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Traballo de Massiel vera. Auxiliar de Conversa. Curso 2014-2015 IES Francisco Aguiar. Betanzos. A Coruña.


Black History Month in the USA

Black History Month in the USABy:Masiel VerasA Brief HistoryThe first people of color to set foot in the Americas were African slaves brought over by British colonists in 17th and 18th century. The Americans fought against the British and gained their independence in 1776. With the rise in cotton production in the south and its main source of economic fuel, there was a large concentration of slaves in the south.

A brief history continuedThe American Civil War (1861-1865) occurred as the tension between northern American States and Southern states. They disagreed on labor, slavery and other issues. The Civil War brought on important changes such as the Emancipation Proclamation and Civil Rights Act of 1866 which led to three important laws:13th amendment (1865)14th amendment (1868)15th amendment (1870)

Segregation in the deep southCivil Rights Movement (1954-1968)Brown vs. BOE 1954President Lyndon B. Johnson and suffrage

So, Why do we celebrate Black history month?Black history month is celebrated every FebruaryCoincides with Abraham Lincolns and Frederick Douglass birthday1926 Negro History Week by Carter G Woodson1976 President Ford1987 In the UK1995 In canada

ActivityIn groups of three, read the information given to you and prepare a 2-3 minute presentation about the person you read about. Answer the following questions:Who was the person?Where was/is he/she from?What was/is their profession?Do you believe that they should continue to be honored during black history month? Why? Why not?Why is this person famous?

Harriet TubmanThe Underground Railroad

Frederick Douglas

Booker T. Washington

George Washington Carver

Jackie Robinson

Rosa Parks

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Barack Obama

Who do you celebrate in Spain?