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The Drum in partnership with Birmingham City Council seeks to celebrate achievements, contributions and struggles of African, Asian and Caribbean people within the context of their diversity and heritage. As part of the First World War Centenary, the theme for this years Black History Month goes by the title Black Blood Runs Red, which will mark the contribution and sacrifice of the soldiers and civilians from Britains former colonies. Further information about Birminghams Black History Month events can be found via:, as well as,


<ul><li><p>Birmingham City Council is proud to support Black History Month, a month that contemplates the accomplishments, struggles and contributions of Britains Black communities to society. It is entirely appropriate that this years theme is The Commonwealth and World War One, highlighting the significant contribution made by African, Caribbean and Asian people at home and abroad, and the impact which the war had on their lives.</p><p>Black History Month in Birmingham is an important feature of the citys calendar. Throughout October residents and visitors will be able to take part in a variety of historical and cultural activities and I am pleased to continue the Councils collaboration with The Drum which takes responsibility for compiling an exciting programme of events for all. </p><p>Birmingham holds its diversity dear and the City Council is mindful of the need to reflect on its development, to learn new and inspiring stories, and to include as many people as possible in considering the impact of black history on our contemporary identity. I am confident that the programme will appeal to a wide range of tastes and interests and hope that 2014 will be another successful year for this important initiative.</p><p>Sir Albert BoreLeader Birmingham City Council</p><p>FOREWORD</p><p>2 BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2014</p></li><li><p>WELCOMEAs the CEO of Europes leading Intercultural arts and culture business it gives me great pleasure to introduce the launch of Birmingham 2014 Black History Month (BHM). </p><p>Over the years we have featured a diverse range of topics, including The Rev Martin Luther King famous - I have a dream - speech. October 2014 is no exception. The theme is in recognition of the Centenary of the First World War, particularly the contribution and sacrifice of the soldiers and civilians from Britains former colonies, under the heading </p><p>I believe that its of major importance for adults and children of all cultures and ethnicity to learn about the invaluable contribution and sacrifice African, Asian and Caribbean citizens made to physically defend Great Britain, freedom and democracy, thousands of miles from home. The theme resonates with the notion of identity and the physical and political struggles for self-determination engulfing much of the entire world - one hundred years later. </p><p>As indicated, BHM is the official launch of a spectrum of events and activities taking place during the month of October, which have been compiled in a brochure, copies of which can be found in libraries and other venues across the city. A key feature of BHM includes the opening of Dr Vanely Burkes Freedom or Death photographic exhibition, which charts the last days of the apartheid era in South Africa. </p><p>Throughout BHM organizations and individuals will be celebrating Black heritage via a bumper harvest of performance and digital arts offer, I do believe there is something for everyone and hope that you, family and friends have a blessed BHM. May the spirit of your Prophets continues to guide and encourage you. </p><p>Charles E Small Chief Executive</p><p>3BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2014</p></li><li><p>Sat 27 Sep - Sat 1 Nov</p><p>BLaCk HiStORy MONtHA month long annual event to celebrate the achievements, contributions and struggles of African, Asian and Caribbean people within the context of their diversity and heritage. </p><p>Featuring