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<ul><li><p>BLACKHISTORY MONTHIN BRISTOL</p><p>OCTOBER</p><p>2012</p><p>Photo: Rosemary Early Years Centre - Chris Bahn</p><p>Dance and Theatre</p><p>Music</p><p>Exhibitions, Talks and Workshops </p><p>Networking</p><p>Walks</p></li><li><p>Introduction 3</p><p>Contents</p><p>Introduction</p><p>If you would like this</p><p>information in a different</p><p>format, for example Braille,</p><p>audiotape, large print or</p><p>computer disc or community</p><p>languages, please contact </p><p>us on 0117 922 2329</p><p>Black History Month is the celebration and exploration of the culture</p><p>and history of Britains African and Caribbean communities. October will</p><p>be jam-packed with events celebrating the contribution made to society</p><p>by these communities. The brochure is structured by theme, with a</p><p>calendar of events on the back page.</p><p>Many of the events taking place this year will focus on independence. 2012sees the 50-year anniversary of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Ugandasindependence; events concentrating on this historic celebration will mark the changes and successes of these countries since independence wasachieved. Some events will look further back in time and take you on ajourney to an age where slavery dominated the lives of many. However while an appreciation of the past is essential we must not forget to lookforward to the future and the youth of today.</p><p>2012s summer of sport laid down a challenge of inspiring a generation, a challenge that should be applied to every area of life, not just sport. Our theme of Black History Month, or rather the challenge, is to inspire a generation to be proud of their heritage and help turn this pride into achievement.</p><p>Thank you to everyone who helped to create these events and we hope you will join us in celebrating this iconic month by attending the many exciting events taking place in October.</p><p>Designed by BCC, Bristol Design BD3037</p><p>Compiled by Kathryn Mitchell (Intern) University of the West of England</p><p>4 Dance and Theatre</p><p>6 Music</p><p>10 Exhibitions, Talks and Workshops </p><p>13 Networking</p><p>14 Walks</p><p>15 Other</p><p>16 Calendar </p><p>18 Beyond October</p><p>Mark Simmons Photography, Acta Community Theatre</p></li><li><p>We Have Overcome</p><p>29 OctoberMalcolm X Centre</p><p>7:30pm</p><p>3</p><p>An original community theatreshow by the Malcolm X EldersTheatre Company, who tell theirown stories of moving from theCaribbean in the 1960s tomake a new home in Bristol.</p><p>First performed at Actas Coast international festival of community theatre, and currently touring schools.</p><p>Helen Tomlin: 0117 953 /</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>Tavazia Dance Sensual Africa</p><p>26th OctoberCircomedia, St Pauls Church, Portland Square</p><p>7:30pm9pm</p><p>13/9 (concessions)</p><p>Malawiuntouched, pure, raw, natural, unearthed, mysterious, rich in culture and life SENSUAL. Tavaziva returns to Circomedia with Sensual Africa, a choreographic work of art crafted with sublime precision followingBawren Tavazivas inspirational trip to Malawi. They inject their own interpretation on the complexities of the fascinating Tambuka and Chews Tribes movements and music, exploring the distinctive rituals that boys and girls go through to become men and women.</p><p>Rebecca Fitzgerald: 0117 924 7615 / </p><p>For tickets contact the Colston Hall Box Office: 0117 922 3686</p><p>Breathing Fire - Celebrating Black History Month</p><p>13th October St Werburghs Centre, </p><p>2:304pm, doors open at 2pm </p><p>6/3 concession, free for under 12s.</p><p>Playback theatre is a unique form of interactivetheatre enabling audiences to tell their stories.Audience members are invited to sharemoments from their lives. They then see thembeing brought to life as the companyimmediately recreates the essence of theirstory using voice, movement, dance, musicand song.</p><p>Judith Desbonne: 07795 091 /</p><p>4 Dance and Theatre Dance and Theatre 5</p><p>Redcliffe Community Show an Acta partnership with St Mary Redcliffe Primary</p><p>22nd and 23rd October 6pm7pmLocal venue TBC 1</p><p>An original community theatre production made up of traditional stories from the different cultures represented in the Redcliffe community. </p><p>Created and performed by year 3 and 5 schoolchildren, together with adults from the Redcliffe area. </p><p>Helen Tomlin: 0117 953 /</p><p>Dance and Theatre</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>Mark Simmons Photography, Acta Community Theatre</p></li><li><p>6 Music Music 7</p><p>Mango Spice</p><p>6th October 1pm3pmSt Pauls Learning and Family Centre Free</p><p>Join members of the award-winning skazz (Ska-Jazz) band, Jazz Jamaica, forthis fun and interactive performance workshop, journeying with them to Jamaica.Immerse yourself in Caribbean culture and learn Jamaican folk songs and ringdances; discover the stories behind the rhythms, words and movements.Adults to be accompanied by a child.