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These are photographs I made as part of a portfolio comprised of black and white images. I have been thinking today as I posted a lot of tweets with images of students work (lots of visual texts) how influenced I am as a teacher by first being an artist.


<ul><li> 1. Black and White Images 2009-2012 Images Made by Mary Ann Reilly All Rights Reserved. 2012 by M.A. Reilly </li></ul> <p> 2. Watching. 3. Birds Lifting. 4. Sunday Picnic. 5. Repeating. 6. On Grafton Street. 7. Lighthouse. 8. The Constancy of Waves. 9. Darkness Becomes a Reservoir. 10. A Bend in the River. 11. The Familiar Falling Away. 12. A Path through the Woods. 13. Moon in December. 14. Once at Grand Central. 15. In the Clearing. 16. Dakota. 17. Vanessa. 18. 2 Trees. 19. Full. 20. The Reader. 21. The Way a Dog Trots. 22. Sky Press. 23. At the 125th Street Station. 24. Contemplation. 25. Frame. 26. The Waning Years. 27. Where Water Meets Shoreline. 28. Trees in Fog. 29. Leaving. 30. Calvary. 31. What Felled You Is Important. 32. Road Work. 33. Shadow and Light. 34. At the Station. 35. Whats Left Behind. 36. I Will Walk and I Will Pray. 37. Two Windows. 38. Self Portrait. 39. Rising. 40. Be For Me, Like Rain. 41. Bridge in Fog. 42. Ordinary Angels. 43. Surfaced. 44. Dreaming of David Hockney. 45. Etta and Butch Go For a Ride. 46. Bearings Taken. 47. Naked. 48. Tub. 49. Rising. 50. The Dance. </p>