talks, exhibitions, performances, music, tours, discussions, spoken word, fashion and visits. Events include a exhibition The Danford Collection of West African Art and artefacts, How women have made a contribution to black freedom, Four Women of the Movement, The Star of Birmingham Lodge (no4) 50 years Celebration Awards, Gala Dinner and Dance, a tribute to the memory of Professor Stuart Hall, a number of our local libraries will be showing a film about the Life of Mary Seacole, photographic exhibition charting the final days of the apartheid era in South Africa through the lens of preeminent documentary photographer Dr Vanley Burke. </p><p>4 BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2014</p></li><li><p>Fri 26 Sep6pm - 9pm </p><p>tHE OFFiCiaL LauNCH OF BiRMiNgHaM BLaCk HiStORy MONtH 2014 Admission by invitation only</p><p>The annual Official Launch of Birmingham Black History Month (BHM) at The Drum in partnership with Birmingham City Council seeks to celebrate achievements, contributions and struggles of African, Asian and Caribbean people within the context of their diversity and heritage. As part of the First World War Centenary, the theme for this years BHM goes by the title Black Blood Runs Red. The Launch programme will include invited key note speakers and the premier of a specially commissioned performance which will interweave live music, spoken word and visual projection to tell the story of the contribution and sacrifice of Africans, Asian, Caribbean peoples to the First World War. </p><p> 1,440,500 Indians fought for Britain during First World War, 47,746 were killed and 65,126 were wounded.</p><p> 15,600 soldiers from the West Indies Regiment saw action in France, Palestine, Egypt and Italy during First World War over 1,200 were killed more than 2,500 were wounded.</p><p> 55,000 Africans from many countries served as combatant soldiers and many hundreds of thousands more as carriers and auxiliary troops. An estimated 10,000 were killed or died while serving.</p><p>We hope that you will come and join us on this auspicious occasion. If you are interested in finding more about attending please contact Paulette Francis-Green via email on </p><p>Launch: Fri 26 Sep6pm </p><p>FREEDOM OR DEatH: PHOtOgRaPHiC ExHiBitiON DR VaNLEy BuRkEThe Drum is pleased to host an exhibition charting the final days of the apartheid era in South Africa through the lens of preeminent documentary photographer Dr Vanley Burke. Burke travelled extensively throughout South Africa to Soweto, Sharpeville, Bophuthatswana, Cape Town and Durban, talking to people, attending rallies, funerals and demonstrations. This selection of photo-graphs from the Library of Birmingham archives provides a unique insight of a nation undergoing immense change towards eventual democracy.</p><p>FRee AdMISSION</p><p>5BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2014</p></li><li><p>WEEk ONESat 27 Sep to Sun 5 Oct</p><p>Sat 27 Sep7:30pm</p><p>POWER iN POEtRy BLaCk HiStORy tOuR 2014Power In Poetry is a diverse mix of Poets from around the globe, dedicated to raising awareness of, and participation in, poetry. Designed to motivate and inspire, the event provides a platform for young artists to use their words, imagination and talent to take audiences on an amazing journey. Join us for an amazing night of spoken word poetry and beautiful storytelling. </p><p>TICKeTS: 10 (8)The drum 144 Potters Lane / Aston / Birmingham B6 4UU Box Office: 0121 333 2444 Wed 1 &amp; thu 2 Oct</p><p>8pm</p><p>taMaSHa: My NaME iSMy Name is... tells the story behind a story that hit the headlines in 2006. When Gaby disappeared from her Scottish home, it was assumed that her Pakistani father had kidnapped her. This moving verbatim play reveals a cross-cultural love in early 80s Glasgow.