Major League. He worked with Dr. Martin LutherKing Jr. with civil rights. He lead the Brooklyn Dodgersto the Major Leagues lots of times. Why Jackie Robinson life was Successful? Jackie Robinson practice every day. Jackie Robinson never gave up. When people shouted insults at him he never quit. By: Corbin Richardson 5. BornJackie Robison was born on January 31st, 1919 in ruralCairo, Georgia. Jackie had five siblings Willie, Mae,Mack, Frank , and Edgar. Jackie grew up in Pasadena,California.Life and FamilyAs a kid Jackie was exceptional at many sports likebaseball. Jackie lived a impoverished childhood insouthern California. Jackie went to high school and alsowent to a junior college. He died in 1972. Jackie lived tobe fifty six years old.Famous AccomplishmentsJackie Robinson earned his fame because he was the firstblack baseball player and was exceptional at it. JackieRobinson was famous for hitting great and fielding forsecond base. Lastly, he was famous with the BrooklynDodgers by helping them win the World Series.Why Jackie Robinson was Successful?Jackie was successful because he never gave up evenwhen the crowd did nasty things to him. An example ofthat would be when Jackie played and people threwstuff at him such as food. Another thing that madeJackie successful is that he practiced a whole lot. He hadto have the patients to stay and play. By: Michael 6. BornGeorge W. Carver was born between 1860-1864 inDiamond Grove, Missouri.Life and FamilyHis mother was stolen by slave raiders. The slave raiders alsotook him and left him on the side of a dirt road. Susan andMoses Caver raised him.Famous AccomplishmentsHe was one of the first scientists to teach crop rotation.He taught farmers how to get rid of boll weevils. Georgealso found a lot of ways to use peanuts.Why George w Carver Successful?Gorge W. Carver was smart and he kept trying to findways to get ride of boll weevils when they ate up all thecotton. He always asked why and how. He taughtpeople many ways to use peanuts and sweet potatos.By: Abby 7. BornMarian was born on February 27, 1897 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania .Life and FamilyMarian had two sisters. As a child Marian sang in churchchoir. Later, she took voice lessons and began to go onconcert tours.Famous AccomplishmentsMarian was an opera singer. She was famous forperforming in the White House. She was a pioneer inovercoming racial discrimination.Why Marian Anderson Successful?Marian was successful in her life because, she had a purerich voice that she could sing a great range of parts.Marian helped her family out by doing chores andcleaning. Marian was also successful because at age 19she got free singing lessons .By: Dakota 8. BornHe was born at three o clock in the morning on July 12 ,1937.Life and FamilyBill Cosby lived in a small apartment in northPhiladelphia , Pennsylvania. Everybody in hisneighborhood was black and most were poor. BillCosby had younger brothers James, Russell and Robert.They always had enough to eat. Their clothes were notthe best but they were clean and warm. Like manyothers in their neighbor hood Cosby did have hardtimes.Famous AccomplishmentsBill Cosby has won numerous Emmy awards. He won aathletic scholarship to Temple University. He was thefirst person to win a Emmy.Why Bill Cosby Successful?He was successful because he had a mother thattaught him from right from wrong. He also wassuccessful because he works very hard. Amused by hisobservation about family life, customers urged him tostand up comedy. By: Darian 9. BornNat King Cole was born on March 17, 1919 inMontgomery , Alabama.Life and FamilyHis family name is Nathaniel Adams Cole and grew heup in Chicago. His daughters name is Natalie Cole. Hedied of lung cancer.Famous AccomplishmentsNat King Cole was famous for playing his jazz pianoand singing. He had two jazz bands. He was aninternational star.Why was Nat King Cole Successful?He started playing piano at his dads church at age 12.He also made many albums that were successfulbecause of his great singing. His albums were alsofamous because of his jazz piano.By: Greyson 10. BornFannie Lou Hamer was born on October 6, 1917. She was bornin Montgomery county, Mississippi.Life and FamilyFannie Lou Hamer was the youngest of 20 children. Fannie wasas a sharecropper most of her life. Fannie Lou was working inthe fields with her sharecropper parents at the age of six.Fannie Lou was a daughter of a slave. She died on March 14,1977.Why Fannie Lou Hamer Successful?Fannie Lou Hamer began working for voting rights for blacksafter she tried to register to vote in 1962. Throughout the1960s and the 1970s, she campaigned for voter registration.She was also a part of the desegregation of the NationalWomens Political Caucus, when it was founded in 1971.Famous AccomplishmentsFannie Lou Hamer was a leading black American civil rightsactivist. Her civil rights activism began in August 1962, whenshe answered a call by the SNCC, (Student NovidentCoordinating Committee). Fired from her job for her activism,she became a field secretary for SNCC and a registered voter in1963. By: Linda 11. BornTiger Woods was born on December 30, 1975 inCypress, California.Life and FamilyTiger is of mixed racial backgrounds. His dad is AfricanAmerican and his mom is Asian. Tiger is an only child.Tiger`s father liked to play Golf too. Mr. &amp; Mrs. Woodsknew there son was a good golfer.Famous AccomplishmentsTiger repeated as a P.G.A. Champion in August 2007 &amp;despite an injury on his left knee, he won 14 Majors!One person almost got more points then him but Tigerdidn`t let him.Why Tiger Woods is Successful?Tiger is successful in life because he kept working hardand played like a good sportsman. He made sure thathe was not cheating. He also has good communicationskills.By : Tyler 12. BornMuhammad Ali WAS BORN in Louisville, Kentuckyon January 17, 1942.Life and FamilyAlis real name was Cassius Clay.Cassius grew up in the American south in a time ofsegregation. Cassius father, Cassius Marcellus Clay,supported a wife and two sons by paintingbillboards and signs. His mother, Odessa GradyClay, worked as a household domestic.Famous AccomplishmentsAli was an American professional boxer and socialactivist. Ali was famous because he was the firstfighter to win the World HeavyweightChampionship and he defended this title 19 times.He was convicted of draft evasion and his titlewas declared vacant.Why Muhammad Ali was Successful?Ali was well coached. He practices to becomevery good at boxing. He kept trying until heretired. By: Cameron 13. BornHank Aaron was born in Mobile, Alabama.Life and FamilyHank loved his family, but he also loved baseball. Hankwanted to be a professional baseball player. Hanksmom put him in baseball and he never quite because heloved what he did.Famous AccomplishmentsHank became a professional baseball player. He nevergave up because he loved what he did. His coach wasone of the best and he taught Hank how to playbaseball.Why Hank Aaron was Successful?Hank Aaron was successful because he had baseball inhis heart . He loved what he did. And really caredabout baseball.By: Tim 14. Ben Carson was born in 1951 and lived inBoston, Massachusetts.When he was eight he had to live with his mother andhis brother in Boston. When he lived it was 1959.School was hard for Ben Caron as a child.Ben Carson received a Presidential Medal of Freedombecause he separated conjoined twins from theirconnected body. He also gave speeches on things hethought were right. Ben Carson also wrote a book onwhat he think is right and he even makes alto biographyWhy Ben Carson is Successful? He had a poor academicin elementary school but had a full scholarship in YaleUniversity and became a doctor. He was successfulbecause he save many peoples live. He is alsosuccessful because he write about how care for people iftheyre sick or in learning.By: Timothy</p>