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BLACK HISTORY MONTH OCTOBER 2007. BLACK HISTORY MONTH OCTOBER 2007. Black History Month. Unsung Heroes / Unheard Voices. St Michaels History Department Assembly. How does someone make it into History?. BLACK HISTORY MONTH OCTOBER 2007. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Black History MonthUnsung Heroes / Unheard VoicesSt Michaels History Department Assembly

  • How does someone make it into History?

  • Why might someone not make it into the history books?Biased HistoriansThey dont fit the right imageThey dont have a voice to tell their story

    What if the colour of your skin stopped your story being told?

  • Black History Month is held every October in BritainBlack History Month wasstarted in America in 1926 byDr Carter Woodson, anAmerican historian, who feltthat the history taught inAmericas schools did notrecognise the achievementsof African Americans. Helaunched a week to highlightthose achievements, and bythe 1970s this had becomeBlack History Month in theUnited States. Black HistoryMonth started in Britain in1987.

    The aims are to:Promote knowledge of Black HistorySpread information about positive Black contributions to society

  • Who celebrates it? Can anyone participate or is it just for Black people?Black History month is for everyone!It should be an educational experience and historical educational experienceAfrican heritage should be shared by everyone as world history

  • Why do black people need a history month?

    As long as the great contributions made by these people remain little known we will need Black History Month; until the time when everyones history is recognised.We need a history month, as an opportunity to share with the world the incredible contribution of all nations to this planet.

  • Julius Caesar The most famous Emperor ofThe Roman Empire. He ruledfor 5 years.Unsung Heroes/Unheard VoicesSeptimus Severus Was from North Africa and wasEmperor of the Roman Empire.He ruled for 5 years. He rebuiltand restored Hadrians wall.

  • Florence Nightingalewas a nurse in the Crimean war.Unsung Heroes/Unheard VoicesMary Seacole was rejected from helping Nightingale, she opened her own hotel and treated soldiers there.

  • What important contributions have black people made?Black people have invented many things and persevered throughout time...

  • Protest

  • Benjamin Banneker inventor of the first clock

  • Adversity

  • M.A Cherryinventor of the tricycle

  • Struggle

  • Charles Richard Drew Started up blood banks for blood transfusions

  • Justice

  • Daniel Hale Williams First person to successfully perform open heart surgery

  • Success

  • P.B Dowling inventor of the street letter box

  • Demonstrate

  • George Crum inventor of crisps!

  • Success

  • D.A Fisher inventor of the joiners clamp

  • Courage

  • T. Elkins inventor of the refrigerator

  • StrengthMalcolm X

  • How have black people moved forward in todays Society??

  • England Rugby StarTalented at both football and RugbyExtremely proud to represent his country in this years World CupStrengthPaul Sackey

  • Diplomatic correspondentPresenter of ITV news and Tonight with Trevor MacDonaldKnighted for his work in 1999

    IntelligenceSir Trevor MacDonald

  • Jamelia- Successful RnB starRio Ferdinand- successful international footballerTheo Walcott- youngest ever player to score for EnglandSuccessJameliaRio FerdinandTheo Walcott

  • Black people are successful in all areas of societyPrestigious positions are held in politics, education and fashionDiversity

  • Determined athletePersevered with her dreamExcellent role modelInspirationalKelly Holmes

  • Youngest British Formula 1 driverAmbitionHertfordshire Hero!On the verge of making Formula 1 HistoryDriveLewis Hamilton

  • What does MTV Base think about Black History Month?DREAM



  • How have black people moved forward in todays Society??Black people will not settle for mediocrityBlack people are inspirational, passionate, successful, driven and determinedBlack History month is a way of celebrating all of these qualities

  • Black people will not settle for mediocrityBlack people are inspirational, passionate, successful, driven and determinedBlack History month is a way of celebrating all of these qualities As a result ofHeroes are being praisedAndVoices are being heard in abundance!

  • Let us finish with a prayer to celebrate Black History Month"Thank you Lord for those who have brought light to world with their kindness and courage. Help us never to forget the past and those who have worked to make the lives of others better. Give us the strength that many black people had as they strived to make a difference in the world. Help us to keep their memory alive and to use the stories from the past to help us make good choices in the present. Amen."