</p><p>TICKeTS: 14 (12)mac Birmingham Cannon Hill Park / Birmingham / B12 9QHBox Office: 0121 446</p><p>6 BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2014</p></li><li><p>WEEk ONESat 27 Sep to Sun 5 Oct</p><p>Fri 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Oct4pm - 5pm &amp; 5pm - 6pm</p><p>MOViNg tu BaLaNCE, Creative african and Caribbean Dance for adults Introduce your child to African Caribbean culture, in a fun and exciting way by focusing on creating, adapting and linking a range of movements; whilst developing and awareness of the historical and cultural origins of a variety of dances.</p><p>TICKeTS: 4St Marks Church HallBleakhill Road / Erdington / B23 7ELFor more information email or ring 0771 866 0694</p><p>Wed 1 Oct 7pm</p><p>PaNDORaS BOxAs part of the Nigerian 54 Independence Day Celebrations we bring you the unmissable, award-wining tragic comedy about a Nigerian families, love, betrayal and choices in Pandoras Box. There will also be VIP meet and greet with speeches from Nigerian leaders and a post- performance Q&amp;As with the writer and cast members. </p><p>TICKeTS: 12.50 (10.50)The drum 144 Potters Lane / Aston Birmingham B6 4UU Box Office: 0121 333 2444</p><p>Fri 3 Oct7:30pm </p><p>uPFRONt COMEDy PRESENtSuSa SPECiaLAn international comedy special featuring three of Americas funniest performers: Wil E Robo, star of Puff Daddys Bad Boys of Comedy, Floridas award winning Sean Grant and Akaash Singh, the funniest Indian comedian to come out of Dallas. Food will be available on the night. </p><p>AGeS 18+TICKeTS: 13.50 (11.50), 16.50 OTdThe drum 144 Potters Lane / Aston Birmingham B6 4UU Box Office: 0121 333 2444</p><p>PaNDORaS BOx</p><p>uSa SPECiaL</p><p>7BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2014</p></li><li><p>Sat 4 Oct12 noon &amp; 2pm</p><p>aFROViBESFEStiVaL FOR FaMiLiES - kHuMBa (aNiMatiON)Khumba leaves the only home he has ever known in search of the magic waterhole where legend has it, the first zebras got their stripes. Its not all black and white in this colourful animation. </p><p>TICKeTS: 3mac Birmingham Cannon Hill Park / Birmingham / 12 9QHBox Office: 0121 446 /</p><p>Sat 4 Oct12 noon - 8pm</p><p>BEx LiVE iNtERNatiONaLBEX Live is the largest business, cultural and lifestyle marketing tradeshow, celebrating 50 years of black community in business culture, creativity, entrepreneur-ship, consumer power and much more.</p><p>FRee AdMISSIONBirmingham eastsideSouth and City College Birmingham &amp; The Custard FactorySouth and City College / Digbeth Campus 129 Floodgate Street / Birmingham B5 5SUThe Custard FactoryGibb St / Birmingham B9 4AAFor more information ring 0790 699 </p><p>WEEk ONESat 27 Sep to Sun 5 Oct</p><p>8 BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2014</p></li><li><p>Sun 5 Oct doors open 7:15pm / Last entry 7:45pm</p><p>COBO - COMEDy OF BLaCk ORigiNCOBO pulls together some of the circuits finest comedians. Mr Cee, Dibbi , comedys No.1 Diva, KG (Shadrack &amp; The Mandem) &amp; our guests from Los Angles, Sean G Grant, Jimmy Kemmel Live, for a hilarious night</p><p>TICKeTS: 18The Glee Club The Arcadian / 70 Hurst Street / Birmingham B5 4TDBox Office: 0871 472 0400Visit website For more information email </p><p>Sun 5 Oct 8pm</p><p>BaSHMENt HOuSEWiVESTennexa presents, this exciting urban-comedy drama highlights the lifestyles of four competitive young women wanting to live a life full of luxury facing relationship challenges and financial struggle with their hubbies. Along for the drama mother Carlene played by Debbie Diamond and dad played by Countryman are drawn in when gossip queen Kione reveals all secrets! A play not to be missed!</p><p>TICKeTS: 16, 20 OTdThe drum 144 Potters Lane / Aston / Birmingham B6 4UU Box Office: 0121 333 2444</p><p>BaSHMENt HOuSEWiVES</p><p>WEEk ONESat 27 Sep to Sun 5 Oct</p><p>9BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2014</p></li><li><p>WEEk tWO Mon 6 to Sun 12 Oct</p><p>Mon 6, 13, 20, 27 Oct7:15pm - 9pm</p><p>MOViNg tu BaLaNCE Creative african and Caribbean Dance for adults Come and discover healthier ways of being through African holistic dance. Wake up your cellular memory and embrace your spirit. Discover ways of relaxing by finding balance, truth and ultimate healing through traditional therapeutic African dance and creative movement.