</p><p>Stella Quinlivan: 0117 9145470 /</p><p>We are: Here Black History Month</p><p>6th October 6pm onwardsStag and Hound Free but donations welcome</p><p>Join us as we celebrate Black History Month and declare We Are: Here! Specialhosts, cabaret performances, live music and a very special performance fromPenny Bizarre based on Josephine Baker, famed for her civil rights activism.DJs play homage to Jamaicas musical influence as we celebrate Jamaica50along with some special Kingston punch at the bar! </p><p>Daryn Carter: /</p><p>A Nu Civilisation Orchestra Tribute to Joe Harriott: Parallel</p><p>10th October 8pm10pm St Georges Bristol Concert Hall 16</p><p>The Lively Up! Festival celebrates 50 years of Jamaican independence with theNu Civilisation Orchestra (which includes Gary Crosby, Nathaniel Facey andByron Wallen). Presenting a sizzling tribute to jazz genius Joe Harriott, theincomparable saxophonist who revolutionised British jazz in the fifties with hisCaribbean infused free jazz. </p><p>Box Office: 0845 40 24 /</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>The Free Migrations Global Gathering</p><p>14th October 6pm11pmSt Georges Bristol Concert Hall Free, exit/re-entry at any time</p><p>The Global Gathering is a celebration through music of the exhilaratingcosmopolitan diversity of Bristol and the South West. Packed full of worldmusic, St Georges comes alive with the most eclectic line-up of top-class worldmusicians, drawn from many of the great migrant cultural traditions.</p><p>Box Office: 0845 40 24</p><p>Pre-Kwanzaa Kulcha Kabaret Dinner and Dance</p><p>19th October 6:30pm4am Malcolm X Centre Dining and Kabaret 35, Kabaret only 17</p><p>John Lynch Afrikan Education Programme Presents in Association with UjimaRadio the Pre Kwanzaa Kulcha Kabaret Dinner and Dance featuring Macka Band a 3 hour variety show. </p><p>Tickets available at Genesis Records and Georginas Stapleton Road, Glensdrive in Malcolm X Car Park, Afro Delight Caf Dean Street.</p><p>Donna Whitcliff: 07747462404 or /</p><p>DJ Derek</p><p>19th October 9:45pm for 2 hours, followed The Plantation Caribbean by Vicar of Skaville till 3am</p><p>Bar &amp; Restaurant Free before 9pm, 3 after</p><p>DJ Derek is a famous Bristol born DJ, known for his reggae mixes and his use of convincing Jamaican patois! Recently awarded the Lord Mayors medal andhaving turned 70 this year, DJ Derek transcends race and age to bring us thebest music from 60s Ska and Rocksteady to contemporary artists.</p><p>Richie Bryan: 07979 262227</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>Music</p></li><li><p>Celestine and the Band</p><p>20th October Band 9:30pm for 2 hours, Plantation Caribbean Bar Vicar of Skaville till 3am</p><p>and Restaurant Free before 9pm and 3 after</p><p>Celestine is a local Bristol born singer with mixed Bajan/Jamaican parentage.She will be celebrating the best of black music with a mix of soul classics,Motown greats and her own original material. With her fantastic band supportingher, get ready to get your groove on! </p><p>Richie Bryan: 07979 262227</p><p>8 Music</p><p>Love Music Hate Racism</p><p>24th October 7:30pmUWE Students Union, Red Bar 8</p><p>We are proud to invite you to join us to enjoy local music; Dub Mafia, Bashema Hall, C-Froo and Crinkle Cuts. Our music is living testimony that cultures can and do mix. It unites us and gives us strength, and offers a vibrant celebration of our multicultural and multiracial society.</p><p>UWE Students Union: 0117</p><p>Dub Plate to Dub Step Ujima 98FM Radio Broadcast by Bristol Young People</p><p>29th31st OctoberBroadcast from Ujima Radio</p><p>12pm</p><p>Free</p><p>A youth led documentary style Radio showcreated and broadcast with Ujima radio 98FMby 17-25 year olds recently trained as part ofa Young Roots Heritage Lottery Project. It willreference cultural and music trends from theearly 50s vinyl Dub Plate records, tracingReggae &amp; Dub Sound System classic drumbeats through to Dub Step artists of 2012.Researchers have created their own material</p><p>and sourced historical elements with support from Dr. Edson Burton, Ujimapresenters, M Shed, Watershed and Bristol Records Office. </p><p>Online web resource available at the end of the year /</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>Music 9</p><p>Batch &amp; The Band</p><p>27th OctoberPlantation Caribbean Bar and Restaurant </p><p>Band 9:30pmMidnight. DJ till 3am</p><p>Free before 9pm, 2 after.</p><p>A celebration of the music and dance of Senegal. Batch sings his songs in the Senegalese language Wolof, however language does not obstruct his music and the passion can be heard and understood by all. Batchs energy as a dancer is as vibrant and colourful as the patchwork clothes of his BayeFall people. </p><p>Richie Bryan: 07979 262227</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p></li><li><p>Film and Book Readings 1110 Exhibitions, Talks and Workshops</p><p>Author Talk</p><p>3rd OctoberBristol Central Library, College Green</p><p>6pm7:30pm</p><p>3 per person, tickets on the door places limited</p><p>Nikesh Shukla an exciting new author will talk about his writing and how he becameinterested in writing and the obstacles he faced in publishing. His novel Coconut Unlimitedwas short listed for the Costa First Novel Award. His writing Generation Vexed hasfeatured on BBC2, Radio 4, Esquire, The Sunday Times and The Guardian.