Black Capped chickadee

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Black Capped chickadee. Alex Shutter. Classification. 4 Characteristics. Reproduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Black Capped chickadee

Black Capped chickadeeAlex Shutter

Classification..Kingdom:Animalia (animals)Phylum:Chordata (Vertebrate) Class:Aves (Birds)Order:Passeriformes (Perching Birds)Family:Paridae (bird)Genus:Poecile (Bird)Species:Poecile atricapillus( black capped chickadee)4 Characteristics

ReproductionThe chickadee reproduces sexually. Before they reproduce they make a nest 1-7 meters above the ground. The females only make the nest. Their nesting season is April through June. The black capped chickadees lay eggs. The eggs are white with dots of reddish brown at the larger end. When they lay their eggs they lay a clutch of eggs that is about 6-8 eggs. Incubation lasts about 11-14 days.

GrowthThe chickadee 12.3-14.6cm, and its body mass grows up to 10-14 grams. The male and female look alike but the males are slightly larger and longer than females.

ResponseThe chickadee responds to cold winter weather by poofing its feathers out to stay warm, This makes them look fatter than normal. Because of this they dont hibernate like all the other birds.

OrganizationThe chickadee has a black cap and a bib with white sides to its face. Its back is gray and the tail and wings are normally a lighter gray. The sides of their bodies are usually a tan color.

Compare and ContrastSunflower Starfish to ChickadeeCompare:

- They both lay eggs- they are both animals- they have mouths to take in food- they both have a digestive system which makes them go to the bathroom.

Contrast:- the starfish is larger- their outsides of skin is different.- they reproduce differently.- they live in different climates


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