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Black History Month. Looking at African-Americans Heroes. Videos. Inspired by Rap song Rosa Parks. Stepped onto a bus and refused to sit in the back - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Black History Month</p> <p>Black History MonthLooking at African-Americans HeroesVideosInspired by song</p> <p>Rosa ParksStepped onto a bus and refused to sit in the backArrested and her actions sparked protestsMother of civil rights and lead by example</p> <p>Martin Luther King Jr.Spoke out about justice, equality and loveled the Civil Rights Movement </p> <p>Harriet TubmanFormer slaver, Tubman helped other slaves escape to freedom as a conductor of the Underground Railroad.</p> <p>Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)A man of many firstsFirst African-American to be invited to the White HouseFirst African-American to be depicted on a postage stampThe director of the Tuskegee Institute, a teaching college for African-Americans, Passionate push for racial equality</p> <p>Jackie Robinson</p> <p>Broke the color barrier in baseballPlayed for the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947-1956In the Baseball Hall of FameHis number is retired</p> <p>Jack Johnson (1878-1946)First black boxer to be world heavyweight boxing champion. Held the title for seven years, even as he was the target of persistent, unrelenting racism</p> <p>Buck ONeilA true baseball legendPlayed with the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro Leagues, O'Neil went on to become a scout for the Chicago Cubs. In 1962 he became the first black coach in Major League Baseball, also for the Cubs. </p> <p>George Washington CarverFound over 300 ways to use a peanutrecipes and improvements to/for: adhesives, axle grease, bleach, buttermilk, chili sauce, fuel briquettes, ink, instant coffee, linoleum, mayonnaise, meat tenderizer, metal polish, paper, plastic, pavement, shaving cream, shoe polish, synthetic rubber, talcum powder and wood stain</p> <p>George CrumInvented potato chipsHappened on accident</p> <p>Garret A. MorganMechanical mind that allowed him to solve problemsTwo inventionsTraffic lightsGas masksBoth were created to help people</p> <p>Nina SimoneWas a jazz, blues and folk music singer, Wrote songs about the Civil Rights Movement</p> <p>Langston HughesPoet, novelist and playwrightLeading figure in Harlem RenaissanceShowed dignity and beauty of black life</p>