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  • 1. Black History Month Photography Project.
    Naomi James
    Nicole Walugembe
    Chioma Wodu

2. Aim and Meaning of proect
In this project we aim to sub verse the ethnical boundaries that surround our current perspective on black people. As we are fashion students, we look on the visual arts side of life. Therefore we want this photography project to be fashion forward and contemporary, but still with a strong positive message.

We are aware of OHTVs audience and know that it is an entertainment channel. We know there are a wide range of people that tune in to theyre station so we want our work to be versatile and have everyone take a positive piece out of our photography.

In this project we want to approach black history month differently, we want to show that Black history month is more than just celebrating black history and what great people have achieved. We want tothank black people for fighting through the troublesome challenges that come they're way in they're everyday lives.We want to expand peoples minds into the way of thinking thata good vibrant life can be found only by thinking in the present moment. The past is gone, the future is not yet here, and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment, we cannot be in touch with life.

Why are people racist? Fear. They hate what they dont understand.
Because they refuse to open their minds into anything outside of what they know. (Or think they know). Our project will definitely show thatblack people have overcome racism and have inspired people to be proud of who they are and feel free to fully express they'reinner light.
All photographs will be black and white with a subtle amount of colour. The colour being Ndebele tribe patterns screen printed over the photographs. We want to display the pictures on canvases in the exhibition.

The dominant message that we want to send out via our photography is that a black icon can be every ones icon. Thus meaning that just because there is a black leader in the world, it doesnt mean that any other race cannot idolise them. No matter what race we are we all are equal and have the same rights.
3. Photo shoot 1
Title: Nothing in life
is to be feared (/ judged). It is only to be understood.

Beauty Shoot
What is black beauty?
There are many different perceptions of beauty
Location: Studio / indoors
This shoot will consist of 4 final photos.
4. Photo 1: Dreadlocks
Dreadlocks, men of many races to be in one photo , each with dreadlocked hair. (this will be a positive photoshowing that men of many races can have one thing in common to do with black history).
Title: Nothing in life
is to be feared (/ judged). It is only to be understood.
Beauty Shoot
5. Photo 2: White Smile
Beauty Shoot
White Teeth, detailed contrast between the models teeth, gums and skin tone.
(White teeth are seen as a beauty in all cultures)
Final photograph will focus on the models teeth.
6. Photo 3: Nothing in life is to be judged. It is only to be understood.
One extreme close-up shot of 2 models. One model with typical African features and one with a more commercial westernized stereotypically beautiful face.
7. Macro shot of skin to show the beautiful architecture of it. And to look atway the surface of our skin is structured. (This photo will show that we all have the same skin structure, the only difference between black people and them is the pigment of black peoples skin, pigmentation is the only difference between races as well as facial features, other than that, everything of ours are the same.
Macro Shots ofa range of Black
Skin Types....
Photo 4: Structure of Skin
8. Photoshoot 2
Title: A black icon can be everyones Icon
Location: Orpington fields

This shoot will consist of 3 final photos.
Meaning of shoot: (Explain the history behind it)
9. Photoshoot 2:
Black man burning himself with an iron
White man lifting the iron off his chest marking the face of a black icon or a positive black originated symbol.
Hope / Passion/ Strength facial expression
Black and White man standing strong, proud with their iconic marks.
10. E.g...
11. Photoshoot 3 Ralph Ellison Life is to be lived, not controlled, and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.
Title: You can watch me, but you cant control me
Location: 24 hour car park or Tube station

The higher authorities seem to think that they have superior control over us by placing CCTV cameras on every street in London to keep and eye on us. They place themselves of a higher value than us and therefore look down on us monitoring our every move . They watch workers, mums pushing buggies, street cleaners, students. Yet, on the numerous TV screens, they become transformed into pixels of suspicion, individuals whose faces, even gaits, must be monitored by camera operators hidden underground. In essence, they are no longer free individuals; they are objects of suspicion.Under the tyrannical gaze of today's CCTV, none of us is really free. Instead, we live in a permanent state of parole, where we must walk, talk and act in a certain way, or risk having our collars felt by a cop or council official alerted by the spies behind the cameras. It is time we took some action against these peeping Toms of officialdom, and told them to switch off their spy cams.
12. Suffocated by CCTV.
20 per cent of all the world's CCTV cameras are in the UK
300 times a day the average Londoner is caught on CCTV
1 UK's position in the global league table for ratio of CCTV cameras to people
12 number of people per CCTV camera in Britain
0 percentage improvement in police detection rates of violent offences with CCTV
13. Information
The main purpose of this shoot is to show the public that we are beingwatched obsessively 24hours a day on CCTV footage. Obviously the public know that they are being monitored but we want to let them know that there is more to CCTV cameras. We want them to think into whats actually going on behind the CCTV and question weatherCCTV makes them feel safer or not? OR
Are we living in a surveillance state where privacy is a thing of the past?
Does our privacy not matter any more? Everywhere we go we are filmed and the government and police think its ok to spy on us as we go about our everyday business. Its intrusive. All it does is create an atmosphere of suspicion and it puts us in a state of fear.. At the end of the day you have to ask: has it brought down crime? I don't think sobecause all CCTV does is monitor what's going on, CCTV doesn't stop crime itself at all.
14. Meaning of CCTV shoot
Its funny because they can film us but we cannot film them?...if I was to bring out a camera and start filming in a train station, they would have the right to escort me out of the station or arrest me because its somehow against the law. Where hasour freedom gone?
Black people have come a long way from slavery and the days of being classed as a dominantly minority . We now stand proud and are most aware that us black people have fought forour freedom and have finally got it. But now in this modern day there is more challenges we have to face as black people.With unnecessary searches and prosecutions from the prejudice police. these issues need to be raised to the surface.
-Stereotype--a generalized attitude. Categorization based upon some sortof similar characteristic, such as physical appearance, religion, or belief.- Prejudice--prejudging. Typically a negative attitude about an individual'smembership in a group.- Discrimination--negative behaviour. Acting upon one's belief aboutanother individual on the basis of membership in a group.
In this shoot we want to show that black people are not phased by anything negative that comes they're way because they know that they have come from such an intense battle in the past fighting for they're rightful position. Now is the time to realisethe art of living in the now and not dwelling in the past and appreciatingthat we have life and know we can do so much thing with it. This shoot will show contemporary black people going about they're daily routines in happiness.
This leads us back to the title of the shoot......
15. "Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule. Nevertheless one had better know the rules, for they sometimes guide in doubtful cases, though not often." Where there is love there is life.
Photo shoot 4
Title: Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow
Location: South end Mud Beach

This will be a strong effective positive shoot showing how us black people are now free and have built a wonderful life for themselves compared to past experiences as a race. Black people have made such a positive impact on humanity and are still continuing to do so. Barrack Obamashowed us that anything is possible by becoming President of the United states. Just 80 years ago , having a black president would have been a joke to the Whitehouse.
I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and I'm not sad because I have it no longer. Colette, The Last of Cheri

16. Ndebele Screen Printing
We will be screen printing small colourful Ndebele prints over the final canvases as the end result.
We can do this at our college.