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Bizness Apps Reseller - Getting Started


  • 1. Getting Started As A Reseller Carlos Carranza VP, Customer Success
  • 2. Getting Started In 5 Easy Steps 1. Go over the entire Reseller Set Up Guide 2. Set up your white label client panel 3. Set up your website using Bizness Web 4. Gather sales leads using Bizness CRM 5. Create a demo app using Bizness Apps
  • 3. Bizness Apps Set Up Guide Received instantly via email Everything needed to succeed Read the guide in its entirety Ask questions if you have them
  • 4. Client Panel Set Up Email your subdomain to Point the subdomain at our IP address with an a-record Email Host for added Support Easily customize your client panel
  • 5. Bizness Web Set Up 1. Free for Bizness Apps Resellers 2. Register free at 3. 100s of templates to pick from 4. Extremely easy to use 5. Get online in minutes 1. White Label Option Available!
  • 6. Bizness CRM Set Up Free for Bizness Apps resellers -- confirm registration w/ Register free at Gather SMB leads in minutes Easily track your sales & appointments Learn how to sell to SMBs White Label Option Available!
  • 7. Bizness Apps Builder Create a few demo apps Become an expert Send questions to Know the ROI features Complete mobile package
  • 8. Get to know our support team Schedule a 1-1 Orientation Most active during 8a 5p PST App Design Services Available Tons of Marketing Materials Were here to help with anything
  • 9. Thanks For Joining! Get started today Take action & start conversations Become a Bizness Apps expert Utilize the tools weve developed Utilize our amazing support Your success is our success. Check your email and stay in touch!