</p><p>TICKeTS: 7George Road Baptist ChurchGeorge Road / Erdington B23 7RZFor more information email or ring 0771 866 0694</p><p>Wed 8 Oct 8:30am - 6:30pm</p><p>tRiP tO iNtERNatiONaL SLaVERy MuSEuM LiVERPOOLdeparts Pannel Croft Village Hospital Street Newtown / Birmingham B19 2XU</p><p>TICKeTS: 25 Price included return transport, entry to museum and guided tour. Please note TICKETS on sale to village residents first. To book ring 0121 503 1000 ask for Julie Talbot or Nathan Duberry. </p><p>Wed 8 Oct6:30pm Talk with Leah Gordon7:30pm ScratchBHAM </p><p>SCRatCHBHaM - BLaCk HiStORy MONtH SPECiaL ScratchBHAM presents local artists scratching material inspired by Leah Gordons Kanaval exhibition. Scratch-BHAM is about the dialogue between audience and writer, in a usually isolated craft, celebrating work in develop-ment and the very process of writing.</p><p>TICKeTS: 4Ort Caf500 - 504 Moseley Road / Balsall Heath Birmingham B12 9AHwww.maiacreatives.wordpress.comFor more information email </p><p>MOViNg tu BaLaNCE</p><p>10 BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2014</p></li><li><p>WEEk tWOMon 6 to Sun 12 Oct</p><p>WEEk tWO Mon 6 to Sun 12 Oct</p><p>Fri 10 Oct7pm - 9pm</p><p>FOuR WOMEN OF tHE MOVEMENt Women have made an essential contribution to the movement for Black freedom. The Organisation of Black Unity presents a discussion of four sisters who are often overlooked: Nanny of the Maroons, Yaa Asante Waa, Assata Shakur and Claudia Jones.</p><p>FRee AdMISSION BuT dONATION weLCOMeAfro Caribbean Millennium Centre339 Dudley Road /Winson Green / Birmingham B18 4HBFor more information email </p><p>Fri 10 Oct 7:30pm</p><p>REaL taLk WitH NECOLa HaLL autHOR OF i WaS a SOLDiER The Drum is pleased to host an evening with LJ and her special guest author Necola Hall sharing her gripping triumph over adversity story I Was A Solider. Jamai-ca-born Necola served in the British Army for over nine years and is a veteran of the Second Gulf War. </p><p>TICKeTS: 4 (3)The drum 144 Potters Lane / Aston / Birmingham B6 4UU Box Office: 0121 333 2444 </p><p>Sat 11 Oct 1pm - 6pm</p><p>a tRiButE tO StuaRt HaLLProfessor Stuart Hall, came from Jamaica to become one of Britains foremost scholars on race, racism and activism. He passed away earlier this year and this event is in tribute to his memory and will feature speakers, performances and workshops.</p><p>FRee AdMISSION BuT dONATION weLCOMeKajans Catering and Studio CollegeWhitehead Road / Birmingham B6 6ELFor more information email</p><p>NECOLa HaLL</p><p>11BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2014</p></li><li><p>Sat 11 Oct2:30pm - 3:30pm </p><p>MaRy SEaCOLEBirmingham Community Libraries present Mary Seacole, a 25 minute film covering the life of Mary Seacole and her contribution to Britain during the Crimean War and later. Made by local people in Handsworth Wood.</p><p>FRee AdMISSIONSmall Heath LibraryMuntz Street / Small Heath / Birmingham B10 9RXFor more information email </p><p>Sat 11 Oct7:30pm </p><p>tHE StaR OF BiRMiNgHaM LODgE NO. 4. 50 years Celebration awards gala Dinner &amp; DanceIn 1962, 27 West Indian men formed a self-improvement group. specialising in the spiritual values of life, moral lessons, self- knowledge and charity work. Launched on the 29th August 1964, the Star of Birmingham Lodge this year celebrates 50 years of existence with this Gala Dinner and Dance.</p><p>TICKeTS FROM 30.00The Tower Mount Banqueting SuiteReservoir Road / Edgbaston / Birmingham B16 9EETo book TICKETS please ring: 07979 921 414 / 01902 427 860 / 07921 211 993 0121 356 0200For more information email</p><p>1964 - 2014</p><p>INC. USA I.U.O.M. W.H.</p><p>Star Of Birmingham Lodge No.4</p><p>WEEk tWO Mon 6 to Sun 12 Oct</p><p>12 BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2014</p></li><li><p>WEEk tHREEMon 13 to Sun 19 Oct</p><p>tue 14 Oct 10am - 2pm</p><p>uRDu MuSHaiRa Ladies only event. Local Poets will be giving performances of poetry in Urdu. Audience participation welcomed.</p><p>FRee AdMISSION Sparkhill Library641 Stratford Road / Sparkhill / Birmingham B11 4EAFor more information ring 0121 303 0732...</p></li></ul>