</p><p>Munawar Hussain Lists for African and Caribbean literature available at Bristol Central Library.</p><p>Exhibitions, Talks &amp; Workshops</p><p>Afrikan History Month Assemblies and Class Workshops</p><p>Available throughout October and November to all schools in Bristol School hours </p><p>Fee to be discussed on contact </p><p>A series of Afrikan History Month workshops and assemblies. Conducted by RA Cultural Consultancy Services, these workshops clarify the originalconcept behind Black History Month, looking at the founder, Carter G Woodson and covering subjects relevant to PSHE, citizenship, and globalissues. Methods include; participatory, involving students in negotiating skills,developing thinking, enquiry, discovery and expressing opinions. </p><p>Elizabeth Small: 0117 9712456 / 07921 770827 / 0117</p><p>Samuel Gist and the Gist Slaves: Bristol and Virginia History</p><p>18th October 6pm7:30pm M Shed Studio 2 Free, no booking required</p><p>Talk by Madge Dresser, Associate Professor of History, University of the West ofEngland. Beginning with the extraordinary story of Bristols Samuel Gist, which spansBristol, Virginia and London, this talk will reconsider the links between Bristol andcolonial Virginia in relation to the slave economy and the social networks generated.</p><p> For venue details contact the M Shed: 0117 352 6600</p><p>Rebel</p><p>18th October 7pm8pmThe Drama Studio, 5 adult, under 16s freeFairfield High School </p><p>Join students of Fairfield school as they conjure a multi media odyssey from theplantation to multicultural Bristol, taking in the spirit of freedom and creativegenius that has sprung from the Caribbean islands and liberated the world.Rebel is based upon work created by young students supported by writer,storyteller and historian Dr. Edson Burton.All funds raised from ticket sales will go towards publising a book of thestudents work to share with schools across Bristol.</p><p>Leah Marks: 0117 952 7100 ext. 124</p><p>Black History Month Celebration</p><p>23rd October 10am2pmThe Vassall Centre No cost, but lunch is not provided</p><p>The Black members group BSGPF is celebrating Black history. This is anopportunity for all adults with learning difficulties and their carers to celebrateBlack History Month by collecting information from stalls and attendingworkshops to enhance cultural awareness. There will be a chance to tastedifferent food and learn about different cultures.</p><p>Valerie Mower and Fred Miller: 0117 953</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p></li><li><p>12 Exhibitions, Talks and Workshops Networking 13</p><p>Discovery Day for Black History Month: Africa</p><p>25th October 10am1pmCity Museum &amp; Art Gallery, Curiosity Free, donation towards Gallery and Schools Room pottery costs</p><p>One of the Museums regular Discovery Days is focused on Africa this month.Be inspired by the different cultures of Africa through looking closely at Museumobjects and making your own coiled pot to take home after studying one madeby Lady Kwali in Nigeria.</p><p>Sue Giles: 0117 922 2635 /</p><p>Discovery Day for Black History Month: Africa</p><p>26th October 10:30am1pmM Shed Free</p><p>We will have some of the items in the African collections out for handling anddiscussion. Be inspired by the different cultures of Africa through looking closelyat Museum objects.</p><p>Sue Giles: 0117 922 2635 /</p><p>Ah Fi We Art Exhibition</p><p>27th October 12noon6pmKuumba, Hepburn Rd Free</p><p>An Art Exhibition featuring a stunning collection of art by local Afrikan-Caribbean artists. Paintings, photographs, prints and more, this event is not to be missed! </p><p>Beaula McCalla: 07979 107 765</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>DATE</p><p>PLACE</p><p>TIME</p><p>COST</p><p>BME Voluntary &amp; Community Sector FairMoney, marketing and meeting forging partnerships</p><p>25th OctoberConference Hall, Bristol City Council, Council House </p><p>1pm6pm</p><p>Free</p><p>Now in its third year the BME VCS fair brings together agencies and individualswho share a common goal in seeking to improve their engagement with andshare the learning from working with BME communities. A great opportunity notonly to network with others but also, importantly to share your work through afive-minute presentation. </p><p>To book a free stall space and or speak at the events please email or call 0117 922 2358 for further information</p><p>Ask About Me</p><p>27th OctoberHoliday Inn, Cabot Circus</p><p>58.30pm</p><p>Free for 1619 years and 25per head for professionals</p><p>An intergenerational 3-course dinnerand networking event, providing aplatform for...</p></li></ul>